Burn Yin Ji left the palace for many days. This sudden appearance also attracted imperial secretaries to wait and see. This armor face looks like a black ball man. Why is it so like the Four Sovereigns?

Palace Xia Xiaoxue is pale and lying on his back at this time. All the imperial secretaries around him have been dismissed, and even all the accompanying female guards are looking solemn at the door.
The imperial palace heals too much, and it’s hard to look at the door of the medicine box with the sun on your back!
"What about Tainv?"
When Su Ling entered the familiar palace, she suddenly felt a heavy heart when she saw the scene before her. Anyone who saw their performance like this would directly guess the bad result.
At this moment, Su Ling felt her heart twitching, her fingertips were cold, and her legs were numb. Maybe Shinohara Snow …
"Seen the princess! Princess, you’re finally here. Please go and see us! She has been lying alone in her room since she was injured last night, but Taitai has been here several times, but Taitai won’t let Taitai heal the princess. Please save Taitai’s life! "
Following Xia Xiaoxue, the women who came to Qi and Chu all looked anxiously at Su Ling, and all of them knelt on their knees and looked at Su Ling with their wings.
If there is no way, these arrogant women guards will definitely not kneel for his women!
Su Ling felt a little down-to-earth when she heard this, and then she glanced at Huang Yinji’s eyes around her and said, "Xiao Si, wait for my news. By the way, you can choose some people who can be trusted to cure too much, and let them go first!"
Huang Yinji also said that the situation was serious and Su Ling’s voice was backward, so she solemnly nodded, "Huang Sao, you go first and leave these things to me!"
After secretly nodding to the burn, Su Ling comforted the female guards for a few moments and then pushed the door of the palace wing directly, then closed the door!
Maybe Xia Xiaoxue was lying on the soft couch after hearing the sound, and her voice was hoarse and low, and she suddenly said angrily, "Get out!"
"I said that this just separated you from me. It’s so sad!" Su Ling walked slowly from the wing with a hint of banter.
But her eyes are full of worry and heart is also obvious!
Without carving Su Ling, she looked at Xia Xiaoxue in front of the soft couch with a pale face and clothes lying on her back. What shocked her was a long sword mark on her left arm and shoulder. Even her carpet was stained with blood, and judging from the fact that the blood had dried up, she was afraid that she had been bleeding and did nothing!
When Xia Xiaoxue heard Su Ling’s sound and her eyes were stiff, she slowly looked at Su Ling. When she saw her eyes full of worries and a little confusion, she tried to be brave overnight, and now the department went up in smoke!
"three! I … "
A word of tears instantly hung over the whole cheek!
Su Ling turned around and carefully sat beside Shinohara Snow. She looked at herself lovingly. Shinohara Snow always cried. She couldn’t help herself. Even if she was injured by an assassin, she wouldn’t be scared like this!
There seems to be something else in this matter!
Su Ling carefully looked at Xia Xiaoxue’s shoulder wound, which was deeply visible!
It’s really cruel. It’s best not to let her know who it is or it will be a bloody battle!
It’s a pity to die if you hurt Shinohara!
"Don’t cry, you will set me off more beautifully!" The so-called good friend is to be reckless in front of her, and even if Su Ling speaks this slightly teasing words at this time, it will not only make Xia Xiaoxue instantly restore a little anger, but also make her stare at Su Ling coldly. It seems that it is no longer like waiting for death!
Xia Xiaoxue seems to be stubborn and wants to sit up, but Nai’s excessive bleeding makes her physically exhausted. She just struggled on the soft couch for a moment, so there will be more movement.
Su Ling sighed and looked at Shinohara’s strength to argue with her. She should also hide it again. She couldn’t help asking directly, "Come on, what’s going on?"
I didn’t know that Xia Xiaoxue was still smiling at Su Ling with a watery eyes and a lip corner. His eyes were full of pain. "He’s going to kill me!"
Second watch, there’s no midnight tonight! The day will continue with the seal of 122 perfect green carved python!