"No, it’s nothing if you face them alone, but once these guys are surrounded in this hall, even if they can support them, I’m afraid that my summoning will suffer heavy losses, and the horse will be able to let them evolve again. How can I be willing to give up!" ChuFei some distress way Elizabeth this is sincere to stimulate him, know that he is not so bold and arrogant.

"Then you have to choose quickly because it is fast!" The devil’s mouth turned up with a strange smile and she pointed to the ground at the same time. What does this mean? Chufei is confused.
The fourth volume Chapter 7 Scuttle and flee
? This question mark almost appeared on ChuFei’s head, and the expression of the magic spirit made him feel that something was wrong. Although Elizabeth, the magic spirit, has recently reduced her hostility to herself a lot, she is consciously watching her jokes with more and more cynicism. Will this guy kindly wake herself up? This can’t be any problem that she neglected. Boom The violent shock spread from the surface. There are three or four cities in this city, and they fell into the violent shock in an instant, as if they were experiencing a huge earthquake! Bad ChuFei moment came in vain. At this time, I officially hated Wang Mephitos. When his heart beats once a day, his body is three fiends. Every day, Mephitos’ heart beats at this moment. Because of his heart beating, the whole body will fall into a powerful hell of shock, and it will be scattered and filled in every corner according to the shock. All monsters will fall into a state of almost madness, and all forces will double.
That’s why Elizabeth, the demon spirit, smiles strangely! Chufei has been ignoring Elizabeth’s anger at this moment. He instantly opened his magic shield and then directly sent it to another wall lamp in his sight. Just as he glanced at it, he had seen more than 500 monsters staring at himself with crimson eyes, especially those elites. After he sent it for the first time, his original place had been visited by ice pillars and meteorites.
Morpheus’s heartbeat vibrates the whole energy. Although Chufei has the power of hell, is there any appearance? The result is like standing out from the crowd. But these chickens are too many and too violent, and they are all turkeys just a circle smaller than cranes. What do you think Chufei should do at this time, of course, is to run away.
Chufei’s delivery is obtained through the mystery of body rune language, which is the top one in rune language. Even if Chufei has broken through the fifty-level projection, the duration is only half an hour, and it will take three minutes to project again. At this time, if he is surrounded for three minutes, I’m afraid it will be torn to pieces. This really scares him. What’s even more frightening is that he has not mastered the essence of delivery skills. If there are various changes in front, such as various elements blooming, it will affect his delivery ability.
As soon as he was concerned about this, he immediately tasted the bitter fruit. Most monsters are underground. He chose to send them through the wall lamp in this hall to cover the monster’s eyes, but he didn’t expect which one was close to the dark gold level. The dark king impressively had the detection ability. The fiery meteorite roared and smashed in front. This powerful fire element skill is easy to interrupt and send Chufei. Kenai can choose to calm down the threat first.
In this case, what skills are better? Chu Fei waved his staff to curse aging, but it was in this instantaneous spiritual world that Yuan Shen’s mental body and consciousness were linked together, and the rapid surge of spirit made him prepare to curse aging in the future and immediately replaced it with curse confusion. At the same time, his left hand waved and the witch doctor’s skill group chaos was also displayed.
There are too many monsters on the surface. When the monsters are in a state of madness, they are not too old. For those elites, especially those who can make elemental spells, it is not too great a threat. The mental body of the Yuan God has replaced confusion and group confusion. This skill is that the necromancer summons the painful and naughty elves in the spirit world to sneak into the monster consciousness and make them crazy. Similarly, the group confusion of witch doctors is similar. It is naturally very suitable to display these two skills now.
The curse of necromancer is a superposition of laws, but the skills of necromancer and witch doctor can be superimposed. When confusion and group exchange are intertwined, Fang immediately falls into a frantic battle. If those elites are aging, their spells are still staring at Chu Fei, but after confusion and physical chaos, ordinary mobs attack these elite monsters, which naturally makes elite monsters with strict hierarchy crazy. They do not hesitate to turn their guns and bombard their peers next to them.
