At this moment, Du Yun leaped high, raised his halberd and epee, and severely chopped into the cage. After listening to the rumbling explosion, a body of a cool breeze mink was lying in the cage and could not die any more.

Looked at his own law combined with fairy force to make the effect Du Yun smiled slowly and then continued to walk deeper into the foggy jungle …
On the fifteenth day in the foggy ghost forest, Du Yun carefully shuttled through a dense jungle …
"Oh, my god! I’m starving! " At this time, Du Yun is a bit listless and grunts from time to time …
It turns out that Du Yun has been gone for several days since he killed the cool breeze leopard, but since then he hasn’t met a Warcraft. Two days ago, Du Yun had already eaten his dry food, and now Du Yun has been hungry for two days.
Du Yun walks in the foggy ghost forest every day, and he has to worry about the sneak attack of Warcraft, which requires a lot of physical strength. Plus, he hasn’t eaten for several days. If it weren’t for Du Yun’s better physical fitness, he might have been tired …
Suddenly, from the nearby trees, a yellow-black pattern of Warcraft appeared on his forehead, and there was a king’s character that looked like an animal on the earth. The tiger was exploding in efreet, which was much bigger than the tiger. The four sharp claws, the mouth and the inaugural fangs were shining with cold light. A glance at Du Yun showed that it was exploding in efreet, and the efreet tiger roared at Du Yun, and then he rushed to Du Yun.
Du Yun sidestepped the efreet tiger attack and then casually looked at the magic tiger. The Du Yun Zodiac is the tiger house. He still likes tigers very much, but now he prefers to explode efreet tiger roots in Du Yun’s eyes. It’s not a Warcraft but his lunch.
Exploding efreet Tiger has all the advantages of Tiger clan Warcraft, and its speed is extremely fast and its strength is extremely strong. However, this time, it makes him a little strange that this human is listless in front of him, but after seeing him, there is a look of joy in his eyes.
Du Yun, this is the first time to meet efreet Tiger, and Du Yun knows that he is a demon-level low-level Warcraft who is proficient in low-level skills in the fire. There may be some fierce battles before, but now Du Yun’s strength has advanced by leaps and bounds since it was promoted to the second level, and Du Yun’s strength is definitely not his opponent.
Exploding the efreet Tiger, Du Yun escaped the attack, roared a tiger, and then several fireballs were sprayed at Du Yun with his mouth wide open … At the same time, he climbed high with sharp claws and scratched at Du Yun …
Du Yun conveniently summoned a flame shield from the dragon body and erected it in front of him. The flame shield just blocked the explosion of the efreet tiger flame ball, but it was also broken when it was attacked by the flame ball. Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Close the familiar.
Looking at the explosion of efreet, Tiger Claw is getting closer and closer to himself, and Du Yun summons a flame shield to block his front.
Explosion efreet Tiger Claw gave a good grasp of the flame shield and it was broken. At this time, he laughed at the human being who was staring at him. This person was too self-sufficient, but he wanted to block himself with a small flame shield.
This is the explosion of efreet Tiger, who just wanted to attack Du Yun, only to find that just now he laughed at the human race but unconsciously came to his side and looked at him with a smile on his face. Although Du Yun had a smile on his face, the explosion of efreet Tiger felt that such a smile was terrible, but it made him feel creepy.
Efreet Tiger knew that he was in danger and wanted to escape from Du Yun. When he was about to hide far away, a lot of shadows flew faster than it retreated, and suddenly it lost consciousness as soon as it was cold.
Du Yunxiao smiled and looked at the dead explosion. efreet Tiger quickly peeled off the magic tiger skin, got some water to wash the magic tiger meat, and then put the magic tiger meat into a wooden stick and put it on the fire.
