"good!" Everyone snorted and turned their heads to one side, and Dong Laoer thought about it and came up with a question. He asked, "Boss, what if we don’t make it to the semi-finals?"

"Hum! If you can’t make it to the semi-finals, I don’t think it’s necessary for this team. I’ll dissolve the team then. If Mr. Wu doesn’t agree, I’ll withdraw my capital even if there is a loss. "It’s obvious that Damei has made up her mind to develop the team. If it’s not, she would rather withdraw her capital."
Everyone can’t help but feel a clot when they hear the news. If the team is dissolved, what should they do? It seems unlikely that they want to join the rest of the professional teams now. Maybe there will be those weak teams who want them, but it’s hard to say whether they can play the main force or not, and those weak teams will definitely not have the training environment now.
After playing games for a long time, professional players will no longer want to go out to find a work class. Although playing games is also in class, it is much more interesting than other jobs. If they lose their jobs, it is estimated that their livelihood will become a problem. It is not uncommon for some professional players to make enough money before retiring and lead a rather miserable life after retiring.
Even if Dami doesn’t disband the team, she will immediately return to the pre-liberation conditions overnight. They can’t afford the high office rent to maintain this super-fast network speed. Mr. Wu is already a spent force, and it won’t last long. In the end, the team will have to be disbanded.
Cheer up in cold blood and then twist a head to say to everyone, "Brothers, what do you think? This game depends on the team’s life and death, so we should not be afraid any more. We can definitely reach the semi-finals together, not just the semi-finals. We must have a desire for the championship in our hearts, so that we can go further."
"The captain is right! Come on, everyone! " Love immediately chimed in, and the others nodded. Honey was very pleased to see this scene and nodded, "This is what I want to see. I believe you can do it."
"When is the big boss in this competition?" Dong Laoer asked Dami and smiled. "I have signed up for the game for you. You can also prepare for it today and tomorrow the day after tomorrow. Don’t practice alone with the team these two days. Practice a tactic to adapt to a team game, and be ready at any time. You may be sent to the game at the critical moment, okay?"
Ye Qing smell speech was very surprised. I didn’t expect big honey to let him train with the team, but also said that when playing the game, he might send him to see big honey’s seriousness. It’s not good for him to be a naysayer again. "So I belong to the team trump card?" Only when there is a key moment will you appear? "
"Ace? I’m just holding a dead horse as a living horse doctor. I’m just sending you to try your luck when the team is in a desperate situation. Don’t think too highly of your status! Find out that you are a substitute! " Big honey just doesn’t like Ye Qing’s natural appearance and can’t help but want to hit him.
"Whatever you say, anyway, I think people who appear at key moments are generally important people. This is the eternal rule of all movies and all anime stories. What’s wrong with the substitute? A sweeping monk in Tianlong Department is still a natural enemy! The most inconspicuous role is often the most powerful, understand? " Leaf tilt is very show off in an ostentatious manner tunnel
"Boss, your eloquence is really amazing. You see that the boss is speechless. I think my tongue is much more agile after I follow you!" Dong Lao Er looked at Ye Qing in reverence at Ye Qing Dao, and he really saw that Da Mi was very depressed because he was obviously intent on fighting back but couldn’t find words.
Coach Zhang didn’t find a chance to speak until now. He has the absolute right to speak in the team. It’s up to him to decide when to change players in the live game. He said to Ye Qing, "Now that Dami has spoken, you will train with the team later. In fact, I have the same opinion as Dami. If the team is in a desperate situation, I will send you to the Champions League. You have played a big role in the key moment and the team has successfully reached the second round. You are our team’s Mr. Key, so you should train well in these two days. Dami and I are very much looking forward to your performance in this
Ye Qing took a look at Da Mi and found that Da Mi was also looking at him. After he felt his eyes, Da Mi unconsciously flew up with a touch of hongxia, and then moved his eyes to other places. Ye Qing didn’t know what suddenly felt that Da Mi had been helping himself in the dark, but it was hard to hear what he said. He also realized it.
I have never thought about it carefully before, and I always feel that Dami is deliberately messing with him. Now he thinks about it carefully. When he is a substitute, he is very free. The marksmanship has improved very fast, and the team has participated in the competition. Dami has asked him to train with the team at any time. Obviously, he is training him step by step. Suddenly he feels that his attitude towards Dami is a bit excessive, but he really doesn’t like this character of Dami. The girl doesn’t want to change his attitude. He doesn’t want Dami to continue to like him.
"Don’t worry, coach, I won’t let you down." Ye Qing told coach Zhang that he and Dami were both looking forward to his performance in this competition, but he hired coach Zhang and there was no Dami at all, which made Dami feel good?
