Bare, after his success, he rushed to point A, where the gunner was still squatting, because the other side’s reinforcements were likely to go this way, and then he could pick up some cheap things in the observation room. The gunner came out to see the other side in the observation room, and there was no one there, so he jumped safely.

He kept staring at point A with a gun. The blasting point was on his left, and the stone ladder was bare. They were already rushing quickly.
Ye Qing received feedback from Zhao Xiayang and knew that the other person had gone to point A. At point A, he arranged two people outside the observation room in order to prevent the other person from taking the ventilation pipe. At the same time, the two people could also go out to stop the other stone ladder people in Ma Chong.
"Pearl Krabs, you go to the sniper stone ladder middle child you into the observation room! If there is no one in the observation room, you will support Pearl Krabs in the observation room. "Ye Qing shouted as he ran to point A.
The people who kept outside the observation room were Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer. Pearl Krabs immediately rushed to the stone staircase and looked to the left. Sure enough, three people from the other side were running towards the surface quickly. She hurriedly shot back at Renye Fang and stopped the mirror directly. Pearl Krabs flashed back very alert when she saw the bare stop.
Bare quickly dumped a gun or missed Pearl Krabs by a step. He couldn’t help feeling very sorry and then urged others to continue on their way. Dong Laoer rushed into the observation room and saw the other side. A machine gunner was watching. He hurriedly shot at such a close distance. He consciously shot at the other side and should actually aim at the first shot to solve the problem.
He shot the man directly, and the blood volume dropped rapidly, but he still made the other side turn around. Dong Laoer was afraid of being shot in the head by the other side, so he immediately squatted down to shoot and shot even crazier. Finally, he killed the man after the other side shot him several times, and he lost almost half his blood himself.
After occupying the control room, Ye Ye has rushed to the door of the stone staircase at Gate A, and he directed some shots at Fang three people from a commanding height, but all three people have reached the submarine and directly flashed to the submarine, which made Ye Ye Ye lose his vision.
At this time, Thomas also went behind Ye Qing. His mirror aimed at the submarine mouth and then said to Ye Qing, "Captain, you go and cover me!"
Ye Qing hurriedly rushed at once, and asked Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer to rush together. It was necessary for the other side to defend both ends at the same time. Just as they rushed, Thomas came behind the gun, and in an instant he was shot in the head. Then a machine gunner appeared on the stone staircase. It turned out to be the machine gunner who had been squatting at the mouth of the pipeline. At this time, he jumped up and attacked Thomas from behind.
Ye Qing was suddenly surprised, turned around and took a look, then hurriedly shot him. At this time, he was the most embarrassed one who could face the enemy’s attack from front to back at any time. He had to kill the gunner on the stone staircase as soon as possible so as not to leave his back to the enemy.
Man and gun in one!
Ye Qing was calmer at that moment, and then nothing was thought in his mind. There was a quasi-center in front of him, and it seemed that where his eyes looked, the quasi-center would appear. This is the extreme cooperation between his hand and heart, and he directly pointed out.
After K left the I club and returned to the S team, he said a few words to Jiang Yuhan, "Brother Han, you asked me to point out that man is too abnormal, and his comprehension ability is super strong. In just a few minutes, I can obviously see his change, and he is very talented at playing ak. The single-point accuracy is no longer with me. Our team has to be careful when they meet them. Even I am worried that I will capsize in the gutter!"
Even K has to admit that the single-point accuracy of leaf tilt is very high, which shows that the head-shooting rate of leaf tilt is also very high. Usually, the single-point accuracy is high, and the head-shooting rate of ak players is very high. He shot the machine gunner on the stone ladder and that machine gunner was K’s female apprentice Zhou Wei!
Chapter 61 The last head reversal
One shot exploded Zhou Wei’s head and the leaf tilted enough. When he turned around, he didn’t go to see the death message. He saw the skull jump out of the screen and quickly turned around and continued to rush to the submarine. Zhou Wei died before anyone could react.
