Golden Eagle Club is now the 4th super guild in mainland China, and this data can tell everything.

Mad dog dragon suddenly remembered that day after cleaning up hkk people on the outskirts of Giant Xia City, Han Xinyi said, "I have made shields. You don’t even have the most basic eyesight!" There is no point in killing you! "
There is an eagle sign in the shield, which means the Golden Eagle Guild is here.
It’s no wonder that Lu Cheng, the owner of Longmen Inn, was respectful to Xiaoyi, while Xiaoyi was indifferent to him. It’s not natural indifference, but that people have stayed in that position for a long time and become accustomed to it. She is willing to take a word or two from you. That’s really giving you a face.
There are always some people in the mainland, not to mention that you can’t be provoked or even provoked by Golden Eagle.
Han Xinyi was personally sent to the base by the highest level of Golden Eagle. Because of her shocking identity, she changed the recommendation of Longmen Inn and was able to hold the Golden Eagle token, which represented the meaning of the Golden Eagle conference leader.
Now that the token appears here, everyone is shocked
Han Xinyi pointed to the expression Hong Wudao. "Are you really recommended by Longmen Inn? I don’t know what to do, but I dare to kill my companion again and again. I didn’t intend to bother you because your whole hkk is not qualified to let me bother you. Now it’s good for you to make a mistake. I don’t want you to apologize. Go back and let your conference director Hong Ji personally come and apologize to my companion. "
Mad dog dragon’s eyes are straight. Xiaoyi, you are so handsome. No one dares to talk when you let go. After Hong Wu, you become deaf and blind. You can’t see or hear anything on the other side and become a paper man.
This tone is so cool that even the eyes of the voyage are full of surprise.
The headmaster coughed twice again. "This Korean classmate should make friends but not settle. I think …"
"Shut up!" Han Xinyi was furious. "What kind of thing do you dare to talk to me like this and tell Hong Ji that he can’t come to apologize and try not to apologize if he has the courage!"
Speaking of this, she turned around smartly. "Teacher, let’s go!"
As soon as she left, Mad Dog Dragon and Sao Hehe naturally followed.
Sailing slowly got up and watched Hong Wu’s eyes show mercy. "Why don’t you think about how to calm her anger? Don’t be in the giant city, hkk is the only one in this world! "
Then he turned and walked out of the principal’s office.
Mad dog dragon and SAO Hehe are looking around Han Xinyi in the corridor on the 7th floor of the teaching building.
Mad dog dragon sighed, "Xiaoyi, I know you are a big shot, but I didn’t expect you to be so big."
Sao ha ha smiled. "Xiao Yi, you make a close mouth."
Han Xinyi seems to be still angry and gnash his teeth. "It’s not that I’m the boss, and that guy is cruel. I gave him to the base to put him in the Justice League. It is estimated that hkk will be wiped out dozens of times."
Mad Dog Dragon said in silence, "Do you really want the president to apologize?"
Han Xinyi proudly said, "Of course, we Golden Eagle people have always been uncompromising."
SAO ha ha eyes is also a worry, "you are so afraid that the three of us will have a hard time graduating."
Han Xinyi cold hum a "you really take graduation here seriously? I’ve learned so much from both of you that it doesn’t matter whether you graduate or not. Besides, did they think about your feelings when you were killed in purgatory? Did you give me noodles? I can’t blame others for my own death. "
Seeing that she insisted on mad dog dragon, it was hard to say much. Fortunately, at this time, she sailed away and took a look at the three of them. "You three come to my office."
Han Xinyi, with a serious face on her voyage, finally knew what she had done badly. The teacher was always a base person, Hong Ji, who really came to apologize. You can imagine the future situation of the teacher.
She looked at Mad Dog Dragon and Sao Hehe again. Some dignified expressions sighed that she was still a little too tender. Look at the cucumber. How heavy is it? Otherwise, how can people finish it so difficult? Hey, when I left, the boss gave me the right instructions. I still need to learn not only scientific and technological knowledge, but also self-restraint and calmness
But now things have been played like this by her, and some people have honestly followed the voyage to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty I’m still alive
Han Xinyi and SAO Hehe are waiting patiently outside the sailing office.
Just now, the teacher reprimanded him for a few words and then left the mad dog dragon alone.
But instead of being angry, Han Xinyi and SAO Hehe are grateful to the teacher.
"I guess the teacher won’t stay at the base when this happens!" Sao Hehe analyzed
Han Xinyi said, "It doesn’t matter if the teacher has no place to go, we Golden Eagle welcome him to join us."
Sao ha ha said, "it’s no fun for us to stay."
"Oh?" Han Xinyi surprised looked at him "what? Are you going to leave? "
Sao ha ha eyes fell into the distance "just received a notice that my hometown has something to go back to, and I’m going to leave."
Han Xinyi nodded. "I’m almost going back to the Justice League, mainly because a lot of unnecessary troubles will come as soon as my identity is leaked."
"It seems that everyone has to go!" There is a sound of a mad dog at the office gate.
"Are you going, too?" Han Xinyi is puzzled.
Mad dog dragon nodded and came. "My hometown is the farthest from the exile. It’s time to go back and see it after such a long time away from the guild!"
This is obviously a lie. The voyage has entrusted everything to Mad Dog Dragon. Mad Dog Dragon really won’t learn anything if he stays any longer, but he will be in trouble if he stays.
It’s a long time to get together, but it always comes too soon to break up.
It’s still a giant Xia city. There are many beer bottles in front of Mad Dog Dragon in the Golden Pavilion Western Restaurant on the hill. Even Han Xinyi, who never touches alcohol, symbolically ordered a bottle of red wine.
SAO ha ha drink flushed holding a cup, "we will break up in a little while. Let’s three classmates have fought together. Cucumber and Xiaoyi will come to me if you have any difficulties in the future."
He smiled and said, "Xiaoyi probably has no difficulty, but if cucumber meets any difficulties in the future, just come to me."
Han Xinyi nodded. "Remember to come to me at any time if cucumber comes to the Justice League Shuiyuncheng in the future."
Mad dog dragon laughed bitterly. "I can’t estimate it for too long."
His eyes fell into the distance. "There are still many things waiting for me in Shuiyun City."
"Forget it, don’t say these sad words to drink!"
The travel route chosen by the three people is to fly to the border of Genius Hall from Giant Xia City Port, and then twist the jungle from the east, leaving Mad Dog Dragon and Han Xinyi to the Justice League.
Of course, after a short stay at Longmen Inn, Han Xinyi returned to Shuiyuncheng Mad Dog Dragon and continued to move toward the northern exile.
It took almost another week for this road, and the level of difficulty rose from 26 to 27.
Life 74 points +5 points +17 points =96 points;
Power 75 +49 +7 *35+2 =119;
Constitution 72 points +47 points +11 points =77 points;
Spirit 7 +4 +15 =771;
Science and technology intensity (5 points +4 points +62*5)*11=716 points;
Moving speed 52 points +2 points +(53 points *35)=716 points (continuous running 773 points);
Attack power (119*15)+ weapon =1664 points (night shadow 164 points, Black Hall 1964 points, Qinglong 214 points)