Because of this, her body stopped and she didn’t fly directly.

Shaking her shoulders, she jumped over again, just pushing her hand with a vigorous hand, and she was numb to the whole arm in an instant.
Turning over, she knelt on her knees accurately. The man’s shoulders and arms were wrapped around his neck.
This is an opportunity, Weiyuan Xiaoli. How can you not understand that tandem has become a sword, and one thousand percent of the strength has quickly penetrated his chest?
Two hands went through his chest on both sides, full of blood, but this time it succeeded.
There was a pause for a second, and the man suddenly roared with strength, and three people were shocked out at the same time.
Slamming the other side of the room, Yan Liang slipped uncontrollably along the eaves, and when she finally hit the ground, she supported the ground with one hand so as not to turn herself into a dog to eat shit.
Turning over and lying there, she hurts everywhere, especially the arm that she just crossed with him, as if the bones were broken.
With a rockery next to the garden, it was still killing around, but she turned around and walked around the big house towards the front yard without looking.
The front yard is still fighting, but there are still three dolls in red jumping. Almost everyone else is dead.
Weiyuan’s clothes are covered with blood. Xiaoli is pale and has some blood on her mouth. But at this moment, neither of them seems to care about these two people. They look at the man who fell from the roof. He is dead.
Yan Liang came over and stared at the man, although she never said a word to him, but she believed that he must be surnamed Liang.
She doesn’t know how magical this Liang family is, but it is much more magical than imagination.
The three men remained silent for a while, except for those fighting, and everything seemed to be still.
Although I don’t know what mood they are in, it must be easy to get revenge.
Weiyuan slowly turned around, and his hanging arm was trembling, but it was blocked by the sleeve.
However, after Weiyuan turned around, his body suddenly fell to one side, and Xiaoli suddenly knelt down and one mouthful blood gushed out of his mouth.
Yan Liang moved to pick up Weiyuan. He smashed her body, but also brought her down. Both of them smashed the ground.
Lying on the ground, Yan Liang’s eyes were black and holding the person who hit her "Weiyuan?"
"Well," he didn’t lose consciousness, but he couldn’t hold on.
"I don’t feel right, the ground seems to move." The feeling of sticking my back to the ground is also clear, and it seems to be trapped.
Weiyuan raised his body with his arm, looked up and took a look, and then got up a little harder and dragged Yan Liang up.
"It’s really moving." Wei Yuan was pale and covered in blood, not others but himself.
Look at Xiao Li. He knelt there panting. He can’t do it either.
Weiyuan changed hands and dragged Xiaoli up, but he seemed to have a lot of trouble with a simple move.
"Withdraw" three people helped each other to evacuate the manor and at the same time gave orders to Gaopo trumpeter to retreat.
The horn sounded, and this time it was a retreat signal. Although there were still three red dolls entangled, the three of them were obviously not able to do it.
The soldiers and horses retreated, and at this moment, everyone discovered that half of the manor had entered the water.
It’s dangerous for Gaopo buglers to see clearly that those lakes are spreading and swallowing up little by little, but they can’t blow the horn without a signal.
The retreat of three people is not a vain step. One person stumbled and the other two fell.
Behind him, the guards moved quickly to pick up three people and rushed to the high slope at an extremely fast speed.
Sit and turn to look at the bodies on the ground. See clearly here. Many of them have been swallowed up by the lake.
At present, it was dark and Yan Liang stared at the face and looked at the man’s body being swallowed up by the lake. She felt nothing.