"It’s really good that your ability to cope with emergencies deserves me to say these three words." The magic spirit Elizabeth has already put the mage’s body into the Chufei object. Now she is in a state of magic spirit so that even if Chufei is attacked, it will not be attacked. This is just watching the fun and listening to her chuckle. "Now the face is chaotic. Do you want to release the summoner to fish in troubled waters?"
ChuFei didn’t pay any attention to the evil spirit, Elizabeth. After a few monsters were left staring at him face to face, he immediately showed off and flashed with the flight. A bottle of powerful mana potion was poured into his mouth. It was really terrible. Just five seconds ago, his mana was less than one third, and the shield was damaged much more. So it is natural to consume mana quickly. You can imagine what will happen if you continue to stay there!
Taking advantage of this opportunity, it is natural to run away. If you stay there according to the magic spirit, you will find the monster rampage caused by Mephitos’ heartbeat. It doesn’t last for a short time and it will last for a full hour. At this time, you’d better find a place to hide. Otherwise, you’d better find a place to hide. The first floor of the prison is afraid that there are hundreds of big halls connecting these halls. There are many cloisters with countless magic stone gates in the cloisters. These things are very annoying and have been pushed several times in succession. The monsters are all raging inside. It’s hard to find a
Call ChuFei sat down to relax at the same time will angel nuclear crystal shield and behind a pair of wings away for more than one hundred times in a row, less than one thousand times to attack this is the so-called fiend field to terrible! It’s a sad guy who is sealed up, but with this heartbeat, he makes himself flee to break through the arrogant mood generated after level 50, which is gone and aborted.
Chufei took out a bottle of fruit juice and drank it for two times. When he was depressed and tired, he especially liked this kind of slightly sticky and sweet fruit juice, and his mood gradually calmed down when he drank the cool fruit juice. But obviously, the world was not so satisfactory, and two wolf heads leaned out of it.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, Chu Fei, this is a real mess. This is the first time I’ve seen it." Cosias, a two-headed ghost wolf, has been watching from the inside since just now. When Chu Fei got out of danger and rested, it emerged and laughed at Chu Fei. It’s true that this guy Chu Fei has always been very cautious and lucky. When he was beaten, he rarely saw him. Now he got a chance. How could he let it go?
"Ha ha, Malu Cosias, you don’t want to laugh at Chufei. Some of the strains just now are perfect. I didn’t expect a necromancer with a level of 50 to be able to do such a miserable thing. That sentence you often say is that people should sit up and take notice in three days." The magic spirit Elizabeth also leaned in and laughed at her. I’m really not sure whether these words are ridicule or praise.
"Grandma, both of you get back to me!" ChuFei burst the anger spirit course summoning powerful attraction immediately sucked the magic spirit and the double-headed ghost wolf into it. He would have come out to keep it as a deterrent to choose a good opportunity. But now the anger is a little out of control. After getting the two bastards in, ChuFei reflects. No wonder everyone emphasizes to calm down. This anger state is really easy to get out of control. The juice department is filled with the remaining juice. ChuFei will play summoning and release the double-headed ghost wolf and the magic spirit.
"Hum, that was awesome!" As soon as Elizabeth came out, she fought back against the two demons, and naturally she was very angry when she was suddenly rushed in
"Well, it’s a good thing to remember this time. Let’s share it equally. I won’t rob you." Chu Fei’s words made the two demons even more depressed. Is this an apology? How does it sound more like irony!
