It seems that the biggest mobility is in Area 2 or Area 1, and Area 3 is still a death penalty area. This Tianming has put himself here for other purposes. It seems that he has been observing himself all the time.

Gee, it’s rare to hit the prison door, which makes people’s teeth sour. Zhang Tao looked intently and saw that a man wearing chains was brought in, and his hands and feet had specific chains, apparently to imprison him.
"Go back quickly." Soon these guards all retreated carefully, and then they held a chain in their hands and pulled it for a moment, and the personal imprisonment instantly collapsed and fell to the ground.
Zhang Taoke can clearly see that his armor fell to the ground and smashed some cracks in the ground. Even the mud can be buffered, so how heavy he is with chains?
This man is not tall, but he is bald, and his eyes are fierce like beasts. People with such eyes are everywhere in slave areas, and Zhang Tao has become accustomed to it.
Peng door Zhang Taoke clearly heard the shortness of breath around them. Obviously, they were all afraid of this man. Zhang Tao knew that this man might have gone out from Area 3 to participate in the death fighter, but he didn’t expect that he could come back. It seems that there are two brushes and I don’t know what level he is. But Zhang Taoke is sure that he is a congenital condition and is already the highest level of refining and blurring God.
"What about Tu Yan?" The man looked around and asked.
Zhang Tao one leng seems to be his own trouble. This is really troublesome. I don’t know if there is any trouble to kill this person. I will find a door to Mr. Zhang, but I am worried about looking at myself. "Jia Ge Jia Ge is back." Some people are afraid to say.
"I said where did Tu Yan go?" This man’s name is Jia Ge, the boss of Area 3 and the boss of Tuyan. Zhang Tao naturally knows everything when he hears whispering around.
No one dares to say that they all know that Zhang Tao is powerful and Jia Ge is powerful. The best way is to keep silent. When Jia Ge is going to get angry, Zhang Tao suddenly said, "What are you yelling at?" Why don’t you ask me? "
Jia Ge found the sound and turned to look at Zhang Tao. His eyes were a little confused. "Are you new here?" Zhang Tao just nodded, and his body movement had already come to his front. I didn’t expect him to start work directly, and his right hand caught Zhang Tao’s face. Although he is not as tall as Zhang Tao at this moment, he is as fast and fierce as a cheetah.
Boom Zhang Tao was pressed against the wall by him, and he could clearly feel the slow force of his hand. "So you tell me Tu Yanen?" Before he finished, Jia Ge felt that his hand was like a fire, and he planned to shrink his hand, only to find that Zhang Tao’s right hand grabbed his wrist and pulled away.
At this time, Jia Ge is clearly feeling severe pain! This man is so strong! Let yourself resist? The people around were all watching, but soon they heard Jia Ge scream. Everyone’s eyes showed a trace of panic. I didn’t expect this newcomer to be so fierce. "Now do you want to let your dirty hands go?" At this moment, Zhang Taoyin came out from Jia Ge’s fingers.
"Who are you?" Jia Ge obviously has a lot of backbone than Zhang Tao imagined. Although his right hand will be abolished because of the ice and qi, he has not finished the 787th chapter.
For Jia Ge, Zhang Tao didn’t answer, but forced a break-"Suddenly, everyone clearly saw that Jia Ge’s right hand was broken because of the light. They couldn’t see what was going on, and no one suspected that there was no blood in fear and horror.
But Jia Ge stuffy hum is clear than Zhang Taogen didn’t make moves, but the spirit directly lifted Jia Ge, but soon Zhang Tao felt the pain of the soul and continued to control it, so that Jia Ge fell down. "It looks like a true spirit. I actually managed to control the spirit in good condition."
But a moment later, Jia Ge actually launched an attack again. His fierce impact was obviously hidden behind his arm. Zhang Tao didn’t expect this Jia Ge to be so fierce when his wrist was broken by himself. It is not the kui that a fighter who killed himself knows that he can protect himself.
Jia ge is also surprised that this person is merciful? But he wouldn’t think that Zhang Tao was kind and deliberately let go of his choice of close assault. However, he underestimated Zhang Tao’s incident. He slammed into it and suddenly lost his goal. Then he felt a sharp pain in the top of the skull, and then the severe pain spread like ice water, which made every muscle in his body twitch with pain.
Everyone can clearly hear the sound of bone fracture. Everyone can see that Zhang Tao hit Jia Ge’s head with his right elbow. Suddenly, great force made Jia Ge’s head instantly plug into his body. It was a spike on the spot! Instead of gushing out blood, it spilled all around the neck like water overflowing, so Jia Ge knelt down and fell to the ground [
With a kick, Jia Ge’s body collided with blood around the prison door, and there was a breath of chill. At this moment, there is only one idea in Mr. Zhang’s heart. This can challenge Naruto. Naturally, he has great strength. Or is he a strong pupil?
Zhang Tao doesn’t need to keep a low profile. Since this Tianming will trap himself here, there must be his thoughts and meanings, and he has already figured out the need to show himself normally in the mainland.
If not, Jia Ge’s death will soon reach Tianming’s ears. His face is full of everything and he laughs as expected. "What do you think of remnant China?"
"If it weren’t for an adult who happened to practice, he would have died, and there was no pupil-level strength in the minefield, so he could enter the place. This person should have accidentally entered, and I think it should not be a spy," said Residual China.
Tianming nodded. "I think so, too. It’s very chat, and if I want to do something, I naturally need talents. This person may be a good gift."
"What is your Excellency going to do?" Canhua asked
"Ye, if he resists, you can do it, but don’t kill him." Tian Ming said that there was a small but very burly man beside Residual China. This figure looked very strange as if it had lost its comparison and coordination, but it happened that his body structure was so "Tian Ming’s adult". Ye’s voice was very low and he was slightly different from his handsome appearance.
The whole person looks like a combination of life and martial arts. "My Lord, are you the fastest to update literature?" Residual China sent an inquiry after seeing Ye leave.
"Yes, I want to see the results and it’s time to pull out this eyeliner." Tianming said with a smile.
Ye strength is Tianshi honour person level, although it is level 1, but it also represents his uniqueness. However, Jia Ge got up in a sea of dead mountains and blood, and his innate strength was not weak, but he was killed by Zhang Tao. I’m afraid this encounter between Ye and Zhang Tao is asking for it.
Tianming impeded him, and his confidant Canhua naturally guessed the creaking wooden door and hit two people wearing heavy armor again. In this way, Zhang Tao, the prison door, came in easily. Although the true spirit was damaged, Zhang Taofa made efforts, but Zhang Tao’s strength was still there.
"You come with us," said two men in armor, pointing to Zhang Tao.
"Where to?" Zhang Tao asked.
But the two men in armor didn’t answer, but stretched out his hand to catch the flash of cold light in Zhang Tao’s eyes, but he still resisted Mr. Zhang’s disappointment when he saw Zhang Tao being taken away. But soon Zhang Taoyin sounded in his ear. "Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon." Hearing Zhang Tao, Mr. Zhang was surprised to see Zhang Tao. I didn’t expect Zhang Tao to be so helpful to a person who met by chance.
Zhang Tao, who was away from the prison door, saw the flickering torches in the deep passage outside, which made people feel that this place was a ghost reincarnation, which brought people a sense of depression. In front of Zhang Tao, people were wearing breathable soft armor fists, but they were wearing combat gloves, which were as full of spikes as a tiger. Such fists would definitely make people lose their fighting power quickly.
"What’s your name?" Ye light asked