Every time Zhao Junzhu comes over, he will not only help Ye Qing cook for them, but also help them clean Dong Laoer’s room. Every day, it is like a doghouse. Every time Zhao Junzhu helps him clean up, even Ye Qing’s room Zhao Junzhu will help clean up.

Big honey smiled and laughed. "I knew it was impossible for you men to clean the house so clean. I think if Zhao Junzhu didn’t come to your place for a few days, it would be a kennel!"
"That won’t be a last resort. I will still clean my brother. I am hardworking because sometimes I am more hardworking than the little bee. You just didn’t see it!" Ye Qing pouted angrily and said, "Master will lie. You probably haven’t even delayed eating at home, and you can’t even wash the dishes!"
Ye Qing held out his hand in his forehead and ordered a "dead girl, do you know what a fart elder brother lived alone before? Everything was done by elder brother alone! But because I never cook at home, I have no place to eat and no dishes to wash. "
"Do you mind if I visit your room?" Big honey suddenly got up and hesitated for Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing. "You wait for me to go in and see if there is anything you shouldn’t see. Just pack it up before you come in!"
"Master, do you mean I can go in and watch it?" He heard Ye Qing say that you asked excitedly.
"Of course, letting you visit my clean and tidy room will eliminate your misunderstanding of me and make you always think that I am lazy!" Ye Qing said, and went into the room. His room was tidied up by Zhao Jun bamboo. However, Zhao Jun bamboo didn’t come these two days, and he has made a little mess. For example, he left a pair of pants and socks on the bedside table. This guy is not afraid of being smoked when he sleeps, and socks and pants are thrown together. It’s sloppy to the extreme. He quickly grabbed pants and socks and threw them into a basin on the bed.
There are several bottles of drinks scattered on his desk. He doesn’t like to drink water at home. Almost all of them buy drinks outside. He often throws all kinds of bottles in his room. When Zhao Junzhu helped him clean up his room for the first time, he put three bags of bottles out of his room. If he throws them outside, it is estimated that those old scavengers will laugh from ear to ear.
Zhao Junzhu sold those bottles to the waste collector, and sold them for five dollars, which made Zhao Junzhu happy for a long time. There was also a cup that seemed to have been left for a long time, and the mouth of the cup was covered with scale. This guy simply put the bottles and cups into a big pocket and then stuffed the big pocket into the bed.
After doing this, he called Dami and Nalan to come in. After the two women came in, Nalan sat directly on the leaf-leaning bed and then sat down for two times. He sighed very comfortably, "Master’s bed is really soft!"
Ye Qing smell speech is not a joke tunnel "is still very big, tonight can let you try to sleep! I am a sleeper! "
He suddenly turned red and said, "I don’t want a rogue master!" Dami shook her head and then looked at a row on the Ye Qing table. She drew it out and saw that the cover was A History of the Qing Dynasty. She couldn’t help but ask with some curiosity, "Do you like history?"
"Yes, I think history is very interesting. It’s all stories. Every historical figure has a wonderful story, and the historical mirror shows that we can learn a lot from historical stories." Ye Qing nodded and said that he occasionally looked at almost all the history, such as the romance of the New Tang Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. He recently looked at a few pages.
He bought all these things at a stall outside. The handwriting is very small and occasionally there are typos, but it doesn’t hinder reading. Ye Qing usually looks at one of them when he is in the toilet, and he almost falls into the toilet. Fortunately, he caught it quickly and tore a page.
When I heard Ye Qing’s words, Da Mi couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of Ye Qing. "But I didn’t see that you still like history. I think a shallow person like you should see something like Huang Man or Pulp Fiction."
"When am I shallow? I am a person who has broken away from low taste and is very rich. People like this must be virtuous and noble. Seeing nature is also quite rich. "Ye Qing is very proud of the tunnel."
Big honey looked at the table again and touched a pair of headphones. "This earphone is not bad. It seems to be better than the one in the club. Did you buy it to listen to music?"
"It wasn’t sent by others." Ye Qing glanced at the earphone. When he played all night that day, he forgot to put it back. Honey asked curiously, "Who sent it?"
"Why? Are you a police investigation or a reporter’s interview? "
"Curious who will send you headphones …"
"What happened to the ex-girlfriend?" Ye Qing finished looking at big honey and looked at him without weakness. "It’s not your turn to show off in an ostentatious manner! I didn’t expect you to be in love! "
"Nonsense, brother, good looks and chasing brothers can row around the earth four or five times. Does this population base scare you to death?" Ye Qing said "You are Youlemei milk tea!"
"It’s fragrant and fluttering milk tea …" He corrected Ye Qing with a smile. "Fragrant and fluttering milk tea sells more than 700 million cups a year. Together, it can go around the earth twice to pursue brothers. It can go around the earth four or five times. It’s much better than fragrant and fluttering!"
"Around the earth? It’s a globe! " Big honey didn’t give face tunnel he suddenly laughed.
Ye Qing also smiled. "In fact, am I very unpopular?"
Big honey glared at Ye Qing, which means that your white girl likes you, and you still say such a thing. It’s simply shameful to sell Meng Nalan, and immediately said, "No, I think Master is very likable, but it’s just that being so likable makes people feel insecure with you."
"Is it true? But how can I be so tall and powerful that people feel insecure? " Leaves dumped of cutting way
"Oh, it’s not about this sense of security, it’s about feelings." He laughed angrily. "Don’t you hear that he’s playing you!"
"Smelly master hates it!" Nalan Chen said, Ye fell on the bed with his hands on his head and looked at the ceiling. "Emotional things are the most complicated. I like to keep it simple. Now my goal is to win the winter challenge and think nothing else."
He and Damien looked at each other tacitly and saw a trace of sadness in each other’s eyes. They suddenly felt that Damien was in the same boat and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then he said to Nalan, "Nalan, I don’t know if your master told you that no team decided to recruit you as a substitute. I want to know what you think! I want to talk to you tomorrow, and sometimes I will talk to you first. "
Nalan didn’t expect Dami to suddenly come to this topic and think about it. "Master told me there was no problem here."
"No problem. Do you have any requirements for salary or what is your psychological price?"
"There is no requirement or psychological price. You can have as much as you say. Master told me not to ask for wild speculations. It’s up to you." Nalan is so-called authentic honey. Ye Qing glanced at the ceiling and still seemed to feel the eyes of honey. He smiled and said, "This girl is really a traitor. She betrayed me to the big boss so quickly. I want to save you, but the price you give should be reasonable. You can’t starve my precious disciple, or you will have to pay me!"
"Depend! Can you give me back my baby without disgusting me? I’ll give you an absolutely reasonable price. How about 1,500 a month? After becoming a full member, it will be two thousand five hundred. "
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "It’s enough for me to pay the rent. Anyway, I can eat at Master’s house with the club in charge."
Ye Qing smell speech immediately sat up and said, "Big boss, give her some. Look at it. It’s all coming to my house for dinner. I’m not a big meeting and I’m going bankrupt."
"This can also bargain? It’s not a vegetable market to buy food, but for your sake, I’ll add a few hundred more. How about two thousand a month? " Big honey smiled and said that Nalan nodded and said, "Master’s face is still worth 500 yuan!"