But both sides didn’t start work, but let the mount go forward by itself and look at the front carefully through the fog …

Suddenly appeared from the fog each other!
A see two-sided theory is Yang Ye or the other five people are slightly leng one-
How is this guy!
Yang Ye didn’t think of the guy until he saw nature-this cargo with his four younger brothers riding a war bear seems to have just fought.
As soon as I became obsessed, I saw a guy who had never really met before but had heard a lot about you-the promise war. This guy was riding a garbage horse and hanging around this map leisurely …
Fortunately, although the two sides are not friends, they are not enemies.
Approaching the two sides, Yang Ye laughed and said, "I’ve heard a lot about you as a demon."
On Thursday, four younger brothers played a high game and knew about the promise war. At the same time, they also saw its videos and screenshots. For the promise war that suddenly appeared in front of them, it made them stand up straight and nervous.
"Ha ha, who did I just say? It turned out to be a promise. Long time no see, long time no see. Recently, your news has been flying all over the place, which really makes me envy." One thought became a demon and said with a smile.
"Envy what? I don’t think you are such a person when you become obsessed." Yang Ye smiled. "How did you come here to kill people? Just far away, I heard you say that you killed a few people and invited a dinner party. "
"Ah-ha, you probably know that our guild has a holiday with the Fighting Magic Guild. Now, I’ve come to play to relieve the pressure. Of course, this fighter can’t compete with you ….." One thought became a magic and shook my body.
It is an uncle’s appearance whether his face or eyes are full of vicissitudes, which is very consistent with his personality. Perhaps it is because he has experienced too much that he is not interested in guild management …
"Don’t make fun of me. Who are the people I met?" Yang Ye waved his hand and shook his head.
"Where are you going? Why did you come to the snowy area alone? Are you here to kill people? Compare the two? " One thought becomes a magic, Yang Yang’s sword is raised in his hand.
"Ha ha, talk about it later. If you are interested, I will play along, but I’m afraid I have to finish a pk today …" Yang Ye laughed.
"Ah, so ….." A thought into a magic touch is not thoughtful "promise can I go with you? I have something to say to you "To be continued"
Chapter 327 A dialogue becomes a demon.
Yang Ye rode a war horse and rode a war bear in parallel in the vast wilderness of the northern fog and snow area. The farther north he went, the less fog, and the clearer his vision. The northern fog and snow area seemed to be shrouded in a foggy fairyland. The city was mysterious and transparent.
When I became obsessed, I didn’t take his four younger brothers. I just turned some gold coins to them and let them sell them for money. I can eat whatever I like.
Yang Ye couldn’t imagine how much friendship he had when he became a demon, which could make the other party have something to talk to him alone and then pushed it forward. Before he became a demon, he had a holiday with several people in the Magic Fighting Guild, but now it’s all gone with the wind …
"First of all, I don’t like men. If you confess, I will refuse." Yang Ye said with a smile and beat the atmosphere.
As soon as I became obsessed, I nodded, "Great. I don’t like men either."
"To tell you the truth, I can’t think of anything you want to talk to me about. It seems that the two of us have no further communication except some mutually beneficial transactions. It makes me very uneasy that you suddenly talk to me or chat alone."
"Is that right? Do you promise that the war will be uneasy? Now, what are your odds of winning pk? I still know that "a dream becomes a magic smile". Speaking of it, my guild should be the first to contact with several guilds, right? At that time, you were still rushing around. In fact, I also investigated you, and I have seen your battle video … "
"Then what?" Yang Ye looked at a thought into a demon.
"Then I feel that you are mysterious as if you suddenly emerged from the game and then killed the quartet. You didn’t do this before, did you? According to my investigation, you are not a master, but a very mediocre mining player who rose strongly overnight. "When you think of it as a demon, your tone is slow and your voice is not very high. He can hide his voice with a roar from a bear."
Yang Ye hard, listen carefully "those are not important? Luck may turn. "
Smiling and nodding, I became obsessed and continued, "Yeah, it doesn’t matter. That’s all your business. How much do you know about the Magic Guild?" As soon as I became a demon, I suddenly turned straight.
"Huh?" Yang Ye leng a have no reaction to come over.
"Ask you, how much do you know about the Magic Guild?"