Zhou Wei looked at the brain screen strangely, and she was shot in the head by someone, and K pointed out that person. She couldn’t help but feel very angry that the same master taught her. Why can’t she beat him?
At that time, she had just killed Thomas and rushed to the stone stairs before she could aim at Ye Qing. As a result, Ye Qing turned around and shot her in the head without hesitation and sloppiness. She asked herself if she was in Ye Qing’s position at that time.
But what leaves become so powerful after getting K’s advice? Is there anything else your master hasn’t taught himself? Zhou Wei couldn’t help thinking that it must be so hateful that the master had reservations!
At this time, I was also playing a game. K couldn’t help sneezing and then let go of the mouse and rubbed his nose. "Captain, is the temperature too low? Why am I sneezing?"
"It’s not low. It’s just 27 degrees. I think I’m cool and I don’t feel cold at all," Jiang Yuhan replied, staring at the brain screen.
Next to K, Yan Yue said with a smile, "This is related to adjusting the temperature. It must be that you are guilty of doing too much. Someone is scolding you!"
"How can I be so honest and kind? If I know who is scolding me, I will ak sweep him a hundred times! " K is very cold tunnel
Team S has been a shoo-in in this game. Jiang Yuhan has played quite well, so that the sniper root of the other side has no chance to add Yan Yue. Their morale of this group of macho men has already been played quite low.
Club I and Tiger Brothers are still in the middle of a fierce battle. Before Ye Qing finished rushing to the submarine from the stone stairs, someone flashed out to stop him. He didn’t even show his posture and continued to deal with this enemy from one point.
It’s Mulei Xiao Ran and Pang who have gone to stop Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer. They can’t tell the package now. Once a person is separated, it’s hard for them to stop the other side from attacking. Mulei is now a very good machine gunner, and he has no fear when facing Ye Qing, even though Ye Qing exploded Zhou Wei’s head with a bullet.
Ye Qing’s single point didn’t explode. Mu Lei’s posture was very flexible and psychologically prepared. Zhou Wei was shot in the head at that time because she wasn’t psychologically prepared and didn’t show her posture.
Ye Qing saw Mulei’s posture shaking very fast. If you want to follow his posture, it is estimated that you will miss it for 10 thousand years. He simply won’t go to see the other person’s posture and shoot some with his feelings. After Zhou Wei was killed just now, the realm of gun integration of others will be gone.
This realm is not so easy to enter, and it’s hard to stay in it. It’s just a moment’s feeling. Ye Qing is not completely familiar with that feeling method. It seems very mysterious to enter it at any time. It’s a kind of feeling, but it’s just a feeling. It’s much easier to aim at the enemy’s head at that moment.
Ye Qing is actually a first-class master in Pearl Krabs by feeling, and Ye Qing is much more skilled than Pearl Krabs. After all, he has practiced guns for a long time, and his marksmanship is not bad. Mu Lei is still a little worse than him in marksmanship and posture. After all, Ye Qing is now a series with K. What level player is K? That’s the top five gun gods, which means Ye Qing is now the level of gun gods.
The two men finally won the gun by Ye Qing, but Ye Qing was also marked with red blood, but this did not affect the lethality of Ye Qing. When Mu Lei died, he was bare and fat, and he was caught between Scylla and Charybdis.
The situation of this game has become quite subtle in an instant. The original I club has already fallen off the wind, and all the tiger brothers and allies will win. If they occupy the package at point A, they will certainly be able to keep it, and Zhou Wei’s sneak attack will succeed in killing their snipers. If we delay a leaf admiration, Lei will flash out and attack Zhou Wei before and after, maybe Ye Qing will hang up, and then the situation will be great and it will be a foregone conclusion to win the first round.
Bare, where do you want Ye Qing to be so fierce? Not only did a bullet explode Zhou Wei’s head, but Mulei was also killed, which weakened their strength. At the same time, they were in trouble. Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer were beaten by fat and bare, and they were afraid to go forward. They must carefully avoid being killed by bare.