Coach Zhang also felt a little embarrassed. He nodded hastily and stopped talking. Honey snorted and got up. "This meeting is over. I hope everyone will do their job and make full preparations for this competition. I wish you all an excellent result here! Meeting! "
With that, Big Honey left alone, and the others got up and walked out of the conference room one after another. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer walked at the back. Dong Laoer said to Ye Qing, "Boss, do you see?"
"What?" Leaf tilt is very confused and asked.
"Big boss is deliberately training you to hear coach Zhang say no, you are our team key! In fact, it is equivalent to a trump card, which means that the big boss actually attaches great importance to you. Before that, she also told me that it is hello to let you be a substitute. "Dong Laoer’s expression is ambiguous tunnel.
Leaves in love with big honey can’t help but be grateful, but the mouth says, "Mr. Fart, I will become a key because I have my own strength, okay?" When I was in the Champions League, Big Honey didn’t invest in our team. It’s not a problem for me to play the main force, and coach Zhang also said that I should play the main force at that time. As a result, that guy Big Honey invested in me and demoted me as a substitute. Is that good for me? "
Dong Laoer sighed and said, "Boss, don’t pretend with me. In fact, you know very well that you just don’t want to admit it. I bet you don’t like Da Mi’s deliberate intention to act like an enemy with her, right?"
"I depend on the second when did you become so smart? Why don’t you keep your popularity? You’re just a well, and it’s all two anyway! Train well, smelly little! " Leaf tilt is very uncomfortable tunnel is obviously because Dong Laoer saw through his mind.
Dong Laoer haha laughed. "Training is the boss. I have to wake you up. This method is unreliable. If you don’t like her, just make it clear to her, otherwise her personality will probably haunt you all the time. You know how overbearing she is."
Ye Qing’s smell speech suddenly became silent. Yes, honey, this guy has always been so overbearing. Just as she decided in the meeting room just now, she asked the team to reach the semi-finals, so she had to do it. If she couldn’t, she would rather dissolve the team or divest Dong Laoer. You are right. You really should find a chance to make it clear to her in vain.
Chapter 15 Rainstorm Night
After Dami announced that the team would participate in the Bashu competitive game competition, everyone in Club I trained hard for two consecutive nights, and the training ended at ten o’clock in the evening. Ye Qing, the substitute, also practiced tactics with the team, but he still retained his strength during the training, which made people unable to see the effect of single training during this period.
Ye Qing intends to play like a savior when the team is desperate and then show the strength of the department to surprise everyone. He likes this kind of finale appearance very much, just like he did in Julong Internet Cafe. He always waits until his teammates are almost dead before he goes out from the base to clean up the mess and enjoy the high-profile treatment.
After two days of intensive training, everyone in the club felt very tired. Honey told them to take a good rest after returning home, and they must participate in the competition in high spirits. Winning the first round of the competition is conducive to building everyone’s confidence.
When the players came out of the training room, they yawned one by one. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer walked at the back. Honey just came out of the office and saw Ye Qing and Dong Laoer after she opened the door, so she gently shouted Ye Qingyi.
Ye Qing looked back at her and said, "What can I do for you?"
"Can we talk alone?" Big honey’s eyes sincerely looked at Ye Qing without a trace of fireworks and her usual domineering tone.
Leaf tilting is trying to refuse dong middle child bumped into his low tunnel "eldest brother didn’t you say you want to find a chance to make it clear to her? Isn’t this a chance for you to chat slowly and I’ll go back first? "Dong Laoer said and patted him on the shoulder and left quickly.
Ye Qing nai looked at big honey and said, "Let’s talk about it."
Big honey came and said, "Let’s walk and talk."
Two people walked out of the club gate side by side, and then big honey locked the door. They entered the ladder together. In the ladder, neither of them spoke until they got out of the ladder and walked out of the fortune center building. Big honey broke the silence. "Ye Qing seems to have never walked together like this since we met."
"I have something to say and I haven’t pulled something." Ye Qing is a little impatient. He is not interested in walking with Da Mi now.
Dami’s attitude towards him is used to it, but it’s strange that she is inclined to the front. If she talks to her in this tone, she would have been angry, but today she is not angry at all. She reveals a quiet smile. "Should we make a transition before starting a topic?" Don’t you think it’s interesting to go straight to the point? "
Ye Qing looked at her smiling face a little puzzling. Is this girl still a big honey? Are you possessed by someone who crosses over? He shook his head and said, "As far as I know, most people start a topic from the weather, for example, the moon is really round tonight … for example, the moon is bright and the stars are thin tonight … for example, it is dark and windy tonight."
"That’s most people. Can’t I just be different?" Big honey pursed her lips and said, Ye Qing shrugged her shoulders. "Ok, you really have a different temperament."
"Is Ye Qing a girl’s temper too hot to be liked?"
"That’s not necessarily true. Some people might like it to death, but I don’t like it."
"Oh, you like gentle girls?"
