But even so, he can’t be omnipotent. For example, he didn’t know about this traveler, but soon Xian’s eyes became more and more firm. He thought of one thing. Since Zhang Tao is a traveler’s apprentice, maybe he really knows something he doesn’t know. Xian rushed over and held Zhang Tao’s arms in his hands. "Tell me who the other traveler is?"

"The origin of this traveler is inextricably linked with my visit to my predecessors today," Zhang Tao said.
"oh? Is it true? " Xian looked into Zhang Tao’s eyes, hoping not to be deceived. After finally confirming the truth, he immediately said, "No, I’ll help you crack this ancient array immediately, and then you can tell me in detail about another traveler." After that, he ran away like a wind without waiting for Zhang Tao to say anything.
Zhang Tao heart language oneself haven’t said anything? In fact, Zhang Tao didn’t intend to let him crack the law first, but he didn’t expect to leave in a hurry.
However, this is a good thing. It will take a long time for me to reach the original goal in Zhang Tao. After all, the route and text are difficult to understand, but I didn’t expect this strange talent to be solved in half an hour, which made Zhang Tao even more impressed with Xian. "Look at this array. It is a place. This array is a secret palace gate key. This is obviously a secret place. Now I have helped you understand it. Tell me about the third passer."
"underground palace?" Zhang Tao frowned slightly. No wonder he found the dark inflammation cemetery by himself. I didn’t expect him to hide the ground. It seems that this dark inflammation is more cunning than I thought. "I hope you can keep it a secret today and don’t record it." Zhang Tao looked very serious
Xian also nodded quite seriously. "Don’t worry, old man, I know the seriousness of this matter." After hearing Xian’s guarantee, Zhang Tao revealed the dark inflammation and the third traveler’s involvement. Although this involvement is incredible, it is the root cause of the destruction of Dongyue mainland in the future.
"I didn’t expect it to be like this. The traveler stayed for a moment. No wonder the old man couldn’t find the message." Xian muttered to himself. Obviously, Zhang Tao told him everything today, which shocked him a little. Zhang Tao was not much better when he learned about it.
"Wonderful future is more and more worth looking forward to." The wise words let Zhang Tao have a black line. Anyway, the battle is not you. You naturally feel that the so-called need to know is to deal with the dark inflammation. Now Zhang Tao is already overwhelmed.
"Hey? Who are you? Could it be that "Zhang Tao was planning to leave the time when Xian suddenly noticed Zhang Tao’s ancestral dragon ring"? Zhang Tao was surprised to see him. Suddenly he shook Zhang Tao’s hand and didn’t know what to rummage for. He kept muttering to himself, why can’t he find it? Just read it.
After a while, he finally shouted excitedly and then took out a very simple picture. The painter Zhang Tao knew very well that Zhang Tao had seen this painting, which was one of the four families.
This man is suspected to be the founder of four families and the second traveler! Obviously Xian saw his ring and associated it with this picture.
"How did you get this ring from Zhang Tao?" Xian hands are shaking Zhang Tao nature also honestly tell nothing to hide "ha ha ha ha" and then xian incredibly milli image burst out laughing, which makes Zhang Tao feel strange that the old man is not crazy?
"Zhang Tao, do you know that you are an old man, the most special one I have ever seen? You have had intercourse with three travelers. No wonder you can make such a name for yourself in Dongyue Mainland." Xian said with a sigh after laughing.
"I’m flattered," Zhang Tao forced a smile.
"The old man, although I know nine little, has never seen it. If there is an opportunity, I hope that Zhang Gong can lead the old man for a day, and I will be a bad Zhang Gong one." Xian said very seriously [
Obviously, for Xian, everything he knows in a different world is a huge treasure, and his attraction is absolutely fatal, even if he has an eccentric temper, he can resist such temptation.
It may not matter if a person goes to Zhang Tao, but now Zhang Tao finally knows how good it is to have a well-informed person around. Is Zhang always can’t go to rob him, after all, he is the magic tower people this favor Zhang Tao nature is to cherish.
