Ye Qing actually made up his mind long ago to try to avoid bare being killed by the Tiger Brotherhood. The biggest threat to him is bare, so that he can’t rush to the front when attacking. Although he is in the front, he is also in the left front rather than in the front, but he can always rely on bunkers to avoid it.

The commanders of both sides have their own plans. The first map competition has also been completed. The blasting map is New Year Square. When I look at this map, I smile. However, this map is quite beneficial to snipers. Many points are tailored by snipers.
Club I sniper Thomas is no match for Bare on this map, so Thomas wouldn’t dare to confront Bare head-on. He can deal with others in the Tiger Brotherhood first, so that he can ensure that he can live more. If he talks to Bare as soon as he dies, life and death will be a moment. Once he dies, Club I will be at a disadvantage immediately.
Ye Qing was a little depressed when he looked at the map. This map is not conducive to him to play the other sniper’s role. It is really impossible to prevent the sniper from suddenly shooting at various hidden points. In the melee, some snipers are often regarded as plug-ins because they are hidden and can kill each other. It is suspected that it is a plug-in and then unjustly kicked out.
The map is randomly generated, which is quite fair. You can’t have any opinions. You have to be more careful. Half-time lottery decides that Club I will be the map of The Infiltrator first. There is no advantage for The Infiltrator to defend the river. The terrain is more conducive to defending the river. You need a sniper to defend it, so you can block the river and make The Infiltrator unable to take the river.
Bare, naturally, has this ability, and it is also very dangerous for club I people to attack point B, because there is a section of the river bank that is completely covered in the range of the other sniper, and if there is no smoke bomb cover, it will definitely be charged to cross the road.
At least three smoke bombs have to be used to pave the way for this section of the road, so that the smoke connection will be the safest and there will be a gap, otherwise once there is a gap, it may be seized by bare, and his fast gun is famous all over the world.
Ye Qing thought twice and decided to throw three smoke bombs at the river bank, but no one rushed in that direction toward point A. He believed that bare would definitely look at the situation here and see the three smoke bombs shrouded in smoke, and he would definitely judge that they were less than one or two people to attack point B, so they would definitely arrange two less people to defend at point B, so there would be at most three people defending at point A.
Ye Ye’s five men attacked A.5 and hit Sanye. I believe that this map will be quickly won. Except for the wide river roads, other roads are very narrow and it is difficult to attack in formation, which is a restriction to Ye Ye Ye’s new formation.
Club I first threw two flash bombs in front of it, and then all the people fought together on both sides, but they didn’t overlap. They had to be shot by the other side, and two four machine gunners headed for it. The sniper Thomas relied on the bunker mirror to cover his teammates.
Those three smoke bombs were really very confusing, and I didn’t expect the other side to lose three smoke bombs and didn’t attack point B. He arranged three people to defend at point B. Because he saw three smoke bombs, he judged that there were fewer opponents and three people went to point B. He thought it was safer to have the same number of defenders to fight.
Even if he guessed that the opponent might be a confusing smoke bomb, he had to arrange someone to defend at point B. What if he guessed wrong? Isn’t that point B? This is a choice that has to be made. It is said that Ye Qing’s move really makes people unable to cope
Defend two people at point A, one is Zhou Wei who makes Xiao Ran believe in a machine gunner the most, and the other is Xiao Ran himself, of course. At this point, there are few defenders, so he naturally has to sit here and have to be able to resist the attack of the other side. Moreover, he and Zhou Wei have always been a fixed combination, and it is best for them to work together with each other and have a tacit understanding.
Club I’s massive invasion of bare was also a shock. Seeing that the first four machine gunners were rushing to the scene, he also made a decisive shot and then quickly flashed back to point A. At this time, both he and Zhou Wei were trapped and retreated, so they would be screened by the other side’s close fire, and they could bravely face and summon support.
Fortunately, bare and Zhou Wei are not both at point A. Zhou Wei is on the other side of the train car. She flashed out from behind the box and flashed back to respond to her. It is naturally a hail of bullets. If she stays a little longer for a second, she will be at least a few holes.
"Firepower is too fierce to stop!" Zhou Wei eagerly to bare way
"Hold on for a little while, we will arrive soon!" Mu Lei comforted that fortunately, this map ab was able to get to Ye Qing at two points not far apart for a moment, and knowing this, he didn’t want to leave each other even for a second, when four gunners rushed to the locomotive position in an instant.
Chapter 112 IC first city
Club I’s army was under siege, and Ye Qing instructed the players to clear point A quickly. Defenders could not let the other side’s reinforcements come to the rescue. Of course, he rushed very fiercely. Although he shot bare, he didn’t hit the target. It was not that he was not accurate in marksmanship, but that he didn’t dare to take the shot seriously at that time. Because the other side’s firepower was too strong, he might be killed by a random gun.
Ye Qing took the lead in rushing into package A, followed by Pearl Krabs, and the other two were straight for Zhou Wei’s side. Two dozen and one will surely not lose to Zhou Wei. The worst situation is just one for one.
Bare heard footsteps and knew that someone rushed in. He hid behind the box and took a deep breath. Then he quickly flashed a shot at close range. Which knew that Ye Xiegen didn’t come in this direction, but came around from the other side. He immediately dared not go back and ran straight outside. Pearl Krabs saw the bare figure and hurriedly shot it.
