After all, Ye Han suffered only from cold, but now what Lengling has to bear is obviously more painful than inflammation and cold!

Thought of here, Ye Han was no longer depressed and worried. He came to Lengling’s side and asked, "Sister Ling, please tell me what happened to you." What do you realize that you have two completely different smells? "
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling hesitated for a long time before sighing for a long time. However, there was no answer from the horse, but she hesitated again before she smiled and laughed. "There is nothing real. I just cultivated two kinds of methods to have these two kinds of breath."
Said deliberately turned his back to the distance Ye Han seems to recall something but didn’t say it, and put his back to Ye Han is obviously deliberately avoiding something!
Ye Han felt so busy that she put her hands on Lengling’s shoulders and then slowly turned her body around to find out, but she felt Lengling deliberately resisted and didn’t want to come back.
Who knows that the more LengLing did this, the more annoying Ye Han’s curiosity aroused, so that he had to intensify his efforts and yank her figure around instantly, while Ye Han himself showed a gratified smile as if he had succeeded in conspiring.
However, before he laughed, he suddenly froze. Lengling was obviously not very happy about this. The original Ye Han knew it, but he didn’t guess that she had a kind of tears at the moment.
"Sister Ling, if you really don’t look at anything and tell me, I won’t force you. I want to tell you that everything will pass, so there is nothing to be sad about!"
I thought to myself that a cold leaf always felt cold and cold, and it would never be as simple as what she said. There must be something important buried by her, and she refused to be known to outsiders.
Leng Lingwen immediately changed his face and smiled with pain. "Okay, Brother Han, if you leave Yuanjing, go out first. Don’t forget that if you want to enter the forbidden area, you need your father to take you there, but you can get in there!"
Ye Hanwen looked at him and immediately listened to Lengling again. So he was even more shocked. The former was because Lengling’s face changed too fast, and the latter was thinking that Lengling was right. If he didn’t let his father take him into the forbidden area, he would enter by root, which he had not considered before.
He felt a little embarrassed about this, but he was more worried about the safety of Lengling after this embarrassment. I don’t know if he saw Lengling in such a situation, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity.
"Do I love her?" Feeling that he was in a strange mood, Chang Ye Han couldn’t help asking himself. Because he failed Ye Rou in other ways, he knew that he could no longer be tempted by other women.
However, he came up with the idea that if he didn’t want to accept Lengling, would he have failed Lengling? Is this fair to her?
Ye Han didn’t think much about it, so he found a vigor coming towards him. He just reacted, and then he noticed a printing tactic entering his body. Then the scene suddenly changed and he took a look around him before he knew that he had left his heart.
This situation is not the first time for him to meet, but this is the first time for him to leave everything with emotion. He really doesn’t know what to choose.
Real Lengling is also aware of Ye Han’s abnormal face and knows that he is in a difficult situation to claim compensation. He will take the initiative to choose to send Ye Han away so that he will not continue to make it difficult.
[54] [officially closed] 1
Xing yuan Jie yi
However, Lengling didn’t know that her thoughts had been guessed by Ye Han at the moment, so instead of alleviating the difficulties in her heart, she didn’t know how to choose 1.
Isn’t it very difficult for Lengling to taste it herself at the moment? Her character naturally hopes that Ye Han can choose to love her, but she also clearly knows that Ye Rou Ye Han will not choose to love her in the end.
In order not to let Ye Han be difficult, Ling resolutely chose to let Ye Han leave, so that both sides no longer felt embarrassed about this matter.
Of course, the original intention of her doing this is nothing but expecting Ye Han to face the coming closure with a happy mood, and she needs this mood to face the distraction with Ye Han.
Originally, there were still many preparations to be made before closing this time, but I didn’t expect it to be ready so soon. Now it is a light matter.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to think about the emotional problem with Lengling, but that he knows that he is about to close now and can calmly close it. He has given up thinking about it for a while.
I came to the middle of the outer courtyard and looked at the stars in the sky quietly, gradually calming my mind.
However, the more you are in the middle of peace, the more calm you are, and the soft figure always appears in his mind.
When he thought about his legacy, although he would never be happy in his heart, he would feel better if he had soft leaves. Now that he is alone, he can’t help but feel lost.
The stars are still around, and the beauty has gone. Ye Hanjing watches the night and regrets naturally. However, he knows that now is not the time to regret or lose, and it is possible to avoid these by strengthening himself.
For a long time, Ye Han sighed and left the hospital, not back to the room, but headed for Ye Hongfang’s office, intending to close it.
When I came to the door of Ye Hong, I saw that Ye Hong was alone in the courtyard. Looking at the sky quietly, he even failed to find Ye Han’s arrival.
Ye Han looked at him and hesitated for a moment, but turned to look sharply. Looking down Ye Hong’s eyes, he saw a group of twinkling stars.
"Father, are you still worried about Ye Qiu’s grandfather and grandson?" After a long time, Ye Hancai smiled and asked
Ye Hong noncommittally nodded his head. "Yes, it’s not simple. His uncle’s family has long been fighting for the heads of families, but they have been afraid to come. Now they are so courageous and I’m worried."
Ye Hong was silent and didn’t want to go on to say that he was worried that this would affect Ye Han’s closed mood, which would have a great influence on his practice.
"You’re worried that it’s not that simple. Maybe there’s a strong pillar behind their sudden daring attack on you?" Ye Han saw through Ye Hong’s mind at a glance and knew that his father was good to himself, but he had many doubts and eventually could not be solved, so he smiled despite his busy smile and laughed.
Ye Hongwen suddenly looked at Ye Han with a face of surprise and felt that this root was not like a 14-year-old child but like an experienced adult.
"Yes, what I am most worried about now is that if they really make outsiders to compete for the control of the Ye family, then our family may suffer an unprecedented disaster!"
Although I was surprised by Ye Hanhang, Ye Hong was not surprised. How long did it take for his face to be full of relief? He finally grew up and could argue!
Therefore, he didn’t want Ye Han to worry about family affairs, and now he has to reveal it, not asking for any definite answer from him. I hope I can understand the solution to the difficulty through conversation.
Ye Han looked back at Ye Hong and immediately turned his attention to the night meditation for a long time and still didn’t come up with any solution.
"I don’t know much about this family matter. If you solve the eye difficulties, I’m afraid you will have to rely on your father alone!" Ye Han doesn’t know much about this family. Although his father’s estrangement has been solved, he still helps his father Ye Hong solve his family difficulties. Besides, he doesn’t want to take care of any family affairs.
And now he’s going to close down again, and after the family competition, he’s going to leave home to find Ye Rou, which makes him even more distracted from other things, so he can try his best to avoid this problem.
But now he finds himself unconsciously walking into these topics, and seeing that the night is coming and the horse is coming at the end of the day, he can’t help but regret taking the initiative to bring up this topic.
Seeing that the night is near, Ye Han is inconvenient to stay and seize this opportunity. He smiled awkwardly at Ye Hongbao. "Father and child have to close, so you’d better take me to the closed place first!"
Ye Hongwen immediately one leng immediately understood his meaning, and he deliberately avoided the topic of family, but he nodded his head.
As Ye Hong walked all the way, he soon came to the door of Ye Hong’s practice place before the family forbidden area.