Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief. The other person is only twenty years old, so it is really no problem for him to be her brother. Moreover, he likes this little girl very much. It is not easy for her to maintain this simplicity and innocence at the age of twenty. This society is a dirty vat, and almost everyone who enters the society has been corroded.

The doll is really an anomaly. She keeps a pure heart like a 12-year-old girl. She never doubts that others will be malicious because she has never seen the ugly side of human beings.
"Well, I’m glad to have a sister like you. What’s your name?" Ye Qing typing asked
When Dong Laoer saw Ye Qing’s real doll as a sister, he immediately turned his head and looked at Ye Qing very seriously. "Boss, I decided not to call you boss?"
"What do you want to call me? Brother? " Leaf tilt asked curiously.
"It’s not that I want to call you big uncle!"
"get out! Don’t think about dolls. You already have Zhao Junzhu. Have you forgotten what you said to me that day? " Ye Qing eyes looked at Dong Laoer sharply.
Dong Laoer immediately hung his head like a deflated ball and said with strength, "Of course I haven’t forgotten that I’m just kidding … I have enough bamboo!"
"Just remember!" Ye Qing firmly tunnel
Zhao Xiayang saw that Dong Laoer was out, and suddenly he leaned in with a smile. "Big Uncle, I am single and I am the most single-minded. If you like someone, you will like a generation. Please leave your sister to me to take care of it. I will protect her for the rest of my life and not let her suffer any injustice!"
"Go to hell! Dare you say that you have never been in love before? " Ye Qing looked at Zhao Xiayang with disdain.
Zhao Xiayang hesitated for a while and finally answered honestly, "I talked twice. What’s the matter? Can’t people who have been in love pursue new happiness? "
"Didn’t you say you are the most single-minded? If you like a person, you will like a generation. So what didn’t you like about their generation when you were in love twice before? Isn’t this a contradiction? " Ye Qing is very impolitely asks.
Zhao Xiayang thought for a moment that his thinking was quite active and his reaction was quick. "Is that because I didn’t like what they did before we broke up?"
"I don’t like them. Why should I stay with them?"
"I liked them when I was together, but later I found out that it wasn’t. It was an illusion. Are you white?" Zhao Xiayang quibbled that Ye Qingyi shook his head and ignored him. Then he saw the words typed by the doll.
"Brother, my name is Wen Ya. You can call me Xiaoya or doll!"
Ye Qing felt that the doll’s name was very good, and an elegant word suddenly made people feel a literary atmosphere. Wen Ya was similar to the elegant sound, which made people feel that the owner of this name must be very literary.
Chapter 522 Don’t accept my brother
Ye Qing has a sister who is in a good mood. He is an only child and has been playing alone since childhood. He once envied others who have younger brothers and sisters. He once wanted to have a younger brother or sister so that he could play with her and protect her.
Now that Wen Ya is a younger sister, Ye Qing has a feeling of having more relatives. He hurriedly typed, "I’d better call you Xiaoya. Is your captain called Qingqing?"
Wen Ya saw Ye Qing’s questioning and turned to look at Qingqing and asked if she would allow herself to tell Ye Qing that Qingqing nodded with a smile. I couldn’t help but feel that Wen Ya was very clever to know that she knew her brother, so that the two teams would not be closer.
What Qingqing wants to do most now is that Yuzryha pointed out that she was embarrassed before her ak marksmanship. Now Ye Qing has become Wen Ya’s brother and she is Wen Ya’s sister, which means that she and Ye Qing have become brothers and sisters. She is two years older than Wenya and must be smaller than Ye Qing, so Ye Qing is also her brother.
When my sister asks my brother for advice on marksmanship, surely my brother won’t refuse? Qingqing can’t help thinking like this, but he can’t help smiling at the corners of his mouth.
Wenya saw Qingqing nod and immediately typed and told herself that she had just recognized her brother. "Yes, our captain is Qingqing’s elder sister and brother. Why do you ask this?"
"I really appreciate her ak playing well and her defense is well arranged. She has great potential!" Ye Qing responded.
Qing Qing finally couldn’t help typing when she saw Ye Qing typing. "I’m here. Just talk to me directly. Don’t’ she, she, she’ feel as awkward as if I wasn’t there!"
