"Team leader, I’m not surprised this time. You came to King Li and you were really hit by someone. You were shocked to the wall with one punch, and that person was the handsome young hand. Who is this young man?"

The young prison guard shouted
"Really? King smart was beaten? "
A card year prison guard is skeptical. Ma Chong comes to the monitoring equipment.
"Where are you, you and me talking nonsense?"
The young prison guard played back the video.
"My god, this guy who pulled the team leader is really amazing. When he made moves, he couldn’t tell when he knocked out six punches. King Smart was frightened and knelt down."
After listening to this, Nian prison guard also shouted, and the young prison guard was surprised.
"It’s true. When I was on duty earlier, Shijingshan, the head of the major crimes unit, also gave me a special greeting. I want to imprison these five people. Isn’t it true that Shijingshan told me?"
The bald team leader who was grabbing cards noticed that his two hands reacted so loudly that he muttered a throwing hand card and came to the monitoring equipment. Soon, all the guards on duty gathered together to watch the playback video.
"These five people are not simple, team leader. I heard from the warden that these five guys who just came in don’t even have any information. They were sent by Shijingshan people. You and Shijingshan are classmates. You should know what these five guys have committed, right?"
After the shock, a prison guard asked the bald leader
"In the Shijingshan dialect, I was told that these five people were murderers. If I keep an eye on them, I have no intention. What’s so strange about saying that there are many murderers in the prison?"
The bald leader said, "Guess what this Shijingshan says?"
"Team leader, just say it quickly and don’t sell it."
Previously, the young prison guard urged that it was obvious that they all wanted to know what the five people, such as Zhouyi, came from.
"Shijingshan told me that the West Lake gang was bloodbath tonight, and it was these five people who killed hundreds of people. I was joking with Shijingshan before. Now it’s really possible, but since they killed so many people, it won’t be long here. In a few days, they will definitely be taken away and shot, otherwise the position of King Smart’s prison tyrant will really be lost."
The bald group leader said
"My god killed hundreds of people? What exactly are these five people? "Several prison guards gasped and talked about it …
"Stop talking about this matter. Remember that this is a big case. It has not been reported to the public for the time being. It is absolutely necessary to report it to the provincial party Committee for approval. You must never go out and talk nonsense first, otherwise you will not only lose your job but worry about whether you can keep your head."
After that, the bald prison guard leader seemed to realize that he had said too much and quickly told his hands not to talk about it or tell others.
"It’s the team leader. We promise not to talk nonsense."
His seven prison guards also knew the seriousness of this matter and quickly assured the bald team leader.
The West Lake gang was bloodbath and Zhouyi was imprisoned. The underworld pattern in Hangzhou changed quietly in a lightning bolt.
Ten percent of the West Lake Gang died, and the West Lake Gang headquarters was left with the West Lake Gang branch. Those people retreated and surrounded them, and the horse fled out.
Because many of them received a phone call from the headquarters of the West Lake Gang, and some brothers knew that the West Lake Gang was finished before they died, they tried their best to escape from Hangzhou as far as possible.
These people have lost Yan Shaogu, a big tree, and the West Lake Gang has died in name only. If they stay in Hangzhou, they will be killed by Zhouyi people or Sanjin gang sooner or later to save their lives. They have to flee to the West Lake Gang headquarters and the West Lake Gang will be completely disintegrated in less than two hours after being bloodbath.
Yan Shaogu died, and the king of Yan Ping was also killed by Yang Silang and Laobaixing. Those who fled to the West Lake helped the little ones to be glad that they had escaped a life. No one would want Yan Shaogu to take revenge.
West Lake Gang Head Office at 10: 30 pm
Director Zhang Yanghao and Cao Fang were busy for several hours. Finally, the commander inspected the scene department. The police took photos of everyone who died in the West Lake Gang, and the West Lake Gang was kicked off by Zhouyi and others and re-installed.
At this time, the headquarters of the West Lake Gang was closed, and those police cars got up as usual when they got inside. These people in Hangzhou didn’t know that the West Lake Gang had been bloodbath this night.
"XiaoCao, you go back to rest. You’ve been busy for more than half a night, and I’m going to go back to rest. We’ll just keep here in three shifts. You can come back during the day."
After everything was done, Director Zhang Yanghao told Cao Fang that he still valued this very capable hand.
Cao Fang nodded and hesitated for a moment before Zhang Yanghao asked, "Is there any way to think about Zhang Zhouyi?"