It is absolutely amazing that such progress can be made in a whole month!

"Gufan, I really want to strangle you." One side Xin Nan was not willing to stare at these words immediately and cried with dissatisfaction.
"How do you feel that all five of us are useless when you say this?" Xiao Yun said with a wry smile that his expression seemed to be almost crying and then said, "You should strangle him, Nanjie. I absolutely have no problem with it."
"You have said this for at least the last time." Gufan got up from the ground and caught a glimpse of Xin Nan. He said funny, and immediately looked down at his legs and saw that the strength of his legs was already much stronger than before. So many times of persistent battles were hard to shake, and there was no such horrible injury before.
"The strength of legs has risen to this point, but it seems that it hasn’t reached the requirements of thousands of heavy legs. When is the head?" Gu Fan sighed lightly in his heart and then debuted. "Let’s start with aura and pranayama."
"Well, hurry up," Luo Fu also sat up and nodded. Then several people released the spirit force of the bound body and wandered around, and the fatigue caused by the body was rapidly recovering. Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Tianhong Lone Leaf.
Especially when the ancient aura was released from the abdomen, it instantly filled every corner of the body like a raging flash flood. The feeling of great strength made him want to moan. His body was extremely weak and almost instantly restored many refreshing feelings.
At this moment, Gu Fan just closed his eyes in vain and suddenly opened his eyes in shock and looked in one direction, where I didn’t know there was another person. A cold young man in white clothes was handsome and gave people a cold feeling, especially those eyes and thin lips, which made people feel cold at first glance.
Shocked and frightened, these two kinds of faces are instantly filled with ancient faces. Before the young man appeared, his powerful soul perception didn’t even notice that even if a living person was so close, he wouldn’t feel it at all. If this can make him not feel shocked?
Who is he? Will appear here? Almost everyone can feel the murderous look, and the disregard for everything seems to be like looking at a dead man. This feeling makes Gu Fan very uncomfortable.
"Who are you?" Gu Fangen didn’t think much about it, almost jumped up from the moment when he could react, and entered a state of ready to fight. The sword had already appeared in his hand, and he knew that this strange young man who suddenly appeared was definitely a master and an enemy or not!
And Luo Fu and others also heard that the ancient people woke up in an instant. When they saw the young people in white, they all broke out in a cold sweat. Therefore, they didn’t perceive a person’s breath before. How can they hide to this extent? It’s hard to detect when it’s in front of you? What a terrible person
I’m afraid they will be even more shocked if they know that if young people don’t automatically appear in ancient times, their proud and super-strong soul perception can’t perceive them.
"Indeed as expected enough vigilance" white youth light glanced at a few people eyes still fell on the ancient mortal body expression without any change is still as cold as if didn’t put the ancient mortal dint in general then says "you continue to wait"
"Friend, who are you? Close to what we want to do? " Luo Fu’s brow wrinkled up deeply. He could clearly feel the threat posed by the young man. Although I don’t know the specific strength of this strange young man, Luo Fu can intuitively determine that he is better than him and never weaker than him! He knew there might be trouble this time.
No fool will pass by here occasionally, because the young man gives people a feeling or the breath he gives off is full of cold murder.
"Gufan, you continue, I can wait for rest assured that strength prevails. I don’t like sneak attack." The white youth didn’t look at Louvre again, and his eyes kept falling. Gufan said indifferently again.
"Are you here for me?" Gufan’s face is also cold, and his mood is slowly calm.
"Someone asked me to kill you, so I’m here," said the young man in white.
"Who is so generous that he asked the killer to deal with me and chased me here?" Gufan’s face was even colder with a slight shock in his heart, and a few wires of rage flashed in his eyes. He never thought that someone would hire a murderer and he chased him to the dark forest.
But at the same time, he is very puzzled that no one knows anything about his coming here except the master and the good father. Can this guy know that he has come to the Dark Forest? And track him down accurately in this vast forest? This thing is so weird
The young man in white shook his head gently. Obviously, he couldn’t answer what Gufan said. Gufan didn’t ask anything again. His heart sank to the bottom. He knew that he was in trouble today. His intuition accurately told him that this guy was not what he could deal with now, and even his soul perception could be concealed. He was either too much stronger than him or had some kind of hidden hermetic skills.
"Since you’re here to kill me, it’s nothing to do with these people around me. I’ve only known them for a long time. Why don’t you leave them alone?"
Gu Fan took a deep breath and pointed his finger at Xin Nan. Several people said that Gu Fan thought he was not a good man and wanted someone to help him through this robbery. But everyone here except Luo Fu couldn’t help Xin Nan and Xiao Yunliu, who were in front of the white youth, were even more worthless. Gu Fan didn’t want these people who had some friendship with him and had nothing to do with it. He died.
"Since they all saw me, then none of them will get out of here alive. I’m not to be taunted by anyone behind you. I’m not stupid enough to let them get back at me." The young man shook his head and said that Xin Nan and others also hit the bottom directly.
Gufan didn’t fight for anything. He nodded gently. He knew that this young man was not a fool. If Xin Nan and others were really let go, if they told the ancient family what happened today, this young man would be retaliated crazily. Even if his background and strength are no matter how strong, I’m afraid he can resist the crazy ancient family!
"It seems that this brings trouble to you" GuFan turned to scan a Luo Fu several people some wry smile said.
"There is no need to say more about those words. This guy is stronger than me. Are you sure, Brother Gu Fan?" Luo Fu moved to Gufan’s side and said that the sound was extremely low.
"Not at all, but if we work together, there should be some vitality." Gufan gently shook his head and said that four people, including Xin Nan and Wang Da, also moved to Gufan’s side. Listening to the words, their faces were even more frightened and their hearts sank.
"At this point, things have been spelled. I don’t believe that this young man in white can be strong to that extent. The six of us will work together to beat him? !” Xue shuizhu sink a way
"What shall we do now?" Xiao Yun asked while watching the white youth warily, while the white youth looked at the whispering and several people did not change at all from "aftercare! Don’t worry about anything, first adjust the state and prepare for the death! " The ancient who gently spit out a few words a few people suddenly eyes a stare XinNan said "now? Adjust? Isn’t that sticking out your neck for him to cut? "