After promising Haibang specialty food and snacks, Ellie finally agreed to stay in the temple honestly, so Nolon changed into a black civilian linen cloth and took out a smiling face mask that had already been prepared and walked to the harpoon hotel owner.

"As usual, and now it is the tourist season, you have to double the price, you know?" Looking at Nolon, who is wearing a mask and is two meters tall, the boss said to him condescendingly.
Tink-Tink-Tink put four gold coins already prepared in front of the boss in his right hand. The boss nodded and put away the gold coins. He kept wiping the harpoon in his hand. He took out a copper key and purple crystal from the drawer and took Noron to the hotel room.
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Chapter 43 Auction House (1)
In fact, the innkeeper’s excellent harpoon also wants you to catch a black shark named’ Black Cat’ with six cat whiskers on its mouth, and then bring it back to the innkeeper alive, and you can get this harpoon and the harpoon for a year’s stay in the hotel.
But this is very troublesome, because the’ black cat’ will swim around and hunt, and it will take a lot of time to find its trace. Now it is not the time when Nolon just entered the game. This harpoon has less than 60 excellent attack power, and Nolon has lost sight and has not talked to the boss to trigger this.
Following the boss into the basement, Nolon went to the magic circle in the basement. The purple crystal in the boss’s hand was set in the corner of the magic circle. After about a minute, the magic circle was started. With a lavender light, Nolon disappeared into the room of the Harpoon Hotel.
The hotel owner watched Nolon leave the basement silently and locked the door with the huge brass key.
"Cut another veteran"
"Go away, go away, be an old hand, there’s nothing to see."
When Nolon sent it to the auction house, the first thing he saw was that several people around the array showed disappointed eyes.
"Ha ha" Nolon chuckled. This is the practice of local auction houses. Since it is a local auction house, it will naturally be shady. Many people here will wear black clothes and masks.
But every time there will always be a few stupid novices who will enter the auction house without covering anything. At this time, these old oil will explain the harm of not covering up and sell their black robes and masks-of course, the price is definitely much more expensive than outside.
But since everyone has already spent two gold coins, they won’t care about spending one more gold coin, will they?
These people all sighed with disappointment when they watched Nolon bring his own masks and clothes. But after Nolon walked out of the large-scale sending ceremony, there were still several special newcomers who introduced’ acquaintances’. The middleman wanted to make a fortune from Nolon, but Nolon waved and stopped him. "Sorry, I’m here to see old Tonk."
Well, this is really an old hand, not a cautious newcomer, and a few people still lament that they have left Nolon.
Nolon, an auction house located in Haibang, Utopia Alliance, has been here more than once. Naturally, there is a map in my mind. Nolon turned several times towards the map instructions. He came to a shack called Tanker Shop.
Old Tangke is a wizard with lv12 fire goblins in his fifties, but he prefers the business of businessmen to the profession of wizards. The followers of the goddess of wealth watched Nolon walk to the door of his shop and old Tangke came over smiling.
"Oh, there are guests coming. What would you like? Tangke store has everything … "
"It is to make you pay enough gold coins, right?" The mask Nolon looked at the old Tang Ke with a warm smile in front of him and felt a little disgusted. Compared with the goblins in the brain, the goblins in reality looked even shorter and uglier. No wonder in the game, there were few people who heard about goblins marrying foreigners. This is really ugly for goblins. Other races can’t watch it!
But it’s good that Nolon hates himself to know. Anyway, he doesn’t often associate with goblins. It’s a trivial matter. He glanced at the counter of the old Tang Kekuang. Nolon took out the props that he didn’t need from the tattoo and left them on the counter.
"Old Tanker, please estimate the price of these things, but don’t estimate them too low?"
The old goblin patted his chest vigorously and said in an exaggerated tone, "How is it possible that everyone in the auction house doesn’t know that old Tang Ke is cheap and I never dare to go to cheat people? Otherwise, there would be no repeat customers like you, right?"
"Well, your’ Tangke Store’ is really better than other stores in the local auction house, but you have never been to cheat people," Nolon said to him with a smile. "I don’t know who actually sold an ordinary magic crystal to others as a sapphire when it was painted blue?"
"Ahem, there are a lot of these things. Let’s evaluate them!" It was said that Tang Ke’s face turned red. At first, although the man who bought the magic crystal as a sapphire didn’t ask him for compensation, two days later, he was beaten by several masked men in the store, which made other shop owners laugh.
But dare to retaliate against the characters in the auction house covered by several gods? Is it that an old goblin can provoke him? I was beaten silently by an old goblin and went home to recuperate for two days before I continued to set up my own shop, but then I dared to bargain and never cheat others again.
What, you ask this? How did Nolon know? Because there is a man called’ revenge for beating a black-hearted businessman’ and Nolon had three game characters do this!
After waiting for nearly half an hour, the old Tang Kecai finished testing these things. He wiped his head and sweated out two fingers.
Nolon shook his head and held out four fingers.
