Big honey can’t help but feel very happy when she sees Ye Qing seriously. In fact, happiness is very simple. It is a kind of happiness to have someone to take care of her when she is sick. Big honey feels that she is right to Ye Qing. Although she is not as perfect as Li Zhihao, he has a kind of simplicity that Li Zhihao doesn’t have and is sincere about people.

If Dami is married to a rich second generation, she can imagine her married life. At first, the two people may be more loving, but after a long time, it is estimated that the man will get bored and then go out to make love. How many rich second generations are not like this?
When the time comes, Dami will be able to stay at home alone, but her husband will be partying outside every day. This kind of family is equivalent to name only. If she marries a man like Ye Qing, her married life will be very happy. Ye Qing may take care of her very well, and Ye Qing is a very family-oriented person who doesn’t like to play outside.
After peeling the apple, the leaves were carefully cut into several petals, and then one petal was picked up to feed Honey, who smiled and took a bite. "Thank you, husband!" "
Ye Qing couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. "It’s just peeling an apple, but even the name has changed. You call it so sweet. So, are we going to do what husband and wife should do late so that we can be husband and wife?"
"If you go to your house and get sick, do you still think that I can stand the toss?" Big honey qiao face a red Chen way
"Then wait until you are finished!"
"That won’t do either!"
"Why can’t you call me husband?"
"I called to play? Give me another petal. This apple is so sweet! " Big honey opened her mouth and pointed to Ye Qing, then picked up a petal and put it in her mouth.
After eating an apple, Pearl Krabs appeared at the door of the ward. She leaned her head and came in to have a look. Then she quickly came in. Ye listened to the footsteps and looked back hurriedly.
"It’s quite fast!" Ye Qing nodded to Pearl Krabs, Pearl Krabs Road, and then went to the bed and leaned over to look at Big Honey. "What happened to you? Why did you suddenly get sick? Aren’t you still fine at noon?"
Big honey gave a wry smile. "Yes, I didn’t have anything at all this afternoon. I just slept in my room for a while after you came back from the game. I didn’t know that I caught a cold and got up and felt uncomfortable and dizzy."
"Then why didn’t you say so earlier? I came to invite you to dinner and you said you didn’t want to eat. You should have caught a cold then, right?" Pearl Krabs is very blame tunnel.
"I don’t want you to worry. I’ll be fine if I sleep for a while. I don’t know that Ye Qing is back yet." Big honey is very embarrassed to tunnel.
"You are really a cold, although it is not a serious illness, it will also affect your body! You must tell me if you feel uncomfortable afterwards. Of course, when Ye Qing is here, you can tell him first. If he is not here, you must tell me that we are friends. We should help each other unless you don’t treat me as a friend! " Pearl Krabs very seriously to big honey way
Big honey hurriedly smiled and laughed. "Of course I treat you as my friend, and I’m still a good friend. This time it’s my fault. I must tell you that you have to carry me to the hospital. So you should exercise quickly from now on, or you won’t have the strength to carry me. I’m very heavy and fat!"
Pearl Krabs smell speech couldn’t help laughing and then eyes a stare Chen way "where are you fat? As good as a supermodel! You call it fat. Aren’t those really fat people going to die? Don’t worry, I’m sure I can afford you! "
Ye couldn’t help joking when he heard the conversation. "That’s great. I don’t have to worry about having someone to take care of my wife while I’m away!"
Big honey blushed when she heard the horse’s face. She looked at Pearl Krabs shyly and shouted at Ye, "Who is your wife? Don’t shout that there are still people!"
Leaf qing ha ha a smile "I which have disorderly shout you just don’t call me husband? Since I am your husband, you are naturally my wife Pearl Krabs. Is this the truth? "
Pearl Krabs some embarrassed smile, the two men flirting in front of your face milli scruples is really let a person envy a pair of big honey feel very embarrassed hurriedly ignore nu way "you said! It’s a gentleman’s demeanor if you haven’t peeled an apple or given your chair to someone since they came to Pearl Krabs for half a day! "
Ye Qing quickly got up and pulled the chair behind Pearl Krabs. "Please sit on the throne given by the Queen to ensure comfort!"
After that, he picked up another apple and peeled it. Pearl Krabs also sat down at once and looked at Big Honey and said, "Are you better now?"
Big honey nodded and said, "It’s much better. You see, I was able to joke with you before I came in. When I wanted to sleep, I didn’t want to talk, and I couldn’t even walk steadily, or did Ye hug me to the hospital!"
When it comes to leaf hug her to the hospital, her face can’t help but emerge than a sweet expression. Pearl Krabs smiled and laughed. "It’s really enviable to see your happiness! It seems that having a boyfriend is still very nice, but I seldom get sick and probably don’t need a boyfriend. "
Hearing Pearl Krabs’s words, Big Honey felt very incredible. A long-held question finally came out. "I’ve always wondered how you look so beautiful without a boyfriend." Don’t you like men? "
"Come on, you want to say I’m lace? No, it’s not that I don’t like women, but that doesn’t mean I have to have a boyfriend. Maybe my vision is too high. I haven’t met a man who can see for years! " Pearl Krabs look a little dim tunnel
Big honey smell speech joke tunnel "what do you think of me this man? Can you enter your eyes? "
Pearl Krabs immediately qiao face a red criticise "what a joke is to see you can give it to me? Really! "
"Haha, of course I won’t give it to you. I’m telling you, if you really look at yourself and rob me, it’s not challenging to give it to you directly, is it?" Big honey bosom smile leaves aside depressed hurriedly interrupted two people dialogue way "honey, that’s enough for you! Do you dare to joke? Can I take it from anyone? "
Chapter 661 Talk to Su Yanbing
The speaker’s heart and the listener’s intentional words made Pearl Krabs’s face slightly changed. She felt that this sentence made her feel a little uncomfortable. Isn’t it attractive to be in love with Ye? You really can’t take him away?
I can see from Pearl Krabs’s name that she is an argumentative person. After listening to Ye Qing’s sentence, she really moved to compete with Da Mi for Ye Qing, which proves that she definitely has that charm to attract Ye Qing.
She quickly calmed down and thought that it was wrong to do so, which would definitely affect her big honey friendship, and she didn’t feel much about Ye Qing. At most, she was just wearing it. If she fought with Da Mi for a boyfriend because of Ye Qing’s words, she would feel quite sorry that she was not like that.
A girl like Pearl Krabs is actually very easy to chase after you. If everything goes according to her, it will make her feel that she has no personality. She won’t look at you again, even if you keep praising her in front of her, it’s nothing.
On the contrary, if you say that she is not very attractive, maybe she will prove it to you, that is to say, provocation is the most important thing for her. Most men can’t help but praise her for her beauty when they see her, because women like to listen to sweet words.
It’s impossible to meet a man in Pearl Krabs for the first time. Of course, you can say good things about Zhenzhen’s personality. It’s impossible to say that you are ugly and have no charm at first sight. Men are afraid to take the risk. If they have been in contact for a long time, they may be able to understand Pearl Krabs’s personality. But once the first impression is bad, Pearl Krabs will not be intimate with you again, and no one can contact her for a long time to understand her personality. No man has succeeded in this move.
Ye Qing didn’t know what Pearl Krabs was thinking. There was something unexpected about the sudden silence. He hurriedly handed the apple in his hand to Pearl Krabs and said, "What’s the difference if I peel an apple?"
Pearl Krabs took the apple and smiled. "I don’t see any difference. Do you peel the apple sweeter?"