"I don’t know much about it, but recently I heard that the situation of your guild is not very stable. Is it true that it is said to be dissolved?" Yang Ye said, shaking the reins of his horse.
"It’s not true, it’s not false. Dissolution is certain, but it’s not time yet, and I won’t go. The guild will always be there." Once I thought of it as a magic hope, he projected his eyes far ahead and seemed to be lost in some kind of meditation. "You know, I came all the way with the guild of fighting magic. At the strongest, we were even stronger than the guild of chasing dragons. At that time, many guilds learned my management methods, but in fact, I didn’t have any way but just played around. Perhaps it was that kind of atmosphere that made guild players
"And then what? Now how is this virtue sick? "Yang Ye put his hands clasped behind his head and looked up at the sky.
"It’s because I don’t have management methods and that kind of idle atmosphere." I smiled as soon as I thought about it. "In fact, I had guessed the ending at first when I didn’t worry too much. At that time, I was a company manager and I played games every day. I didn’t care when I sometimes wanted to. At first, my friends were separated in several games. They got married and made a living …"
"So just let it go?" Yang Ye Road
"Pretty much. Now I guess it has come to the end. I died in a word, but you know …" A demon sighed and didn’t go on.
"There is still a trace of attachment. After all, you brought it by yourself, right?" Yang Ye smiles.
The two men were silent, and their thoughts were full. Yang Ye didn’t know what he was thinking when he became a demon, but he knew what he was thinking-the game had life like a man. When his vitality was exhausted, it was death. What did he leave at that time? Is a character equipped? Or is it a video of one-on-one hitting thousands of people? What about those?
What was the initial idea of entering the game?
There is already one now
then what
-Become the peak of the game
Think like this, all players should think like this. As Napoleon said, if you don’t want to be a general, soldiers are not good soldiers. Similarly, if you don’t want to be the strongest player in the game, players can stop.
Maybe some people can’t get up after all because of limited talent and bad luck, but they are not Yang Ye and Yang Ye. They have what they don’t have. This is a secret and a weapon!
"Connect to you? Just dragging it? " Yang Ye turned to ask a read into a magic.
"Well, let’s just let it be. Actually, I’m quite happy regardless of them." Suddenly he turned to look at Yang Ye and looked at Yang Ye seriously. "Is a workshop enough for you? No bigger ideas? "
"Do you know all about my workshop?"
"Why don’t you know that your friends brush in the forum every day, and the assistant must report the name of your workshop when he refreshes the record? Those friends are good."
"Best friends, buddies who have peeked at women taking a bath for more than ten years" Yang Ye smiled. "I also have bigger ideas. I also want to do something about the guild, but you also know that this kind of thing can’t be done just by talking, and it will be very troublesome to deal with various matters."
"I wish I had this idea. What you said is not a big problem. Do you know anything about the Summer Palace?"
"What’s the matter? You just say it."
"I guess they were stared at once, just trying to get water. I’m afraid it’s coming true. You have to prepare. After all, you are in the same boat with Xia Gong and them now, right?"
"Are you? I don’t think those guys will let it go. What do you think of that guild? " Yang Ye frowned.
"emperor song"
"The new guild?"
A thought into a magic nodded.
"What they say is that I guess it’s them, but I’m not sure. After all, a new guild provokes one of the top ten guilds. Although the strength of the Summer Palace is not too strong, it’s much better than that of the Seven Nights Guild. Where do they get the strength and confidence for the Summer Palace players?" Yang Ye eyebrows tight tight.
"I don’t know if their terror is not a new guild …" A thought into a magic reveals a meaningful smile.
"You mean the Emperor Song Guild is a puppet guild? There are other guilds behind it? Who has the strength? !” Yang Ye was slightly shocked.
"Then I don’t know. Many guilds can … for example, I can fight the magic guild." I think of it as a magic smile, and it is a kind uncle on the surface.
"You?" Yang Ye smiled and then waved his hand. "I don’t think so."
"I don’t know, I don’t think so." Yang Ye shook his head.
A thought into a magic staring at Yang Ye didn’t speak, and Yang Ye looked at the day and didn’t speak. They were silent for a long time again …
"I think you are mysterious and courageous, and your heart is cruel." Suddenly, I became a demon.
"See?" Yang Ye laughed very much.