"Ha ha, yes, I can just talk to you directly. My brain is short-circuited!" Leaf inclined typing way with a smile
Qingqing couldn’t help laughing. She thought Ye Qing was really an interesting person. She immediately typed again, "Hey, what’s your name? I admire your marksmanship and posture too much. Can you teach me? "
"This kind of thing can be understood and practiced by yourself. I can’t teach it. You can give you some skills, that is, just give me directions. My name is Ye Qing. If I am bigger than you, you can call me Ye Ge. If I am younger than you, you can call me Xiaoye." Ye Qing replied.
"Yes, yes, yes, yes. I’m right. Xiaoya is really a good man, but I don’t know your age yet. How can I know if you are older or younger than me?"
"I just graduated from college less than a year ago, and I am 24 years old." Ye Qing is very honest and tunnel. He never mind telling others his real age. He thinks there is nothing to hide. He needs to be act young in front of people or play mature. Only a woman needs to hide his age.
Qing Qing was very happy when she saw Ye Qing’s words. It turns out that Ye Qing is two years older than her, so she can call him brother like Xiaoya. It feels very good to have a brother. If you have any grievances, you can tell him that he will help himself. His tall body will always be in front of him to protect himself from the wind and rain.
The elder brother’s having a brother is equivalent to having an extra father. He will do a lot of things that you can, and regrets that Qingqing hurriedly typed to Ye Qing. "Then I should call you Ye Ge, but I feel that this is not friendly enough. Can I just call you Brother like Xiaoya?"
Ye Qing felt that he had no reason to refuse Qingqing and replied, "Yes, it’s my pleasure to have a sister like you."
Qing Qing was so happy that her face was full of joy. She quickly typed and shouted, "Brother, when will you show me the marksmanship and posture?"
Ding-ding saw Wen Ya and Qing Qing both recognized Ye Qing as their brother, and immediately they were psychologically unbalanced. "You have recognized two sisters, and this one is not much for me, right? I want to be your sister, too. Can I be younger than your brother? "
Ye Qing saw two girls typing words and didn’t know which one to answer first, so she answered them together. "Qingqing, I can tell you a few skills now, and then you can practice ding-ding yourself. I don’t mind having one more sister!"
Qing Qing and Ding Ding were very happy when they saw the words typed by Ye Qing. They felt that they had gained too much today. After watching the whole process of recognition in winter and winter, they couldn’t help but be very jealous of Ye Qing, who accepted the three sisters together so easily. Although it’s just to recognize their sisters, who knows what will happen in the future? Anyway, it is also very possible that there is no blood relationship to develop into a loving sister.
Wen Ya clapped his hands with joy and smiled brightly. "Great! We will be even closer after all three of us have the same brother!"
The wind and the wind are still wanting to talk. He always wanted to interrupt for a long time, but he was embarrassed to see Wen Ya so happy. He finally couldn’t help but say to Wen Ya, "Xiaoya, can you tell your brother about letting me be his brother?"
Dongdong smell speech suddenly "poof" almost spit it out. He usually can’t stand the wind and women’s guns. I can’t think that this guy can make such a request. The captain of the club obviously recognized how it is possible for a younger sister to accept a man as a younger brother. This man is still a woman’s gun.
Qing Qing and Ding Ding were both stupefied at the wind. Obviously, they didn’t expect the wind to make such a request. Wen Ya had some difficulty pursed his lips and thought about it. Then he said to the wind tunnel, "Let me ask for you. I don’t know if my brother wants to."
The wind immediately smiled and said, "Yes, Xiaoya, thank you!"
Wen Ya waved his hand and typed to Ye Qing. "Brother, our team sniper wind also wants to recognize you as a brother. Do you think so?"
Ye Qing saw Wen Ya typing words and frowned. According to this trend, the whole team will recognize him as a brother, right? Dong Laoer was worried that Ye Qing would be soft-hearted and promised to come, so he immediately said to Ye Qing, "Boss, don’t promise that that guy may be a man. Do you still want to accept your brother?"
"Why? Can’t I accept my brother? Are you jealous? Aren’t you my brother? " Ye Qing jokingly looked at Dong Laoer Tao Dong Laoer immediately followed by righteous words tunnel "I am your brother! Can brothers take whatever they want? You don’t know him or what kind of person he is! "
"That’s right, but I’ve accepted three sisters. How can I refuse him? When people will say that I accept them as sisters because they are women, I will not accept them as men. This shows how vulgar I am! " Ye Qing is very difficult to tunnel
Dong Laoer felt that Ye Qing made a lot of sense. At that time, he couldn’t think of any good excuse to refuse. He couldn’t help but fall into deep sorrow. Zhao Xiayang laughed. "It’s hard for you to say that when you were a child, you had a lot of younger brothers at home, but you didn’t have any younger sisters."
