Sure enough, there are still different places. I have a local area network here, and they are the Internet. They didn’t even participate in a push to pre-empt anxiety.

I also want to ask how long it will take to re-enter
As a result, Zhu Yeqing just woke up, and she didn’t know anything, just woke up.
I’m afraid she’ll say the wrong thing and immediately hiss in front of her and say, "Stop talking and get into it, okay?" Don’t say a word. "
She didn’t speak when she found herself in a tent in a daze. When she saw the player in front of her, she nodded. "I got in, but it seems a little different from what you said."
This makes me even more astounding. Why is she still different from me?
I asked, "What’s different?"
Zhu Yeqing thought for a moment, "There is a fighting limit and a pet limit, but there is no redemption limit."
"What? !”
I have experienced the ability to exchange points for things. How could she not? I thought of this.
I probably sighed in vain and wrote in her ear, "We are awakens, not players. Listen to me and you."
I told you all about my being discovered by those players and bringing me here.
Zhu Yeqing was dumbfounded and speechless. He looked around and was very nervous.
I said there, "I couldn’t follow the situation at that time. Now we are in the wolf’s den and I don’t know what happened to Lin Weiwei and them."
I wanted to have a strong team and fight against these players.
Who ever thought about being passive again and again?
Zhu Yeqing has calmed down a little bit and said, "Since we are now the Flying Tigers Guild and the Flying Tigers Guild members have disappeared, we will tell them that we will not participate in their actions. If they act, let’s just run away."
This made my eyes shine.
But he thanked them in a gasp and patted his thigh and said, "Mom, I just promised those two Japanese players to help them."
This pawned a way that could have slipped away.
Blame it on me. I didn’t expect dark hate ratio at that time
Zhu Yeqing said repeatedly, "Don’t worry, there is always a solution when things come to this step, so when we go out for a while, we will go to the town and look for the lucky ones in our guild. Aren’t they looking for them, too? They shouldn’t stop us from going. "
That’s ok, and they value me as a local tyrant.
At that time, we will directly leave the tube and destroy it, and directly take Lin Weiwei and their three daughters out of town to hide in other places.
Isn’t it five days? As soon as they leave, we are on the move, and everything is fine.
You have a plan, but you can’t be too anxious. You have to wait a while just after you have finished speaking, and you have to let Zhu Yeqing know that the system can at least attack, so that you can be more prepared.
I nodded again and again and said, "Don’t worry, step by step, get familiar with the players first, and then we will act."
Chapter 14 Department captured
Now it’s still An Zhu Ye Qing, who is familiar with it and spits out, "This system is the game sister. I came out to hang out and hate playing games. I didn’t expect that I would have to play games this time."
Nai told me something about her.
Let me help.
But I soon found the problem and said to me, "Tong told me that I am a new player and let me choose my weapon, my first skill and various values of my own physique."
"Choose by yourself?"
This is different from me again. I already have tangdao. Why does she choose by herself and she is a new player?
There is a difference between a novice player and a novice player.
I asked, "Ask Tong how many points you have."
I have this account with me. What about her account?
Zhu Yeqing finished asking and said, "Generally speaking, I am a new player, but I will get a novice gift package, including weapons and the first skill, as well as some potions and defense equipment."
"novice gift package"
I haven’t checked yet, but their players saw my tent and said that I took a super gift package and I had 100 thousand points. What are the novice points?
Commonly known as local tyrants
This is understandable, probably because I rushed a little more money before playing the game. Now, in this situation, the game becomes different from other civilian players.
More and more, I feel that we are in the same system. I became that local tyrant player, body double, and got everything from him.
But what bamboo leaves are different? They are all awakened people. She has neither a redemption system nor a new choice.
It seems that this is not the difference between an awakened person and a player.
It’s that I’m different from her, or the awakened one is different from the awakened one, and I say, "You can choose weapons, skills and whatever you want first."
Zhu Yeqing will choose as he wants.
And I am HeTong hurriedly said, "Hit my suitcase to see what’s in my super novice gift package."
Tong immediately replied, "Please show the horse to you later."
A package with a width of six and a length of nine squares appeared.
I once played an old game at the beginning of the 21st century, which is very similar to this one. There it is, and the first two rows are almost full.
And they all shine.
"What the fuck is this and what?"
I am very rich in listening.
As soon as I chose the first one, "Guo Yi’s armor can increase defense S+physical fitness A+rebound effect A+overall evaluation of epic equipment is unique"
I’m confused again. This looks like a good thing.
After choosing the second piece, "Lingbao boots can increase the agile S+defense A+bounce effect, and the speed of A+key can be doubled at any time. Overall, the epic equipment is unique."
"I draft, uncle."
Now it feels like I’ve entered a treasure house, and a number of things are presented to me. I look back and look at almost an epic equipment.
Helmets, necklaces and wristbands are all
But I’m not wearing it, and there’s a lot of junk that I can’t understand. It’s definitely a super gift package
I asked Tong, "What are these equipments not wearing? What’s going on? Are these all super gift packages?"
The system gave the answer, "Player Zeng Xiaofan can make an epic piece of equipment before completing the first novice pair. Before entering the game, you chose the other seven-star tangdao Institute, and you can wear one more piece every time you complete a pair in your equipment."
"Seven Stars tangdao"
I immediately looked at tangdao in my hand. I felt like an ordinary tangdao. How did it become a seven-star tangdao?
What is this seven-star tangdao?
I asked, "Show me this seven-star tangdao attribute and whether it is epic equipment."