The waves said, "This is our personal vendetta. If you catch them and want to alert the high-level officials to talk, and then let them go, I think it’s better not to bother, so I’ll take care of it myself when I have the chance."

The police officer thought for a moment and said, "Well, we don’t want to cause this trouble either. Now that you talk, let them go once. You have a chance to help us fight for breath and clean up these days."
The waves laughed. "Of course! Of course! "
The police officer gave the order "turn the bow!"
The waves laughed, "Thank you."
The police officer said, "There are still many opportunities for us to deal with each other after you don’t thank me. You are always a blue star, so please take care of me."
The waves and the police officer exchanged a few words, and the police officer went out to direct the return of the waves and Ouyang.
There are waves and Ouyang in the room. Ouyang changed the police officer and gave her a clean white shirt. She looked blue and sat on the sofa looking at the waves.
The waves laughed. "Aren’t you happy that we are safe?"
Ouyang said, "What’s so happy about not being able to talk with you after returning to the Red Chamber?"
The waves approached Ouyang and squatted down to stare at Ouyang’s eyes and said, "Let’s still communicate normally. Don’t let Lan Tianxing see our feelings. I promise you that I will end this as soon as possible so that we can be together."
"Where is the blue moon?" Ouyang took a glance at the waves and said, "Do you have the heart to hurt her? She is very kind to you. Will she forgive you if you hurt her father later? "
The waves smiled and said, "I won’t hurt her. If I really hurt Lan Tianxing, she won’t be sad."
Ouyang was surprised and said, "What?"
The waves said, "I can’t tell you now, but I’ll tell you slowly."
Ouyang said, "I can see that Blue Moon likes you. What will you do?"
The waves frowned, got up and looked out the window, the sky was getting brighter, and the dark gray sea and sky were silent for a long time before she said with a long sigh, "It depends on how she chooses her own path."
Chapter four hundred and thirteen The banquet in the red chamber
When the waves and Ouyang returned to the shore, Hou Lanyue had sent Xiaotian with ten cars to meet them.
Xiaotian looked at the waves and Ouyang tandem came over and shook hands with the waves, and then whispered, "It seems that you are not only thrilling this time, but also picked up a big bargain."
The waves knew that Xiaotian meant that Ouyang glared at Xiaotian and whispered, "Don’t talk nonsense, be careful that someone told Lao Lan."
Xiaotian brought bodyguards to congratulate the waves and praised them for their skill in surviving.
The waves said with a wry smile, "What good skills will be taken away by Xiao Ri if they are really good?"
Xiaotian deliberately said, "We don’t blame Haige for this. We caught Sister Li, an old bitch. She colluded with Xiaori to frame Haige, didn’t we?"
All the bodyguards said yes.
The waves said, "Thank you, brothers, for your heart. Let’s go back to the Red Chamber. Today, it’s my treat. I’ll pay for my own bag. Thank you, brothers. I’ve been working hard."
All the bodyguards were overjoyed and even said that they should
Everyone got a car and a line of more than a dozen cars went to the red chamber in a mighty way.
The waves and Ouyang were in a car with Xiaotian. Xiaotian asked how the waves escaped from danger. Anyway, the waves were idle and idle, so they could boast that they were as brave as wit. What kind of war did the Oriental masters break into three days? The Japanese masters besieged them like noodles don’t change color.
The waves are full of tongues, the lotus is boasting and boasting, and Ouyang is laughing aside. Xiaotian also knows that the waves are nonsense and he doesn’t take it seriously. He also praises the waves from time to time, even praising Britain and SHEN WOO.
Less than an hour to the red chamber, talking and laughing.
At this time, it was already six or seven o’clock in the morning. There was a simple breakfast in the Red Chamber, but there should be no cooking. But the waves insisted on inviting the brothers to eat and drink. Ouyang then called the restaurant master and the kitchen to ask them to work as horses.
Looking at the people coming and going in the restaurant on the second floor, smiling and congratulating the waves, saying that the waves will be blessed if they survive, and cursing Xiaori for being cruel and daring to take people captive in the Red Chamber, he simply did not look at the Star Gang and must give them some color to see see.
At this time, not only did the four open masters even personally called Lan Tianxing to say hello to the waves, but they also said that they would come back from the provincial capital this afternoon.
The five hall lords didn’t come out except Blue Moon hiding in the building, and the four hall lords even came to Liu Fengshou.
Chen Ping, the first of the four great hall lords, came to hold the waves and ask questions. This feeling is really not pretending to make the waves very moved.
The second arrival was Zhuang’s wish, and it was also a double cut for the waves
The third is Tan Zhongyi, who knows that he can’t afford to fight the waves alone, and simply puts up a frame to win over the waves. On the surface, it seems that he is more affectionate to the waves than Zhuang wishes.
The last one was Liu Fengshou. Although his old man came the latest, he was respected and respected. When he was old, he was able to visit a wave. This surface was big enough, of course, thanks to the painting of the wave.
The Blue Moon doesn’t come, as everyone expected. When the waves were just taken away by the Japanese, the most urgent thing was the Blue Moon. Everyone could see that people were not coming now. Of course, the big girl’s family was thin, but everyone knew that she was interested in the waves. These people all regarded the waves as the blue moon’s future lover. The future successor of Lan Tianxing, of course, was desperate for flattery.
Ouyang Zao went back to her building to have a rest before everyone arrived. She was afraid of this kind of scene and didn’t want to face it. She could be frank and open in front of everyone. Now she likes the waves and can’t express it. She still doesn’t appear in front of everyone, so she is seen through.
Real Ouyang and Blue Moon are both girls, and it’s a little natural that Ouyang doesn’t appear with the waves, and others won’t find out about them. That’s wrong. Everyone is not blind, not stupid. They were taken away by the Japanese together and stayed together for so long, and they escaped together. If nothing fishy happened to kill them, they wouldn’t believe Blue Moon either. She didn’t come to the waves to drink wine, and others wouldn’t know her mind. She was also blind, and everyone saw that Miss Blue liked the waves.
Some people really mean well by the waves, while others have ulterior motives and gloat in their hearts, thinking, "The waves have done a little trick on Wang’s woman and Wang’s daughter, and I think if you end up like this, one of them may even kill himself."
Of course, there will be Tan Zhongyi among those who have this idea.