Humans are slaves here.

It’s too far away from them here. Yang Ye doesn’t know what they are like, but he can feel that the whole mining area is filled with dead life.
"Let’s go and do it." Blue-and-white burial trail replied and turned to walk in one direction.
Yang Ye this just reaction to come over and have a look at this time has been updated the first step has appeared to disrupt the mining area to kill miners leader!
Blue-and-white buried snow is familiar with it. With Yang Ye, he walked from the mountain to a concave two-wheeled road, and then walked along the side of the road towards the center of the mining area. But at this time, he was much more cautious-he pulled out his dagger and slowed down his pace, and his eyes looked around. Every time he saw rocks and grass, his eyes would stay for a while. Is this to see where it is suitable to hide?
"Strange?" Yang Ye asked to see the blue-and-white buried snow sample. I’m afraid the blame here is still quite severe.
"There are a lot of them, and they will ask people to kill them. If they can’t kill them, they will be planted in groups." The blue and white burial trail stared at the front
Following the blue and white buried snow, two people and two followers squatted in the roadside bushes.
"The leader of the miners is inside?" Yang Ye refers to a huge mining area. The periphery of this mining area is surrounded by tall wooden fences. It is more difficult to get in and out.
"I don’t know, but I’m sure." The blue-and-white burial trail moved in a crouching position.
"How to get in?" Yang Ye asked again
This time, the blue-and-white snow burial didn’t return to Yang Ye, but turned his head and looked at it. Yang Ye glanced at him once, then turned his head back and said, "Promise I remember that you are not so stupid."
Yang Yeyi laughed. "You didn’t come first. I think it’s more reliable to ask you!"
"I just came in once, and I told you I planted it directly here. Where do I know so much?"
"Well, then why are you doing this?"
"Isn’t it safer when you don’t know the situation?"
Yang Ye admits that it makes sense to bury the snow in blue and white, but if he is alone, he will definitely go directly to the center of the mining area instead of waiting here.
"Why not just go?"
"There are strange guards over there who can’t get in."
"Can’t you beat it?"
"I can’t beat it."
"How do you know if you don’t try?"
"Try and you’re dead. Trust me."
Blue-and-white buried snow said so firmly that Yang Ye lost his temper and continued to wait in situ with blue-and-white buried snow.
"Wait for what?" Yang Ye asked again
"You are so tired of waiting for the bus."
"What car?" Yang Yegen doesn’t care about the last sentence of blue and white burying snow.
"Maybe we can get in the mine car … shh!" Blue and white buried snow staring at the distance eyes a bright quickly stopped Yang Ye asked.
Yang Ye looked down at the blue-and-white buried snow and saw a rickety road not far away. An old wooden cart was pulled and crunched by several strong horses.
The attributes of the miner’s hat harvesters are also displayed-
Heavy mine car
Number of war horses 4
Transport quantity 1
Manipulation number 1
(Hidden harvesters can hide players! )
Maybe the blue-and-white buried snow didn’t know about this car, but Yang Ye had to admire his foresight-this car can really hide people!
At this time, there is a monster and a bear monster driving in front of the mine car, and behind the mine car, large and small materials are dragged and covered by black cloth-this can not cover Yang Ye’s eyes to be continued.
Chapter 157 West Sa Ding Mining Area
"This car is probably going in to pull the mine. I think we can really hide in it and get in," Yang Ye said
"hmm!" Blue and white snow nasal cavity answered Yang Ye dialect.
The two men quietly waited for the harvesters to shake and slowly sat in the front of the car, driving the horses and bears. With the harvesters shaking their heads, they also swayed from side to side. It seemed very sleepy bit by bit.
"Crunch …"