Whoo! Whoo!

Tengqingshan, whose ear is full of wind, runs faster than the horse.
Just a moment Teng Qingshan saw daikin zhuang full of fire in the distance.
"who!" Daikin zhuang gate guard big drink a way
"Dude, I’m traveling alone. I heard that you have a black monster in daikin zhuang, so I’m coming to find out." Teng Qingshan laughed. Teng Qingshan seems to be very welcome to fear daikin zhuang for the arrival of fighters now.
Sure enough-
There are several people at the gate, and the first one is a white-haired old man.
"This adult" the old man’s face has a hint of sadness. "We can rely on adults like you to help those monsters in daikin zhuang. Last night, it was found to be a black monster. I hope that adults and many other fighters can help us kill the monster in daikin zhuang tonight!"
Last night, I finally found out that it was a black monster, and daikin zhuang’s heart was settled.
Everyone expects these fighters to kill the monster.
After all, people don’t want to move until the last moment.
"Rest assured, old man," Teng Qingshan comforted and stepped into this daikin zhuang.
Daikin zhuang is slightly smaller than Tengqingshan’s hometown Tengjiazhuang, and the training ground is also smaller, but there are 100 people in the training ground at the moment.
"Huh?" Teng Qingshan’s eyes swept away. "That should be a hero in daikin zhuang Zhuang and those who are scattered and seemingly unruly and unsociable should all be fighters." I don’t know that fighters are generally wary of each other, which meeting will be like the unity of ordinary people in daikin zhuang.
"I didn’t expect another master." A thin young man in a short shirt came running. "My name is Duan Hou. What about you?" This period of time is very enthusiastic
"Qin Wolf" TengQingShan should way
Nowadays, the name’ Teng Qingshan’ is so famous that this generation of Chujun County in Xuyang County has won Teng Qingshan’s defeat of Montaigne. Teng Qingshan didn’t want to bother to report a pseudonym for the time being.
"Brother Qin Wolf, there are twenty fighters who have come here with you today, but …" Duan Hou Xi smiled. "Most of the strength is very general, like those losers, I am not alone." Duan Hou pointed to six seemingly fierce Han people who got together not far away.
"It’s really dead to come to that black monster without strength. I saw the black monster yesterday, but a second-rate fighter couldn’t even see the monster moving clearly. That speed alone is terrible enough." Duan Hou sighed, "But Brother Qin Wolf looks like a master."
"Oh?" Teng Qingshan smiled with interest. "Can a master tell from his appearance?"
"A full bottle does not shake half a bottle!" Duan Hou laughed and said, "The more proud and carefree you are, the general strength is generally average. However, Qin Wolf brothers still have powerful experts among us. Look at that, but Jin Tao, the expert of iron clothes door, is the main brother of iron clothes door."
The fiftieth chapter TengQingShan and monster beast
Iron clothes door?
Yangzhou territory and’ return to Yuan Zong’ said that the second sect finished controlling Tieyimen in Chu County?
Tengqingshan looked at the corner where Jintao was alone, leaning against the stake to close his eyes and rest.
"My lords, my lords!" The white-haired old man shouted, "The black monster may come in from our village, so adults can choose a good place and wait until late at night. I believe that adults will definitely see the monster kill the monster!"
The old man spoke with a hint of awe when he spoke to a master fighter.
"The gold patriarch said that we can disperse and take care of each other one by one, which can also make the monster escape." Someone shouted and others responded highly.
"Hoo!" Jin Tao, the master of the iron clothes door who closed his eyes, went directly to the distant roof with his feet like a phantom, then flew to the farther roof and soon disappeared from sight.
Suddenly, one by one, the fighters master either jumped into the lane or flew to the roof to find a good place one by one.
Duan Hou even urged, "Brother Wolf of Qin is the easiest to see that monster on the roof. I’ll go to find a good place first and walk first." Duan Hou’s feet seemed to be a feather, but they were very swift and went directly to the roof, and then several flashes disappeared.
Tengqingshan smiled "This Duan Hou Flying Skill seems to be better than that Jin Tao."
Tengqingshan also jumped over the roof to control the strength to offset the weight of the body. As light as a swallow, the roof rushed to the northeast of Jin Jiazhuang in one breath, and then sat cross-legged on a roof and sat still, waiting for the black monster to arrive.
"Can those masters of the clan kill that monster?" The clansmen all looked at the white-haired old man.
"Alas," the white-haired old man sighed with sadness in his eyes. "What can we do now?" I hope these experts can help me. If we can’t negotiate according to the previous clan, the monster will not die five days later and our clan will migrate from here! "
These people who are not afraid of death are silent.
"Let’s have a good tour tonight," said the white-haired old man.
"It’s the patriarch!"
These dozens of elite Han people all patrol the village in groups of ten with knives and guns.
The night is dim, and every fighter is quietly waiting.
Duan Hou was lying on the roof at will, crossing his legs and hanging around.
"Black monster hum can instantly eat a person if the little didn’t lie to me, I guess the black monster should be a monster beast! Hey hey, I haven’t seen the monster beast since I walked around Xiaoyao Hou. I have to see it today. "Duan Hou muttered in his mouth.
The so-called "carefree Hou" is also his self-styled
The ghost-like eyes swept around the ears and occasionally turned.
"I’ve been waiting for two hours. Why hasn’t it come yet?" Duan Hou muttered
"Sniff!" When the eyes lit up in a very slight interval, they immediately climbed over the roof and fell to the ground.