"Elder rest assured that if Master Gong comes back, I will surely tell him," said Zhang Tao.
"Ha ha, thank you very much, Zhang Gong." The sudden change of address made Zhang Tao still uncomfortable. Looking at Xian and holding his hand tightly, Zhang Tao felt a little unnatural.
After polite words, Xian’s excitement has passed. Zhang Tao naturally won’t wait for others to urge him to leave before fuels. Xian did not retain it, but it is also very obvious to look forward to it slightly in his eyes.
Zhang Tao secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had nine days and one less. This card succeeded in attracting Xian to himself. Otherwise, he really couldn’t come up with anything to interest Xian by his own words.
Holding the token in his hand, Zhang Tao thought of Xian and told himself the answer. He finally found the hiding place of dark inflammation. Although he didn’t know whether it was the real place of dark inflammation, it was better to fly too far.
I still remember telling myself that I can’t make a move after nine days, but this time Zhang Tao can’t continue to delay the loss of two peak saints in Yimeng, which has made the situation very serious. So Zhang Tao intends to let the elite of JIU ge Fu do their best to go to the underground. If it can catch the dark inflammation, it will just kill.
This is the first time that Zhang Tao has disobeyed for nine days, which means a little. However, Zhang Tao did not come up with all his strength in the first world war with Dark Inflammation. This time, Zhang Tao intends to find out.
Back to JIU ge fu, Zhang Tao called all the backbone core to the underground candidates. Zhang Tao had an idea in his heart. He originally planned to let Mo Lengfeng accompany him. Finally, he gave up this plan. Now Mo Lengfeng is not alone in his family. Don’t bother him unless he has to.
Mix Li Qiuxiong, Zhao Daniu, Du Gu Jian Long Yun, Shao Shuang Yu, Yang Yu Lin Xiao and Zhang Tao! A peak saint they nest! This is also the greatest strength that the JIU ge fu can condense.
But Poison Cloud is unwilling to part with Zhang Tao. She also knows the danger of this operation deeply. She asked to see Poison Cloud’s firm and tender eyes with Zhang Tao. He didn’t refuse, and Zhang Tao also believed that he could protect Poison Cloud’s safety.
In other people’s departments, the goal of keeping alert for the dark inflammation is that the highest saint has the highest level, but the Jiutian Temple people, old and new, have also been transferred back from Zhang Tao. Although their strength is not the highest level saint, together, their strength can make a saint afraid of leaving the Jiutian Palace for three points, which is also a great force, especially if Bai Qiu continues to develop, there may be a big one.
Studying the token map, Zhang Tao confirmed the location of the underground palace. I didn’t expect this token to mark the place just within the scope of Honghao country and the Mausoleum of Honghao country! This really surprised Zhang Tao.
"Lord, what should we do? Sneak in? " Mo Ying speaks and asks, although he won’t take part in this operation, the core members naturally have to use their brains.
"No, I personally went to see the emperor and let him go. Our purpose is not to destroy the Mausoleum, but to enter the underground palace. I believe there must be an enchantment entrance somewhere. To find it is another world," Zhang Tao said
This time, after the action was arranged, Zhang Tao’s thoughts returned to the first time, and the laughter seemed to reverberate in Tonghua Pavilion for a long time
"Are you all right listening to Han Menghua?" Zhang Tao’s eyes couldn’t resist a mist. Chapter 775 My name is Zhang Tao.
In those days, although the feelings were far away, they were more pure. This feeling is bound to be cherished by Zhang Tao. Today, Honghaoguo has also extended its own life span because of the long-lasting nature of the Tianwenfu, and the Yunyan Chamber of Commerce is thriving because of Zhang Tao.
Zhang Tao has done his best to treat his best friends, and has supported their descendants from generation to generation. It can be said that Honghaoguo and Yunyan Chamber of Commerce can only stand on the strength of Jiuwenfu.
A white robe will never change. Zhang Tao is now dancing in the streets of the Imperial City. In those days, all kinds of things are still fresh in my memory. The predecessors have gone.