"Now I want to ask you a question don’t know if you feel abnormal? What? Yesterday, I was able to have a premonition. Today, I am very alert but I don’t feel anything. Otherwise, I won’t forget that this should be when Morpheus’s heart is beating! " Chu Fei flew out of his own doubt. When he just ran out, he also complained that he had forgotten the thing of hating Wang’s heart beating. However, when he was calm and analyzed, he realized that there were many doubts in it. First, he had his sixth sense. He was very accurate in danger prediction. Chu Fei always exercised his pride in the Taoist way from the beginning, but this time there was no warning! Strange. It’s just so strange
ChuFei this sentence ask out two higher demons also gu don’t ChuFei stroppy two-headed ghost Wolf Maru Cosias but once the Marquis of Hell famous two-headed monster Wolf; Elizabeth, the magic spirit, is also the senior magic spirit created by Diablo, the king of fear among the three fiends. They are much more aware of this special situation than Chufei. It seems that there are some anomalies!
The fourth volume Chapter Amazing conspiracy
Reception desk in front of the headquarters of Kurast Transfer Association
"Good morning, Lord Chufei", a famous purple-eyed beauty in the Association Department of Job Changers, cheered up and entered the Chu flight ceremony from the main entrance.
Chu Fei was born a genius who broke through many historical limits from Rogge camp. Most people treated this genius coldly out of jealousy, but now no one dares to treat him like that. It is the first master in history who broke through the 50 th level at such a young age. In the past, everyone thought that this was a meteor. There are many such cases. Now a sun does rise in Ran Ran.
"Lanny, hello, have you just worked?" Chufei stopped to say hello to her. This little beauty is not small. She is the granddaughter of the president of the Association of Changers. Two of the seven elders in the Association of Changers are directly related to her. Although she changed her job to become a mage, she did not take part in the battle, but became a receptionist of the Association of Changers. What is the reason? Chufei is not clear. He is not interested to know that this young lady is very popular in the headquarters of the Association of Changers. The background is hard. Finally, it is necessary to be rude to face such a lady.
"Is the whole headquarters all magic circle but also just started ChuFei adults don’t know if you have breakfast? Now that the officers and elders have not arrived, why don’t you sit down and eat something? I haven’t eaten yet? " Little miss shyness implies something, but ChuFei doesn’t have this idea now.
"I’m not here to find a director or an elder, but I suddenly found some problems that need to be found. I’ll think about it after breakfast and so on." Chufei waved his hand and refused the invitation of a beautiful woman. If he usually had breakfast with a beautiful woman, he was still very happy, but he was eager to find information now and refused without hesitation.
"ChuFei adult where are you going? Shall I prepare one for you? " Lanny some unwilling to ChuFei figure cried, but ChuFei is waved directly quickly walked into the hall.
Take out your own identity nameplate. This nameplate has been replaced many times from Lugaoin, but this one is the most important one, and it is estimated to be lifelong. The nameplate of the Association of Changers, the magical elite secret silver and the amethyst creation are linked with the soul. Entering the headquarters of the Association of Changers must follow this nameplate or it will be attacked by various magical traps.
Put the nameplate on the center of the gate badge. The two magic circles light up from the nameplate and badge respectively. When these two identical magic circles overlap, the gate will automatically let Chu fly away. The preventive measures are quite strict. Chu Fei walked to the right according to memory. Remember that the reference room was in that place. Director Thuren once introduced it.
Chufei was still fighting on the first floor of the prison at this time yesterday, but he hated the prison when he left last night, and then directly returned the scroll back to Kurast. He had a little rest for one night and immediately came to the headquarters of the Association of Job Changers the next morning. Yesterday, he suffered the biggest blow in history and was almost killed by monsters, and then he wondered why he would lose his sense. After consulting with two demons for a while, they decided that there was a problem inside, so they came up with the idea of coming back to find information.
Hit the door of the reference room. Chufei directly put his hand on the crystal ball surface in the center. This is an intelligent magic system that needs induction. Naturally, there will be needed information coming out directly from the inside. This name flashed in the heart of Mephitos Chu enclave, and then three big books floated out of the cupboard. I didn’t expect that so much information Chufei sighed with the help of three thick materials. Today, it is estimated that it will be spent on this side.