Then there was a burst of rhetoric, and it was difficult for auction houses to be safe. Some people were jealous of the big deal after hearing it, so as to prevent the walls from having ears. Unless it was a big auction, people would accept gestures or words to bargain.
In the end, Nuolong sold these props at a price of 30,000 gold coins. This sum of money can probably earn about 10,000 gold coins, but I hope that after his hand, he will not be sought by the dietra family!
It’s normal for a black market businessman to receive some stolen goods. Otherwise, how could Nolon sell these things at such a low price? It’s not the right way! Afraid of the old Tang Ke, I never imagined that these things would be snatched by Nuolong from two dietra family elders.
After selling something, it’s almost time. Then it’s the highlight of the local auction house-the auction.
In fact, although it is called the auction house, many nobles and businessmen in many countries know about it. Because the auction house of Utopia Alliance is the largest slave market in the eastern continent, tens of thousands of slaves are bought here every year.
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Chapter 44 Auction House (2)
Slaves are regarded as followers in the game.
In the latest expansion of "Plane", players will start the follower option to recruit followers after completing the fortress at all levels.
General followers have their own complicated followers, and players can gain his loyalty by completing this chain.
But for some players who don’t want to be local tyrants, there is a simpler and faster way to get followers-buying slaves at local auction houses.
Generally speaking, there are ordinary lv15 advanced lv15 followers sold in auction houses, but sometimes there are surprises, such as defeated generals, senior monster eggs, or princess of national subjugation.
Although the price of the follower of the princess of national subjugation is less than that of the defeated general lv2, there are cute girls in the game. Every day, besides dancing with your love, you are also asked to give her delicious food and pendants from time to time. It is a model that local players raise followers. Pet game companies specially use it to pit money.
Since we want to help Ellie develop her followers, we must control a large number of professionals. It is a very good choice to choose excellent professionals from slaves and let them leave slavery and join Alice Philo.
Once a professional becomes a slave, he will lose the care of the gods, that is, the tattoo of the gods. In addition, he will be out of control of his own will and controlled by his master. If Nolon buys them at this time and is willing to set them free, but at the cost of becoming a professional, I believe that no slave will refuse such a good thing
The slave contract of advanced professionals does not have a magic treaty like ordinary people, but a sign with divine power that will appear on the forehead tattoo. If it is not a sign that the owner is willing to set him free, it can only be removed by a god or a demigod.
The master can make this sign with spiritual magic to drive his slave without worrying that he won’t listen to the command, but this sign needs energy. If you forget to recharge it, don’t blame your slave for escaping!
In addition, there are no slaves in the auction, and there are some other rare things, such as the secrets of a certain family, or the eggs of Warcraft obtained by improper means, and even the news of gods.
However, it is necessary for buyers to carefully distinguish whether these things are true or not. After all, it is normal for local auction houses to have one or two things out of ten, isn’t it?
This time, Nolon is aiming at the slaves with good strength to get rid of the reserved 20,000 gold coins. Nolon himself took them from two elders of the dietra family and just got 400,000 gold coins from the old Tang Ke, so he should be able to buy two advanced professional slaves around lv15.
Bang” bang” bang’
Three monotonous colorful fireworks bloomed in the distant night, illuminating the Nuolong mask.
"Is there an auction?" Nolon put the stone egg in his hand and turned to leave the stall in front of him.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, Watching Nolon turn away from the winged orc boss hurriedly let go.
When Nolon left the old Tanker store just now, the auction had not been held, so Nolon wandered around the auction house and planned to explore it himself to pick up some leaks.
But it’s not that you dare to set up a stall in a local auction house. Nolon, an idiot, didn’t find a few treasures missing along the way. On the contrary, Nolon saw many good things, such as half of the magic crystal coated with a layer of silver, which has the effect of breaking the magic. Yin Hui swords sell iron swords and are endowed with various epic stories, but there are rare weapons.
(props and equipment level is ordinary-rare-excellent-epic-strange-said)
After seeing a street, Nolon turned a corner and walked on to a street. I can’t believe that I haven’t found a leak tonight, but he saw it in a roadside stall not long after he left. It should be the mysterious stone egg that devours itself.
Unexpectedly, the stall owner is actually a winged orc. The orc and Utopia Alliance are separated by an empire of Mai Laviron origin, and they are not friendly to each other. I don’t know how this orc came to Utopia Alliance instead of the orc’s own auction house to set up a stall.
But that’s not what Nolon did. He silently bowed his head and scanned the orc stall.
In addition to this stone egg, there are several other things in the stall, namely a rare dagger, a bell that can resist spiritual magic once, a ring that can release fear twice after charging, and a dirty thing that should be a treasure map.
Looking at Nuolong approaching this winged male orc, he smiled like a philistine. "Boss, look, I have all these good things here."
Nolon nodded noncommittally and looked at the price of the bell and the ring. Well, although it was a little more expensive than in a regular store, it was all real goods. Then Nolon looked at the treasure map again and found that he couldn’t understand what the picture was, so he focused on exploration.
Dirty treasure map (lv1)