To the east of the ice sheet, there is still an ice sheet. This ice sheet is covered with ice and snow. Not to mention finding anything to eat, even a trace of green can be detected.

Although there is no green dress in spring, at the moment, the ice sheet can see a trace of green and inflammation, which is an important factor that makes this place interesting.
I took Ye Han all the way eastbound, perhaps because the scenes last night engraved the depths of her heart. Every time I look back at Ye Han, her face will be covered with layers of happiness.
For Yan Xin, this column of behavior and expression changes, Ye Han is in a hungry situation, but he still knows it clearly.
Ye Han can be deeply impressed by this. Once upon a time, he always didn’t want Yan Xin to have feelings, but he didn’t think that everything that shouldn’t have happened had already happened.
Ye Han didn’t dislike it, but he was a normal person’s mentality. He was very happy when he learned of the situation.
As she said, no matter who Ye Han once loved and how many wives she has now, she will always stay with him.
And she moderately knows that Ye Han’s heart has always been reluctant to admit it, but it has been entangled in Ye Han’s heart and can never be waved away.
All the way eastbound, Ye Han was so hungry that he almost fainted. Suddenly, a small green forest appeared in front of him, and the snow-covered earth looked particularly bright.
After seeing this scene, Ye Han seemed to see the hope of survival and rushed directly towards the Woods without much consideration.
Saw Ye Han speed to the limit Yan Xin although not some worry, so he also followed without hesitation.
Soon they came to the small forest and looked at the forest full of vitality. Although Ye Han was hungry, he couldn’t help but stop and feel deeply.
Feeling that Yu Yehan no longer hesitated, he seemed to be carried away by hunger in his stomach, and he dared not think much and went straight into the Woods.
This forest in the Wan Li ice sheet is no longer an ordinary forest, but people often say that there is a miracle, and no one can’t help but exclaim at this miracle.
But when Yan Xin came here, all miracles were no longer miracles, perhaps because she had been here, and it was hard to find his expression except for a wry smile on her face.
On the other hand, Ye Han’s figure has already disappeared at the end of the forest. It’s good to see this again. Nai shook his head and followed him without neglect.
Entering the middle of the forest, there is still a trace of cold, but there is no doubt that some people are worried that this forest is not big, but no one will be willing to admit it if it is small
Ye Han is now in the Woods, and his figure is already out of Yan Xin’s sight, which is not a reason for concern for Yan Xin.
Worried that Yu Yanxin didn’t forget to use Ye Han’s breath to distinguish the direction and try to find Ye Han’s fall.
However, Ye Han’s breath body belongs to the cold. Around this ice sheet, Han Xinji is similar to Yan Xin. Although this kind of repair is higher than Ye Han’s, it is still a fire practitioner.
The difficulty of finding Ye Han has increased several times because of the opposite body breath and the sense of rejection of cold vitality.
Can’t find Ye Han breath phlogistic hin didn’t immediately worry about before, she has been here, and never met the danger of the mountain, and she didn’t find any hidden danger, and she didn’t believe Ye Han would meet any danger here.
I have been looking for it along the depths of the forest for a while, but I still haven’t felt the inflammation of Ye Han. Although I was worried, I still didn’t give up looking for opportunities.
At this time, Ye Han was already in the Woods, staying beside a small fruit tree full of strange smell, staring at the small fruit tree in front of him.
The shape of the small fruit tree is not suspicious, but after careful understanding of Ye Han, I found that the fruits of this small fruit tree are full of strong cold.
This kind of chill is familiar to Ye Han’s eyes. Whether it is the chill in the ice forest or the chill pain he has experienced in the past ten years can be compared with the chill of the small fruit tree.
I feel the cold consciousness of small fruit trees, although it has been eroded by hunger, it still remains awake and cautious.
Awakening is only that kind of caution, but it has just been born. No one can imagine that there are such magical fruits in this ice field and this grove.
Ye Han, a fruit full of strong cold, can feel fear, but he has to be courageous, because hunger in his stomach is not weak at all compared with the cold fruit.
The hand is slowly raised and stretched out, and then slowly approaches a relatively large fruit of the small fruit tree.
As Ye Han’s arm approaches the fruit, it seems that all potential is aroused, and the surrounding cold makes people feel fear.
A careless Ye Han felt a heart-eating chill in his arm, and at that time he was caught off guard by this chill.
The cold itself did not give Ye Han pain. On the contrary, Ye Han consciously made some progress after this cold baptism!
However, this kind of diligence seems to be somewhat extraordinary, exceeding the limit that Ye Han can bear. After some diligence, Ye Han feels a faint feeling of expansion.
"What’s going on? Is this fruit still a spiritual fruit that can enhance my cultivation? " Feel all this Ye Han although some happy but vaguely worried in my heart.
Giving Ye Han the cold from the fruit is not a natural feeling, but a feeling that is difficult to control, because this cold is really too strong.
"ah!" A scream Ye Han suddenly felt that he had a desire to explode, and a long-standing pain eroded his last bit of consciousness.
As the consciousness gradually weakened and finally disappeared, Ye Han lost control and fell to the ground without stopping.
Not far away, Yan Xin also happened to come to the depths of the forest. More coincidentally, she suddenly heard Ye Han scream before she passed out.
Realizing that it’s not good, Yan Xin’s heart is surprised and busy, running in the direction of the sound, and from time to time, some prayers come from Ye Han’s mouth.