After Mulei was ordered to die, both Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer couldn’t help but boost their morale and rushed directly at the risk of losing their lives. Barely, Nai had to let Fat resist desperately, and he turned around at that moment. He knew that he had to face Ye Qing behind him, otherwise he and Fat would have no chance.
Bare, just turned around and saw Ye Qing flash out. He decisively dumped a shot. His response was naturally quite fast, and after all, he had the title of being killed. Shooting was not a cover. Even if he shot so hastily, he still hit the root of Ye Qing’s thigh.
There is no need to explain what is the root of thigh. If you don’t understand it, I’ll just say crotch. Although this place is not fatal, Ye Qing is still in a state of residual blood and was taken away by a gun. Fortunately, it is not in reality, otherwise he will become a eunuch.
After killing Ye Qing, you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Ye Qing is too much of a threat to him. Now he has paid more and more attention to Ye Qing. This guy will definitely be his rival in the future. Although they play in different positions, Ye Qing is a trump card that can change the situation. It is difficult for two people to play each other.
When the game is at its fiercest, it is often necessary to rely on the ace players of both sides to decide the outcome. Ye Qing and Xiao Ran will inevitably become each other’s rivals. If one person plays Pearl Krabs at most, it will be even, and it will be very difficult to add Dong Er.
Although I tried my best, but Nai’s firepower was too fierce and I rushed forward desperately, I still couldn’t resist being swept to death by the other two people. Bare had to retreat two steps, and then an instantaneous mirror would take the lead in rushing to the submarine and Dong Laoer was killed.
It’s a stunning shot. You know, in this critical situation, few snipers dare to shoot the mirror. Because the hit rate of the mirror is not high, no one dares to take risks. Moreover, most snipers will definitely choose to back off and find a bunker at this time and then shoot the other person with the mirror. Like bare, if they take a few steps back, they will cover up the situation and shoot the enemy snipers with the mirror. There are very few snipers in the F world!
What a bold artist! After being sniped off Dong Laoer, Pearl Krabs has rushed out to see that bare is a burst of shooting, bare is not flustered, showing the quality of a top sniper. The instantaneous mirror is the fastest sniper mode except blind sniping, and the camera rings as soon as it flashes. The interval between the second shots is not long.
Bare, after twisting a few times to avoid Pearl Krabs’s bullet, dumped a gun in situ again. This time, he didn’t make the instantaneous mirror because Pearl Krabs was not as good as Dong Laoer to deal with Kuang Zhenzhen. Bare, in the middle of the shooting in Pearl Krabs, it was difficult for the instantaneous mirror to hit her.
The hit rate of sniping is relatively high, and bare, because he killed two people in a row, feels hot. This shot hit Pearl Krabs’s abdomen very accurately, but he failed to kill Pearl Krabs because Pearl Krabs was in a state of full blood. This shot killed her 99 blood.
That is to say, Pearl Krabs left a drop of blood at this time. In this state, she shot at the weapon point, even if it was a Grenade explosion fragment, she had to die. The most surprising thing was bare. He didn’t expect that he couldn’t kill Pearl Krabs with one shot. He immediately showed his posture and switched the sniper rifle into a sand eagle.
Pearl Krabs was also a little dumbfounded when she heard the sniper’s shot. She was dead. Her heart was pulled up. As a result, she found that she still had a drop of blood. She couldn’t help but shoot more violently and kept rushing forward. She switched to a sand eagle and fired a few shots. Before he was swept into blood by Pearl Krabs, Pearl Krabs was killed.
Looking at his left more than ten points of blood, bare heart can’t stop pounding. That was a narrow squeak. I was almost killed by Pearl Krabs. Fortunately, I have never stopped practicing pistol marksmanship in normal training. Now I finally sent a field. It’s a life-saving skill!
Pearl Krabs clenched his fist in great regret and then grabbed his hair hysterically and said to his teammates apologetically, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault! I’m in such a hurry. Why should I shoot? Why did I shoot him instead of a pistol? I showed my strength. Where is his firepower? Oh, I’m so stupid! "
Seeing Pearl Krabs blaming Ye Qing so much, he comforted, "No, you have tried your best, but their snipers are so abnormal. Who would have thought that he could kill three people in a row at the end and they were all in very difficult situations? I am really!"
