Other strength fighters are most afraid of all kinds of control skills, water is control, which is especially effective against melee.

I’m not as crazy as Bao, who rushes quickly and often dies quickly. He moves slowly with a stick.
Spiral raincoat, of course, can’t give him a chance to put two ice walls in the middle with both hands at once, and at the same time summon a mass of snowstorm and smash it. Suddenly, the wind is strong and the snow and ice are flying around.
She’s a standard mage. She’s a skill. Let’s beat you first.
Sure enough, a big snowstorm roared, and then her staff and celestial sphere soared out, and two ice cones shot more than a dozen in an instant.
By this time, I was completely out of sight and was shrouded in ice and snow.
Mad dog dragon dark I feel that if you change yourself to get this set of skills, it is really too much for magic resistance.
Just because he can’t do it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it for a long time. When the snow disappears, take a closer look at me. My martial arts is frozen into an ice sculpture and wrapped in a thick layer of hard ice.
The spiral raincoat didn’t speak, but she said everything with a smug expression on her face. You are still a little too young to play with me as a soldier.
She suspected that she was happy a little earlier, because the ice sculpture "clicked" and the ice layer soon cracked, and the crack expanded and spread around in a blink of an eye. Before five seconds, "Hua La" was a crunchy sound, and my martial artist had broken free and twisted his neck and came out.
The spiral raincoat is a bit dumbfounded. This set of skills has hit a thousand points and hurt the other party. There is nothing at all. How high is this cargo demon?
But now is not the time to think about these problems. The spiral raincoat attack skill D is still cooling down. She quickly opened the ice shield and retreated. At the same time, she pointed out that there was an ice and snow road about 2 meters long on the ground before her double sticks.
Her skill is called "Ice Road Snow Blanket", which is a life-saving skill of deceleration. It does not hurt, but people who step on the surface will be greatly slowed down.
She’s very interested in this skill. When it’s delayed, wait until I’m close to the martial arts, and the shield can block two more times. Then her skill D will be fine. She won’t kneel down if she doesn’t believe the other party.
However, the plot didn’t develop according to her intention. In a moment, she saw a mass of fire coming out of the snow blanket, followed by a loud bang. She didn’t see me, but she saw a piece of snow. My eyes stung in vain, not only my eyes hurt, but also my forehead hurt. The pain was like a migraine with a burst of dizziness spreading in my head.
When the horizon of spiral raincoat recovered, she found that I was crazy about martial arts, and I was walking towards the mad dog dragon in the distance, and I was all smiles. "Brother, these things really work. I didn’t say that our brothers in Lonely Smoke Town had to get an invitation when they got their jobs. Don’t forget to send you a crazy brother."
Mad dog dragon laughed. "That must be crazy. Who can stop it at first? When I was in Mu Zixing’s eyes, my idol was crazy brother, hehe! "
Next to the bachelor sister, her eyelids are drooping. Can you be a little more ashamed?
Yes … These scenes are presented in the eyes of spiral raincoats-black and white!
Yes! She’s dead! Play with eggs!
She didn’t even know what just happened.
She doesn’t know, but they know all about my martial arts tricks.
I lost a chrysanthemum ray to my feet in the moment when I was crazy about the Ice Road Snow Blanket, and then I threw a blind ray to flash the spiral raincoat. It was simple. After I got close, the first stick knocked the other side’s shield into ice slag, and the second stick hit the other side’s forehead. This stick directly announced that I was finished!
Mad dog dragon, these props depend on who is giving them to the master, and they often have miraculous effects. Leave them to the rookie, so keep an eye on the power.
However, my martial arts fanatic looks relaxed, but in the eyes of players living around, it is impossible to say that it is shocking.
Spiral raincoats are usually used in solitary smoke town, but now they are casually knocked into dead dogs with two sticks. The life intensity of these players is unimaginable
When I saw the spiral raincoat being killed, I was drunk and laughed. I couldn’t tell you how comfortable it was. You bitch used to play the Arctic Shenguang card in this area. Weifu didn’t expect to be cleaned up by Mu Zixing, did you? Hehe, this is called tit-for-tat. It’s not that it’s not time to report it.
However, when I look at my martial arts madness, I will be drunk and laugh. "Hehe, crazy brothers will have to take care of you a lot in the future when they get drunk and have a purple star eyes and an oriental dynasty."
"that’s a must!" I said with a big grin.
"Don’t jump to conclusions too soon" Singer stared coldly.
Looking down her eyes, ten blue lights appeared in the sky, which was obviously supported by the Arctic divine light.
After ten flying magic sticks came down, the package was greeted at the first time. "Brother Lan Zongfeng! You are finally here! "
At first glance, the man named Lan knew he was the leader, and the man named Brother Feng was obviously not in a low position. The mad dog dragon whispered, "Who are these Arctic gods?"
This time, he answered that he was Qiu Shuiyi. "The Arctic Shenguang Hall of Fame, Lan Tianyun, sits firmly in the second place, and the member of the Senate Council, Peking University Wind, has no status without blue sky and high clouds."
After receiving the help notice, the two men also flew here after being told by the green lion and pink ice lotus.
This arrangement of the Arctic Shenguang is also painstaking. To put it bluntly, it represents the will of the two bosses of the Hall of Fame and the Senate. Pink Ice Lotus sent the North Wind in the hope of keeping things quiet, but the green lion sent the blue sky and clouds here to fix everything.
However, as soon as I came to Peking University, my heart was half cold. Mom came too late!
The spiral raincoat body is lying on the ground. It’s impossible for anyone not to see it. It’s fucking impossible to make peace.
But here we are, we can’t help but put our meaning in place. Beidafeng took the initiative to light up the id "Who can make the decision here?"
Sister Bachelor was about to answer the phone when she was caught by a mad dog dragon. "Let me do it. I’m from the Eastern Dynasty."