That’s right. This is the information that Chufei needs. After Mephitos was sealed, he formed a busy place. The human mage Tara Xia helped the soul stone to seal the three fiends. Those three places naturally hated the prison. Chaos refuge and the world stone hall fiend is a fiend after all. Although the soul stone can be sealed, it can’t be destroyed. When the laws of hell and the human world are merged, the three fiends can manipulate some external forces, and then they can form a busy place to try to gather strength to get rid of the soul stone. How can those who change jobs let it succeed? So whenever the three fiends gather together, the association of job seekers will organize elite forces to destroy it. This is why a group of job seekers have fallen every twenty years.
ChuFei now access to information is from Murphy, for the first time to form a member to the latest member to destroy fiend member, which is very important in the world of job-changers. Of course, it is also very complete in the number of job-changers, the level strength of each one and the energy turmoil of the whole world.
I don’t know how many job-changers have blood in this information! With the deepening of research, the attitude of Chu enclave became more and more serious, and finally it became pious. Every time, more than 30 people who changed their jobs suddenly died. You know, these people are all masters who broke through the level 50, and they can break through the bottleneck of level 30 and level 50. In addition to their extraordinary talents, they have withstood the test of life and death. However, every time the fiend is busy, the elites among these people who changed their jobs will suffer heavy losses, and they will involuntarily respect them. These people are their own lives in exchange for human life.
O busy to the overall strength and higher demon almost and fiend compared to the body is far from, but at the same time, those who change jobs to the strongest power is also weak after that, after all, now the population base is only one-tenth of the former, less than in the face of so many dangers, few people can be lucky enough to walk all the way to the peak of power, O busy attack power and higher demon attack range are similar but various skills, The attack accuracy and attack frequency are all too strong, and they all have special abilities. For example, Murphy’s tentacles can directly absorb the life of job-changers, and the control ability is not comparable to that of job-changers. Although it has been reduced from a tiger to a dog, it is a mutant dog with sharp minions and ultra-fast speed.
The first analysis is the power of the fiend’s busy place, and then it is the analysis of the loss, the battle, and so on. Chufei took out a note and recorded it in a special way, and then compared the data in rows. Finally, he found the problem. The most recent time to destroy the fiend’s busy place was six years ago, that is, a month after Chufei crossed into this world, which was three years earlier than the formation of the original regular busy place of Morpheus, and at that time, there was an abnormal event that appeared a magical month ago. There was something fishy in it! Chu enclave intuition immediately alerted him.
The number of combatants and the location of the battle were recorded in detail. At last, the things that came out after Mephitos’ doppelganger was eliminated were listed out. Then, the number of combatants was carefully analyzed, and the loss of the former battle was almost the same as that of the job-changers, but the location of the battle was unexpectedly changed to four places. This is somewhat unusual. Mephitos likes short-distance flashes very much, and then the tentacles cause chaos and destruction of the job-changers’ department. But this time, he gave up the advantage. This is the first bit weird! According to the battle record, many people who changed their jobs died without witnessing the battle record, and their heroic deeds were nearly one third less than before. This is the second strange thing! Murphy’s busy body was finally exploded. This guy contributed a sacred price to BulKathos. It was a green suit with a giant blade, one of the BulKathos children. In principle, this green giant blade is good, but other bright gold equipment attributes are worse than two chips. This is the third strange point.
"Shift the battlefield, the magical moon, things" ChuFei muttered to himself, sinking these events into the conscious world and searching for information about these things.
"This is the association department of job-changers? I’m the first demon to enter the human department. "The two-headed ghost wolf stretched out two heads from it and looked around. At the same time, he cooed," Man is indeed the most creative race. This arrangement and way is really the most suitable for sorting out and finding information. "
"then shall I thank you for your compliment?" ChuFei cold hum a ignore the former high demon Marquis of Hell Maru Cosias. This guy is now possessed by a two-headed ghost wolf body and a contract. As far as summoning is concerned, it won’t cause the response of the demon detection device. Let him be fine. Now the most important thing is to solve this puzzle.