Chapter 611 Longing for miracles
Bare, once again, turned the tide to reverse the game, making the Tiger Brothers take a point in the first round of the half-court, with a total score of five to three leading by two points. Bare, acting against the sky, Yuzryha felt his heart. This series of snipers is really terrible. At the end, it can destroy a team’s defense and dissolve a team’s attack into shape
When the dominant situation was reversed, the people in Club I were hit hard. Everyone couldn’t hide a burst of disappointment, but they didn’t say anything to take care of Pearl Krabs’s mood. When Ye Qing comforted Pearl Krabs, they were very unhappy. "I feel that I didn’t try my best but made a mistake to kill him. He must kill him!"
"Well, anyway, the end of the game is clear to everyone, isn’t it? Don’t see any hope that we can win, damn it, what am I talking about? It’s all negative energy … "Ye Qing said, clapping his hands and then added," We should try our best to win the game, but if we lose in the end, don’t have any regrets. After all, we tried our best, right? "
Pearl Krabs’s eyes are red. Obviously, she still can’t forgive herself for her poor performance at the last moment. You know, after winning the first round, they equalized the score. Maybe they can really win the game. Maybe who stipulates that the weak team can’t beat the strong team by surprise?
"Pearl Krabs, don’t do this. We still have a chance." Ye Qing finished and arranged tactics. Pearl Krabs stubbornly didn’t let her tears fall. Then she took a sniffle and stared at the brain screen intently to listen to Ye Qing tactics.
In view of the fact that the other side chose to attack point A in the first round and also arranged two people in the ventilation duct, among which Zhou Wei played a big role in directly attacking Thomas. If Thomas had not died at that time, Ye Qing could have played better with his cover.
Ye Qing guessed that Xiao Ran should divide his troops to test this round. If Ye Qing focuses on defending point A, the other side will not attack but will choose to attack point B. On the contrary, if Ye Qing focuses on defending point B, the other side will attack point A.
This kind of test leaves often do wrong before tilting, that is, ab sends one person to feint at two o’clock to see which point has the strongest resistance and the strongest firepower, and then it can judge which point has the stronger defensive power. Once this is determined, it can gather troops to attack the point with the weak defensive power.
Ye Qing’s way to deal with this tactic is that when the other side comes to feint, the point with the strongest defensive power will deliberately show that the firepower is very weak and the defensive power is weak. At that point, he will try his best to play lively. If there are grenades, he will throw them, and then he will shoot them constantly.
When the opponent’s feint retreated quietly, he immediately transferred his troops from the side with weak defensive strength to the side with strong defensive strength, so that the other party would hit the iron plate if it was taken seriously.
Xiao Ran is really going to do this in the second round, because he can’t figure out which point the other side will focus on defending this round. It is reasonable to say that the other side will definitely strengthen its defense at point A in the next round, but it is not certain that the other side’s command may do the opposite, perhaps focusing on defending point B.
Just because I can’t guess, I simply don’t guess, but I directly send someone to touch the actual situation and launch a feint. People quickly feed back the information. The defense force at point B seems to be weaker, and the gun at point A is more intense, and two grenades have been lost. It seems that there should be more people.
The guns at point B are sparse and seem to be retreating constantly, and the guns are getting farther and farther away, so that they both want to go to point B for testing, but because of bare orders, they are still waiting in place.
Bare felt that the other side might really be focusing on defending point A, for fear that he would choose the attack direction of point A again. He didn’t doubt that he immediately made those who attacked point A retreat, and then divided the troops into two ways to kill point B together.
All the way to attack, all the way to attack, all the way to attack the control room, the people in the middle of the road seem to be going smoothly without any obstacles, which makes bare more convinced that the other side really has no defense at point B, and there is no enemy in the control room. They rushed into the locker room smoothly