There was a loud noise with a defense barrier. Fan Tong was hit by a soul-eating sunset arrow and flew backwards. The soul-eating sunset arrow blew up to control the pig-like wolf’s head, and his mouth grew like a bite at the defense barrier in front of Fan Tong.

The defensive barrier in front of Fan Tong suddenly burst and weakened, and many soul-eating sunset arrows hit Fan Tong’s body, but the latter opened his mouth and spit out a big mouthful of blood, but it was instantly evaporated by the soul-eating sunset arrows.
Soul-eating sunset arrows hit Fan Tong’s body, and he flew to the final square dozens of feet away, crashing and bursting, sputtering out Gang Qi like rain and flowers all over the sky.
When the gang gas hits the market, it will blow out holes of different sizes and explode like firecrackers.
However, Fan Tong’s defense is also really good. The shock wave of the soul-eating sunset arrow explosion was not blown to pieces, and there was still a sigh of relief. The body was blurred by the fried blood Ru and fell straight from the middle.
Everyone’s head has almost turned 90 degrees. From the main hall, they have been following the trajectory of the soul-eating sunset arrow. Their eyes stare like two cat’s eyes. It’s incredible to watch the tragic explosion and blow up a large area of the ground. The horror in my heart is beyond words, but it’s hard to express it in words
At this time, the square was strangely quiet, and there was no sound. Gradually, everyone was heavy and short of breath and didn’t speak, because no one realized how he should express his surprise.
Perhaps the normal action now is to cheer on the wonderful duel, but no one seems to have maintained this rare quiet aftertaste, which has just brought a shocking impact on the two martial arts duels.
The spirit royal bead defense gas mask was broken by the wind and covered in blood, and struggled to get up. His body was teetering as if it might fall at any time, but he stubbornly persisted. Even though his body was teetering, he still looked straight at the fan who had struggled for several times but failed.
"I won." Feng Yang said to himself with a small voice on his lips, but he knew that he could speak freely from his mouth.
A year ago, Fengyang told Fan Tong that if he didn’t kill him now, he might not be able to kill him. Two years later, Fengyang did it today.
Let the whole Feiyun Gate shake the peak. Only less than three years after the entry, the wind rose to the top of the list.
Fan Tongli stood up and looked up at Feng Yang. When he saw Feng Yang’s lips moved, he gave a sad smile. He abdicated before he was the first in the billboard. Maybe he is a respectable opponent.
"Win, Feng Yang wins."
The people in the war hall should come to their senses, cheering and hugging each other, laughing and jumping excitedly, laughing and laughing, and tears came out. Feng Yang was moved by persistence and persistence.
"He finally did it. He finally did it." Downing sobbed with Liu Manying and asked with tears. "Sister Liu Man, you said that the wind is getting stronger and stronger. Am I getting farther and farther away from him?"
"Maybe" LiuMan secretly glanced at Xi Yu with tears in his eyes and sighed gently, saying, "You bring them into love and you have to face all this with Tathagata, or you don’t care about all this?"
With the surprise and shouting of the people in the war hall, others also broke into a burst of wonder. I don’t know who took the lead in clapping, and immediately, like a tsunami, the cloud gate echoed for a long time, making everyone remember this sacred moment.
However, no one knew that this duel turned out to be a common practice. After a battle, things have changed.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
Suddenly, there was a sudden burst of crazy laughter in the sky, with the overbearing momentum that can be matched by galloping heaven and the magic that shocked people. When I heard this laugh, I didn’t hear a huge earthquake in my mind, like being struck by lightning, and I knelt down like I was worshipping something.
Six figures rose into the sky and instantly appeared in the main hall. The six old men looked very dignified, staring at the front thing nervously.
Qin Ning in the main hall square also has a dignified face.
It’s time to come, or not to come, or not to come.
This sudden arrival of six people surprised everyone in Feiyun Gate, except one deacon elder, Chen Zheng, whose five elders were unfamiliar faces.
"Tian Shan Lao Er, can you get ready for what the king wants?" There is a clear voice again. However, everyone still hasn’t found a figure around him who dares to call the old man of Feiyun Gate, and let Tian Shan’s temper show the overbearing place of the speaker.
"Maybe you will be satisfied." There is a mole between the eyebrows like the third eye, and Tian Shan, the master of Feiyun Gate, stared at the sky and said in a low voice.
"I hope so." Suddenly, a figure appeared in the main hall, and the central position of the six yuan days was commanding, looking at a group of human beings like ants.
The man is five feet seven inches tall, well-proportioned, handsome and extraordinary, and his gown flutters with the wind without losing his bohemian temperament.