In a blink of an eye, Du Yun spent half an hour concentrating on the barbecue, watching a string of baked Huang Chengcheng noodles with butter and sneering at the dripping of magic tiger meat. Du Yun’s saliva almost wet his chest. This can’t be said how much Du Yun likes this barbecue. The most important thing is that Du Yun hasn’t eaten for several days. Now, if he can eat before Du Yun, Du Yun will think it is the most delicious food in the world.
Du Yun gobbled up the roast tiger meat, and after ten minutes, the roast half-magic tiger leg was wiped out by Du Yun. Du Yun patted himself and smiled, obviously satisfied with this lunch.
After lunch, Du Yun casually found a place to rest for two hours, and then continued on his way. In this way, Du Yun had another thrilling journey. The level of Warcraft he encountered was lower, which is no threat to Du Yun now.
At this time, the sunset on the horizon slowly fell to the horizon, and the whole forest became foggy. Du Yun knew that he could not hurry. The current environment was conducive to the attack of Warcraft, but it was not conducive to Du Yun’s discovery of the traces of Warcraft. Therefore, Du Yun wanted to find a place to rest for one night before setting off.
Just about to pitch a tent, Du Yun suddenly stopped running and jumped into a big tree with a dangerous vigilance and looked at the grass not far ahead.
A little broken wind from the front gradually became clear, and there was a head of Warcraft rushing towards him quickly, accompanied by an amazing momentum. It should be a high-level Warcraft.
When Du Yun saw the sample of Warcraft, Du Yun was surprised to open his mouth greatly. However, it was the magic order advanced Warcraft ice fire leopard, the ice fire leopard was extremely fast or the fire and water were both high-order Warcraft. The magic order advanced Warcraft was proficient in fire and water skills. After the king saw that Warcraft was an ice fire leopard, Du Yun’s only thought was to escape. Although his strength has been greatly improved, it is still far from the magic order advanced Warcraft.
Du Yun was shocked in his heart, but he didn’t hesitate to move. He immediately fled to the rear at a high speed. The road was the terrain where Du Yun walked. He was very familiar with Du Yun for a while, and the distance was getting bigger and bigger.
The pursuit of the ice and fire leopard is also very urgent, and the skill bombardment keeps slowing down Du Yun’s escape speed. However, the forest is full of tall grass. It is very difficult to find a person in it. Besides, Du Yun has deliberately hidden his tracks, which is even more difficult to find. But it is said that it is difficult to find unless Du Yun takes the initiative to come out, unless his opponent is a sword emperor or a holy care guide.
After chasing for a while, the ice fire leopard came to Du Yun’s hiding place and found that the trace of Du Yun had disappeared. The ice fire leopard was very angry … The whistling in the sky shocked the surrounding leaves and kept sending out fire and water skills to attack the surrounding things, and soon formed a circle of ruins in the center of the ice fire leopard.
Real Du Yun is also hiding nearby. Just now, several skills of the ice and fire leopard exploded around him, but now he dare not make a sound. He knows that now he is going to be found to be a fierce battle, and it is even possible that he will be killed by the ice and fire leopard. Du Yun hides and dares not move …
After about half an hour, the ice fire leopard has not found Du Yun’s trace, so it’s good to leave.
Looking at the disappearance of the ice and fire leopard, Du Yuncai gently dared to breathe a sigh of relief, but he felt that he was very unlucky to meet the ice and fire leopard. He went to the center of the misty ghost forest, and now the ice and fire leopard chased him back to the noon rest place. It turned out that Du Yunjing inadvertently came to the place where he killed the efreet tiger at noon, which means that he left all afternoon for nothing.
Du Yun tried his best to escape for an hour, and now he feels very tired. He just wants to find a place to rest for a day and then go on his way. He just started a fire …
Ho ho … ho ho …
Not far from Du Yun, there was a roar of Warcraft, and from the call, I could hear that Warcraft was approaching Du Yun. Du Yun was sulked by the ice and fire leopard. He was worried that there was no place to vent his anger. Now he has come. How can Du Yun of Warcraft let go?