"I took this to find out how many impostors have replaced Dayan wealthy businessmen. Since Ning Wei is deeply trusted by the emperor, why don’t I invite you?" Ignore her blame Yan Liang direct way

After thinking about it, Ning Xiaoyue nodded "It’s all right" to investigate this matter, but it’s undeniably interesting.
"The emperor won’t let you leak it, so don’t tell others again. Maybe there is a traitor among us." Get up and watch the dark stars twinkle outside the lobby.
"Traitor? No? " Ning Xiaoyue frowns. Although she also thinks that there is a traitor, this hypothesis may be true, but she didn’t expect it to happen.
"I’ve been in this fog for a long time, surrounded by a mess, and I can’t find my head together, and my doubts go hand in hand." After all, there are some things that I haven’t figured out yet, and her doubts haven’t been solved.
"Well, I understand that it’s up to you to investigate how many fake wealthy businessmen there are in Dayan. Isn’t it said that they are far from the emperor? Then when shall we start? " If Ning Xiaoyue, who is away from the emperor, is interested.
"I’ll go to the punishments one day and we’ll set off." Presumably, the big guards are also investigating everywhere at this time. Wei Tiankuo was stimulated this time. He said that if he killed them all, it would be much more difficult to find the people behind them.
At this time, a figure appeared at the gate of the government, and he also saw the middleman in the front office and couldn’t help but step.
"Sister, are you back?" It is none other than the new moon, which has not been seen for nearly a month. It looks taller.
Yan’s cold face looked at him coming, and her eyes seemed to sweep him with a blade, which also scraped away some of his bravery.
Ningxiaoyue chuckled these days, but it’s very cool and no one can control him.
"Sister, when will you come back?" Walking into the hall, Shuo looked at Yan Liang’s big eyes and smiled like a crescent moon.
"Do you practice martial arts these days?" Looking at him, the cool breeze is still, and it looks really suffocating.
"I have practiced the official martial arts field every morning". It is reasonable to fill the last sentence and say that I am not a training place in the government like Zhong Ya and Zhong Mi.
"I don’t have time to see if your martial arts are improving. If you don’t make progress, you won’t try to beat me in this generation, and you are likely to suppress me alive." If you really want to resist, you need not only ideas but also strength
Why do you suddenly say that?
Ning Xiaoyue can’t help shaking his head slightly while watching. This little guy still lives in his own world.
"Go back to rest. Don’t forget to practice martial arts in recent days. When I come back again, I will see if you have made progress. If you make a breakthrough, you will be punished." The cool tone is like educating and intimidating young players
It would be a ghost if anyone could see the unmarried couple transferred.
"Sister, do you still have to go?" Finally understand the new moon and look at her path.
"Well" back to a single tone Yan Liang turned and walked to the front desk to sit.
New moon in situ wanted to think and then nodded away.
Ning Xiaoyue even gasped, "He will be good when you come back. When I heard that you were leaving, I was so excited that I probably laughed if I didn’t leave."
Yan Liang remained silent and sat in the main seat, staring at a motionless place.
Ning Xiaoyue looked over and thought, "Although the husband and wife are not like this, at least it’s good that New Moon is afraid of you and you are not worried about being bullied." This kind of comfort is not at all.
Yan Liang didn’t hear staring at the dark outside, and the twinkling stars seemed to see Weiyuan’s eyes.
The emperor in Guzhong is thousands of miles apart, and I don’t know what he is doing now. Although it is all the same night, the night in Guzhong is obviously more beautiful.
Take a deep breath. It’s really cold this winter.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, friends, remember to eat moon cakes. If they are not delicious, they should eat them. 11. Follow the same.
The winter of the new year will soon pass and spring will come.
Although the spring is chilly, it is already warm in the south. Wearing a thin dress will even make you sweat at noon.
Gancheng is not too big a city, not too far from leap city. Compared with this city, the population of the people is a bit large, but there are many fields in Gancheng and rape blossoms are planted every year. Most of the rapeseed oil comes from Gancheng.
At this time, if the rape blossoms bloom outside the city, it is how fresh the rape blossoms in Huang Cancan are.
There is the richest oil merchant in this city, which produces the best quality oil every year. Even Wei Tiankuo knows his name.
When the business of a restaurant in the city was still booming, many people came to eat at noon, and the whole restaurant was noisy at that time.
On the second floor, near the end of the corridor, there is a guest room with a big window and a warm wind blowing in from time to time, which makes it more comfortable to lie in bed and take a nap.
Ning Xiaoyue was lying there in a long red dress, and her body curve was very enchanting.
But she doesn’t seem to know it’s strange to lie down.
Suddenly, after the door was hit from the outside, Ning Xiaoyue heard it clearly without opening his eyes.
"I’m back. Did you jump again this time?" Ask NingXiaoYue a bit lazy with your eyes closed.
Yan Liang’s waist belt in a dark green dress is also ordinary, except that she is full of Shaqi, and she can tell what her identity is.
Yan Liang glanced at the lazy Ning Xiaoyue. "It seems that they are going to send the money away."
Open NingXiaoYue turn and sit up "really? So we can leave here? " It’s been nearly half a month since Gancheng came here. It was originally along the information of the great guards. They were investigating elsewhere, so they didn’t care about Yan Liang Ning Xiaoyue and came here from Qingyang City.
"It seems that I’m going to stare at you after a day’s fall. If you leave me, you can directly track your departure and leave a mark with me to find me." If you track all the way with NingXiaoYue, that’s absolutely impossible.
A wink NingXiaoYue nodded. "Remember to leave a clear mark and don’t be too secretive, otherwise I will get lost." I know what my kung fu is like, and NingXiaoYue doesn’t force myself, otherwise it may drag Yan Liang down.
"Two months away from the emperor, except for some gains in Qingyang City, this is the only bigger gain. If you can’t screw up this road, all the clues will be broken." And Yan Liang thinks that this clue in Gancheng is very important
Ning Xiaoyue nodded. "I know that the real Qingyang City has gained a lot. If we hadn’t investigated the fake rice merchant, who would have known that he was an impostor and the statue had rotted into a pool of mud?"
"This oil dealer doesn’t look real either, but this stall is really big and there are some more important clues related to him. We can’t let him die for the time being." We need to keep it and follow it.
"Big guards don’t necessarily think so. They are ordered by the emperor to kill or kill." Ningxiaoyue shrugged his shoulders. The gang strictly carried out the orders and wouldn’t care about any clues.