Lan Chengye looked at the ice at night and said nothing. He knew that the ice was escaping from his own heart, but he tried his best to suppress his pain.

Mu Bingxuan saw the clue. She knew that something must have happened. She smiled somberly. How could she miss an opportunity to make Bing sad?
With a smile, "Europe Yingxue heard that you didn’t study these days. Are you sick?" Mu Bingxuan’s "worry" is a hatred.
Snow saw her fake smiling face and had an impulse to rush and beat her up, but she was stopped by ice. Ice shook her head to signal her not to mess around. Snow tilted her head unwilling and her eyes were burning with anger.
Bing turned her head. "Thank you. Your heart is just a little cold. It’s nothing now." She said politely.
"It’s okay now. Lan Bing’s classmates should take good care of themselves! If the wind-cold thing is not properly managed, it will easily leave a legacy "and then put your head to the ice ear" just like a person ".It is so detailed that only the two of them can hear it, and then slowly move away from the ice face. It is still the same smile.
However, there is more confidence in her smile. She seems to be sure that ice and snow will not tell her things, otherwise they will not go to Ouyang Lin with so much effort to make Ouyang Lin lose her memory and forget everything. Although she doesn’t know what ice method they are, she will definitely not mess around, otherwise she will not be so peaceful these days. Ouyang Jun would have come to settle accounts with her.
Bing looked at her unfathomable eyes, and a thick heart wall had already been erected in her heart. She knew that now she had changed, and she was no longer the former one. This person in front of her was always full of scheming and conspiring, which made appall like a devil. If she was not careful, she would fall into her hands and become her delicious dinner.
Lan Chengye looked at them blankly next to them, and the two of them looked at each other with their eyes rolling thick and angry.
"Beep-"a whistle broke the suffocating scene.
"Hello, fellow students, I am your tour guide and your coach for this activity." An old man in his thirties appeared out of nowhere. "We will spend two days and one night in this activity to survive the winter camp. I will wait until I get to the destination to explain it in detail. Now please follow me." Go to the leader and step towards the airport. There is a vast plane parked inside.
People are flying in droves, both excited and sad.
Mu Bingxuan is still clinging to Lancheng Night, and he seems to show off without a moment.
The plane ice deliberately chose a seat to sit in the front of Lancheng Night. It was uncomfortable to see the snow sitting next to her, and it was painful to watch the silent ice.
The plane gradually rose through the clouds and flew quickly to its destination …
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Survival Winter Camp (2)
The plane landed slowly over a large area.
The tour guide led the crowd to the lush forest, surrounded by trees and some "small animals" passing through the crowd
"Students, we have arrived." The tour guide said excitedly to everyone.
It’s that group of pampered young ladies-
"Coach, you don’t mean here, do you?" A daughter said in disgust
"Yes, this is the location of your activity. You have to spend these two days and one night here." It’s still that smirk.
The coach’s words immediately caused a sensation.
"No, coach, I can’t stand staying in this place for another second!" A daughter sad face said
"Yes, and here … ah" ruthlessly killed the "small animals". "There are so many mosquitoes here that I don’t want to stay! Coach, please send someone to take me home. "It’s a command.
"I want it too, I want it too …" The students heard the word "go home" and made noise.
"Students, of course, there is no problem." The coach added, "But the principal said that if you want to go home and not participate in this activity, you will have to make up lessons in the winter vacation. He will personally go out to help you train!"
"No way" coach completely broke the students’ hopes.
"This group of young ladies are really spoiled!" Snow gave them a contemptuous look.
There is still a blue night behind the ice!
"All right, students, now I’ll say the rules of this activity first. The number of players in this activity is unlimited. I said it’s a’ survival winter camp’. Of course, you have to solve your own three meals a day to see who can make it to the end without calling to go home for help. Of course, whoever loses the winter vacation will have to make up for it. Everyone should work hard! I will meet you here in the evening, and I will receive you here. Have a good time. "Then I will soon disappear into the forest.
"It’s said that’ have a good time’. This place is simply purgatory, ok?" said a student with a bitter face.