"It’s cruel to say that! Can you think of a reason not to hurt people! " Ye Qing is very authentic
Thomas rolled his blue eyes round and round and grinned. "I have a way to be bitter. Just say that you had a younger brother before. You had a very good relationship, but then your brother died in an accident. From then on, you vowed to recognize him as a younger brother and never recognize anyone else as a younger brother again."
"Holy shit, Thomas, you can be a fucking screenwriter. What an imagination!" Dong Laoer is very impressed by the tunnel. He thinks he can’t think of the reason for this style.
"I’m kidding. I used to be a serious actor. If I play too many plays, I will naturally make up the play!" Thomas is very proud tunnel
Ye Qing shook his head with a wry smile and felt that Thomas’s reason was too fantastic and had no credibility at all. When he was around, Qingqing came out and he was relieved.
Qing Qing knew that Ye Qing must be very difficult when he saw Ye Qing’s reply all the time, so he typed to Ye Qing and said, "My brother is willing to accept our three undeserving sisters, and they are already very generous. If you ignore Xiao Feng, he is just joining in the fun!"
After typing, Qingqing immediately turned to look at the wind and comforted, "Xiao Feng, don’t make it difficult for our brother. What are you doing to let people recognize so many brothers and sisters? Besides, you don’t have a brother. Aren’t you the third? It’s not enough to have two brothers at home?"
The wind and the wind were suddenly depressed to the extreme when Qingqing said this. He was weak by nature and dared not refute Qingqing’s words. "Well, I’ll not be his brother."
"This is good!" Qingqing smiled, saying that her voice just fell and she saw another line on the screen, which was typed by Ye Qing.
"It’s not that I don’t want to accept him, it’s that I don’t think it’s necessary. I have promised to train with you. I don’t want you to recognize my brother. If you have any questions, I will answer them with all my heart and I will never hold back."
Ye Qing and others were very moved by Ye Qing’s words. They felt that there were very few people like Ye Qing now, especially among professional players. Now the competition is so fierce, who would cultivate an opponent for themselves to add trouble to themselves?
Most people will choose to kill their opponents in the cradle and never share their precious experience with others. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and step on everyone’s head. This kind of public and private nature naturally makes Qingqing deeply moved by them.
Chapter 523 Effect after giving directions
Smile to Warm I The second game of the club turned out to be a recognition meeting, and Ye Qing became a hot property. Smile to warm people, everyone wants to recognize Ye Qing as a brother except in winter and winter, and finally Ye Qing recognized Qingqing and other three sisters instead of collecting wind as a brother.
The wind was very disappointed and his mood became depressed, but he wouldn’t express his unhappiness. He was always weak and always longed for protection. He thought Ye Qing was very strong and wanted to be Ye Qing’s younger brother, but he always felt a little cold when he was a big man and recognized his brother.
Dongdong witnessed the whole process of the recognition meeting, and he felt ridiculous and talked very much. He was not interested in climbing friendship with professional teams, but he was a little unhappy because he liked two sisters and was likely to be captured by the other person, and then nothing would happen to him.
Qingqing is the captain of the team, and everything is dominated by her. There is no way to say anything against it, but to look on.
Soon Ye Qing told Qingqing some skills to make ak47 by typing, and at the same time told her how to practice, just like teaching Nalan with all my heart.
Qingqing benefited a lot from listening to Ye Qing’s words. At the same time, she was very grateful and excited. She immediately told Ye Qing something to practice. Ye Qing could understand Qingqing’s mood, because he was in the same mood after receiving K’s advice. He couldn’t wait to practice, because only practice can make true knowledge.
Qingqing urged Ye Qing and them to continue the competition. She wanted to practice in the competition, but Ye Qing was not in a hurry. He still had one question, such as what the real names of Qingqing and Ding Ding were. Now he knows that the doll among the three sisters is Wen Ya.
Qingqing felt that since she had recognized Ye Qing as her brother, there was no need to tell him her real name. After all, people also told her real name, so she told Ye Qing her name and Ding Ding’s name. Originally, her name was Qu Qinghe, and Ding Ding called Li Wanqing.