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Chapter 60 Heavy hair strong lips me
When Li Hu Duan Qingyun was discussing, he heard a "all-in-one" step outside the ward, which felt like an earthquake.
"Mao solicitation" a ward door was pushed to see old Mr. Mao York rush into the ward crazily.
The thick yellow beard of the old hairy face stood straight up. He was naked, and his bulging muscles in his chest, arms and abdomen were covered by clumps of yellow hairs. He was wearing a pair of red triangle shorts and his legs were covered with thick hairs. At first glance, he looked like a tall lion.
It’s rare to see such a serious atavism in the East by relying on Mr. Yoklin’s strong and developed body! At this moment, Duan Qingyun suddenly thought of a problem. Although human ancestors lived a life of eating and drinking blood, their yang was naturally developed. At that time, although material conditions were extremely lacking, they were happy! At present, this old Mao doesn’t look like a full-hearted guy, but innocent and happy. Plus, he is born with a developed yang. No wonder Erzhu said that he must have several women when he goes to bed every night! Unfortunately, most oriental men have reached the "sexual happiness" of Lao Mao! Therefore, Lao Mao was proud and powerful * * and couldn’t get hard after being kicked by Li Hu’s little kick. This is a great pity, and it is precisely because of this that Lao Mao drank too much in anger and then put a pair of soaring fires in the Hongxiao Building with the strength of wine …
I don’t want to see Lao Mao rush to Duan Qingyun like a gust of wind. Why should he try his best to dodge Duan Qingyun?
Lao Mao quickly grabbed Duan Qingyun’s arms and shouted, "I thank you! Ilveyu!”
Said the old hair regardless of Duan Qingyun agree or disagree with that piece of long thin yellow hair mouth quickly gather together to Duan Qingyun face.
Suddenly, a thick smell of Sao came to the nose, and Duan Qingyun choked a severe cough and quickly pushed the block.
Constantly, the old Mao Li was poor, and Duan Qingyun took a big kiss on his left face, and then Duan Qingyun took a hard kiss on his right face. Don’t give up and hold Duan Qingyun’s head and kissed Duan Qingyun’s forehead fiercely. This just loosened Duan Qingyun and plopped down on a chair by the bed.
Duan Qingyun was choked by the foul smell exhaled by Lao Mao’s mouth and sneezed several times. "Mr. Yoyo, what are you doing?"
Mr. Yoklin laughed and pointed at his crotch. "It’s so nice to take your medicine. I already have feelings here."
Duan Qingyun stared straight at Mr. Yoklin’s triangular underpants, which were wrapped in the root and propped up so high! He also knows that more than half an hour ago, he helped Lao Mao to prepare aphrodisiac, and Lao Mao reacted quickly!
Li Hu, Diao Zhi and Ye Fei, who were choked by the smell of old hair and Sao, hid far away from the French window, squinted at Mr. Yorkshire’s crotch and finally knew what "majestic" meant.
Of course, the most surprising thing at the moment is that Duan Qingyun’s old hair was kicked by Li Hu and never stood up again. He ran to many famous hospitals and found many famous doctors, but it didn’t improve! And after Duan Qingyun’s "Duan’s aphrodisiac", he regained his male glory for more than half an hour! It’s fucking incredible! It seems that my family’s aphrodisiac prescription has such an effect. I really should protect it well! It’s absolutely right to give that package of fake medicine to Xiaoya at noon!
Mr. York raised his big hands and gave two thumbs-up signs to Duan Qingyun. "Duan, you are good. I want to thank you!" hankyuveryuh!”
Duan Qingyun said, "It’s my pleasure for Mr. Yue to do something for you!" Heart, Xiaoya’s parents are imprisoned by the Golden Skull gang abroad. Hey, hey, my old section just took the opportunity to do something good …
Sure enough, Mr. Yorklin said, "Duan, how do you want me to thank you? Go ahead and I will help you!" "
Duan Qingyun said, "Would you please give me some time? I’ll ask you for help when I think about it. "
Mr. Yoklin smiled, "OK, I’ll wait for you!" "
With that, he turned towards the outside of the ward and went to the door of the floor-to-ceiling window. Li Hu was ambitious, and the three brothers Ye Fei just wanted to take a long breath. Suddenly, Mr. York was about to pull the door of the ward and turned to stare at Li Hu.
Li Hu got a fright. It’s a pity to return this contempt for me. Now this old Mao is going to take revenge! He won’t bring me Li Hu penis, will he?
Sure enough, Joklin ran towards Li Hu and kept shouting "Fuk! Fuk! Fuk! Fukyurrher! Fukyurrhereveyday!”
Li Hu naturally understood what this bird language meant. Anger surged up in his heart. At the same time, Lao Mao came at him and instantly rolled on the spot. Lao Mao was shocked to see that Li Hu had rolled over his legs and reached the door of the ward, and pulled the door out.
“Fuk! Fuk! Fuk! Fukyurrher! Fukyurrhereveyday!” Li Hu is swearing at Lao Mao and sticking out his right middle finger at Lao Mao at the same time!
Lao Mao was furious and rushed towards Li Hu.
Instantly both of them have reached the corridor outside the ward.
Duan Qingyun is in a great hurry. At this time, the two enemies are particularly jealous when they meet, and they are bound to fight to the death. It is not good for either of them to be injured. If Li Hu is injured and wins a good place in boxing, it will definitely be ruined. If Mr. Yorkshire is injured, the hope of saving Xiaoya’s parents will be gone.
"Mr. Yue!" Duan Qingyun jumped up from the ward and shouted, "Mr. Yue, please wait!"