Bare got a few shots and didn’t die, but there are Zhao Xiayang and Na Lan outside. These two people are fighting fiercely with Zhou Wei, which is a distraction to deal with bare. Still, there is another person in the I club who can kill bare, that is, he has been aiming at Thomas in front. When he was fully prepared, he was caught by Thomas and fell down with a bang.
Thomas clenched his fist excitedly. This is the first time that he killed Xiao Ran in the first round. Xiao Ran is also very resistant. If he doesn’t rush out, he will die faster. At close range, Ye Qing will sweep him into a sieve.
He rushed out and delayed a little. At this moment, reinforcements have arrived at three machine gunners coming from the direction of the defender base. Thomas shot again, scaring the other three machine gunners and Pearl Krabs, who also rushed out of the package to stop the other machine gunners.
In Zhao Xiayang and he joined forces to crack down on Zhou Wei, but she somehow got K, a disciple, and the true ak marksmanship was also quite good. One enemy and two situations still killed him, and finally he was swept away by Zhao Xiayang because of less blood.
After Zhao Xiayang killed Zhou Wei, he wanted to go back, but when he came to support the gunner, he was able to avoid being shot in the head by Mu Lei, so that the number of people on both sides was still balanced, and the club did not take advantage of anything, but somehow occupied a package point.
Now Club I still has Ye Qing, the ace player, and Tiger Brothers League ace Xiao Ran has been killed. Although the actual number of both sides is the same, there is a gap in strength. Club I has a slight advantage, and Ye Qing is confident that he can kill the rest of the opponent’s team. In his view, victory is already in their pocket.
Although bare has always been very confident in his teammates, he dare not say that his teammates can handle the leaf tilt. It is extremely difficult for one person to have a leaf tilt. There are two other people who don’t ignore it, and one of them can come out at any time after hiding in the bunker and shoot snipers. It is really hard to say who can win this round.
At this time, all the throwing weapons in Club I have been finished, and they can suppress each other by firepower, while all three of the Tiger Brothers still have flashes. However, someone switched to the flash and threw a leaf at the package point, which also prevented this. Both Pearl Krabs and I hid behind the box, but unfortunately escaped this flash bomb, but another flash bomb was followed.
The impact points of these two smoke bombs are not the same, covering the dead angle of the whole package. Yuzryha Tilt and Pearl Krabs are hiding from each other in a flash, and nothing can be seen. However, the three tigers and brothers dare not rush forward because there is another Thomas eyeing them. If they rush forward, at least one person will be killed by Thomas, because if you want to show your posture, you can move around in the same place, and even if you walk in a glyph, you can’t escape being killed by a sniper.
Although Thomas’s marksmanship can’t be compared with that of Xiao Ran, he has a professional standard, and the three of them dare not take risks. Seeing this scene, Xiao Ran is a little depressed. He said to the remaining three people, "What’s the point if you lose the flash and don’t rush at it?"
Mu Lei and others all feel hot in the face. It is really meaningless to lose the flash without rushing, but to wave two flash bombs.
"You should throw a smoke bomb to block the other sniper’s view, then throw a flash, and finally rush over under the cover of smoke bomb to remove the enemy, and then deal with the sniper!" Bare out his suggestion.
"Monday morning quarterback …" Zhou Wei’s rude tunnel bare smell speech is also a red face. It is also true that he should have spoken his mind earlier and the players could have arranged for him to direct him to do it, but he didn’t say it until the players lost their flash bombs, which was also meaningless.
"Ah, miss the opportunity! It’s all my fault. First, I was confused by the opponent’s smoke bombs, and then I was in a bad position. I can’t blame you for losing this round. "Bare will take the initiative to blame himself. The players will blame themselves.
Mu Lei and others had to crustily skin of head and rush forward. Sure enough, as soon as they appeared, they heard a sniper’s shot and fell down. The other two people immediately continued to sprint. This interval was enough for them to rush into the package point. Who knew that Thomas was also alert and knew that he had to leave the leaf and they tried to restore their vision as much as possible? The second shot rang immediately, but it was still a little hasty. One of the two people left in the other party could not be killed, but it was a bloody one.
Mu Lei and Monkey were both surprised to see that they were not dead, so they rushed into Bao Dian Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs, who were no longer in their original positions. They retreated to the back of the left box and squatted down. It was because of memory that they could not see the road that they bumped into each other and then squatted down.
When Mu Lei and the monkey rushed into the package point, the vision of Ye Qing had been restored, but it was still vague, but the impact was not great. He hurriedly got up and then flashed to the left, just to see that Mu Lei should rush in and the two men shot almost at the same time, while the monkey walked on the other side and just flashed with that side to exchange fire in Pearl Krabs.
The two sides left two machine gunners to catch each other and kill Mu Lei. Although the marksmanship was good, it was not enough to watch a few shots in front of Ye Qing, and Mu Lei was shot in the head.
Both the monkey and Pearl Krabs shot at close range and swept each other into residual blood. Before the winner was decided, Ye Qing joined them. The monkey was outnumbered and Pearl Krabs was killed. However, Pearl Krabs suddenly took the lead from shooting to shooting a little monkey in the head and killed him.
Ye Qing turned his head and smiled at Pearl Krabs. "I took this head, but I didn’t expect it to be you!"