"That’s right!"
"Like I am now?" Big honey hand dialed the tip of her hair to make a charming move.
"You’re faking it. Let’s get down to business. What do you want to talk to me about?" Ye Qing shifted his eyes and his tone was plain. Big Honey felt that he had some waves and couldn’t help but hum a word. Then he said, "It’s still a competition. I attach great importance to this competition. I really hope that our team can achieve a good result. Is what I said to you at the meeting that day a joke? You should always be prepared for the competition. These days, I searched all the well-known teams in Sichuan. I made a detailed analysis of the main opponents or the meeting. I said those teams, but I used to be a fan who likes watching the competition. The situation is not so well understood, and it does not rule out that there will be stronger opponents and even dark horses in this game. These possibilities are all there, and we must make full preparations. Once the team plays badly at half-time, you will definitely be there at half-time. "
"So I’m still important, aren’t I?" Ye Qing hey hey say with smile
"Is … you are a trump card? To tell the truth, I just let you play as a substitute, so that you can practice your guns well and wait until the key moment to send a team to this competition. If you play well, if the team makes it to the semi-finals, then you will be the main force when you come back. "Big honey vowed to tunnel.
Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "Who will be the substitute if I play the main role? I don’t think anyone will be happy! "
"Well, don’t you worry that your one-month appointment with ibye is coming soon. After this game, you two should fight a little earlier. I believe there should be no problem if you beat him. If he wants to stay, he will play as a substitute. If he doesn’t want to, then cancel the contract and let him go."
"So you have planned it all."
"Yes, after I took over the management of the club, I made a plan, including when to let you play as a substitute and when to let you play as the main force. In fact, you always blame me for letting you play as a substitute, but have you really thought about the benefits of playing as a substitute? Don’t I think the marksmanship has improved a lot now? " Big honey looked at Ye Qing and said
The two of them have walked out of a long distance, and the direction is the direction of Ye Xie’s going home. It is windy and a little sultry this night, which seems to be a sign of heavy rain. The big honey skirt is particularly beautiful and moving in the wind.
Ye Qing changed a lot for Da Mi because of what Da Mi said before. After seeing Da Mi in a new way, he suddenly felt that Da Mi was actually really beautiful, probably because he was pampered from childhood and his skin was very good. His cheeks were white and red, and his eyes could be broken by blowing and playing.
If the first impression of big honey on Ye Qing is so perfect, then maybe Ye Qing would be as crazy about big honey as Su Yan Bing at that time. Unfortunately, the first impression of big honey on Ye Qing is very bad. Even though it has changed now, there will still be big honey in his heart from time to time, which makes him feel that kind of love for her.
This shows how important it is for a person to make a first impression on others. Sometimes the first impression is too deep. It is difficult to change the impression of others on you no matter how hard you try. You look away from the big honey and then say, "Actually, I really admire you for throwing you and me. You manage the team in an orderly way. You have a plan and a goal, and people are very serious about things. Except for sex, you are very different from darling daughter, a general giant."
"What’s wrong with my personality? Why don’t you go straight? I don’t have a dagger in my heart, I don’t have a personal plan, I say whatever I have. Is this called straightforward? Do I have to be like those women in the palace drama? " Big honey blinked at Ye Qing. She felt that she had a good personality. She was very aboveboard without talent and intrigue.
Ye Qing couldn’t help laughing when he heard the smell. The wind blew harder and harder, and vaguely there were raindrops falling. The leaves were rolled around. He stopped and looked at Big Honey. "What you say is really straightforward, but it’s hard to hear what you say, and some requirements are too much and very polite. You have to force people to accept this as overbearing and outrageous! Of course, you are perfect in your own eyes, but you should also know what you are like in the eyes of others. "
Big honey also stopped. After listening to Ye Qing’s speech, she couldn’t help but hang her head and look at the falling leaves on the ground. "I think I must be very annoying in your eyes?"
Ye Qing smell speech zheng yourself those words hurt her? He was about to speak when a flash of light pierced the night, followed by a thunder. "Bang …" The whole world seemed to be shaking, and Honey screamed with fear, and then the rainstorm suddenly fell to the ground.
The wind is getting stronger, and the leaves of big trees on both sides of the street are blowing noisily and flashing more and more frequently. The thunder rumbles from far and near sounds, and it seems that a louder giant thunder is brewing. The rain and fog are like swinging curtains, which instantly drench the leaves and the big honey coat.
They dared not put their hands on the leaves and said to Dami, "Go and run faster. My home is in front. Go to my place to hide from the rain first!" With that, he took the big honey hand and ran quickly towards the front.
Big honey ran in a pair of flat shoes, and the rain soon soaked into her shoes. She screamed and followed Ye to run mud and stained her white gauze skirt. At this time, she was too busy flashing and lit up from time to time, which made her very scared.