"Do you know who is taking the lead?" Yang Ye asked.

"Who knows that it’s hidden? They don’t accept outsiders. It’s impossible for other guild players to blend in. Their action mode should be that two pyramids are superimposed, and the main decision-makers present an inverted triangle. Finally, all decisions are made by one person, and then accepted by others and then sent to all alliance members."
"The Summer Palace Association has been in contact with them?"
"sakura rain didn’t want to contact, but the other party didn’t want to." One thought made him laugh. "They were outnumbered. The Summer Palace experienced World War I and their vitality has not yet recovered. Now it is estimated that you can save them."
As soon as I read the magic words, Yang Ye laughed. "Haha, don’t joke about it. Their situation can’t be helped for the time being, or we don’t need to wait for it for the time being!"
"Aha, it’s a little bad, but it can be like this." A smile of "hey hey" is to be continued.
Chapter 35 Xanadu?
Go all the way along the hole, ue, and shine with weapons to guide the way forward. The surrounding rock walls are smooth and wet. If you look carefully, you can see that the hole ue root is not naturally formed, but artificially chiseled. I just don’t know whether Aaron drilled the hole or the queen dug it.
From time to time, you can hear the water dripping from the curved stone wall. If there were more light here, it would be a beautiful place. Unfortunately, it is so dark that it makes you feel suffocated.
"That Aaron is not lying to us, is he?" When I think of it as a magic sword, I walk forward on my own, and the slippery ground makes him fall to the sky-he has fallen many times.
"It’s not like there’s no need to lie when you’re dying. Anyway, it’s wrong to have such a long cave here. Go in and have a look." Yang Ye shook his head gently, although he didn’t know if he could see it when he became a demon, but he still habitually made such a move.
"I’m not afraid to walk." I thought it was magic and said, "Ding". I stabbed a long sword into a crack in a hard stone and fixed my body.
"And …" Yang Ye frowned, slightly tilted his head and tilted his cheek forward. "Have you ever felt that the air flow is more intense?" It is the slight movement of damp and cold air in the cave that can clearly feel as if a cool icicle was on his cheek and neck …
When I read the magic smell speech, I also poked my head forward to explore the sensitive parts of my body-in fact, it’s almost the same where the game will be worse-as the promise war said, at this time, the air flow around them is more intense and they are all rushing in front of them, that is, in the depths of the cave ue. Generally speaking, the wind is formed because of the different air pressures in two places, but I don’t know if the game is like this. If it is, there should be a low air pressure or a place with severe air flow not far ahead.
No matter like Yang Ye, the more violent the airflow around them, the closer they are to going out from the hole ue.
Walk forward again for two minutes, and the airflow is getting stronger and stronger. The wind behind it is like a huge hand pushing a group of people in Yang Ye to move forward, even if they want to turn back, it will make them difficult.
You can already hear the wind whistling vaguely ahead, but this sound should belong to the exit position of the hole ue, and the wind force and speed are not great.
"The front is the exit. I feel it," Yang Ye sank.
"If you ask me, I also know. I don’t know how the Queen Flower is. After listening to you so much, I really want to see it once." I became fascinated and said that at first he just came with the promise war to talk about something. First, he helped the promise war. Second, he said something. As a result, it was said that the upgrade was really cool and decisive, but he still didn’t go.
From the beginning to the end, the most common word he heard was "queen flower"-he didn’t know what it was yet, and finally he pondered it for a long time before he understood it-a magnificent flower!
What this flower is really like is very fascinating. I care about him, but I know that it has prompted Yuhua Haicheng to bury flowers in the cemetery now. The guy is the vicious queen flower. How can you not see such an enemy?
It’s been a long time since Yang Ye accepted this help. What exactly is the Queen Flower? What is it? He doesn’t know what it means. He needs to take the Queen Flower Juice as a medicine formula to prepare a detoxification agent … It’s a pity that Cole doesn’t know if he is dead or not if he is dead, but he has already arrived at the Queen Flower Gate.
"I wanted to see this for a long time. I haven’t had a chance to do it for a long time." Yang Ye smiled and answered.
"It’s a pity that you can receive this, and it seems that this score is level 6. You dare to do it in your fifties. It’s killing you." One thought became a demon and shook his head and said that he didn’t understand the practice of promise war
"Hey, I’m also a level 5, although it’s almost 6, but it’s not that bad …" Yang Ye laughed and also Xia Ge? Aidijian is inserted into the crevice to stabilize his figure. Whether it is a slope or a slope, it is particularly difficult. It is very easy to wrestle without something to stabilize himself.
For example, Lilina, after experiencing the initial continuous fall, now encounters a slope and hugs Yang Ye’s back to let Yang Ye carry it directly; When I meet a slope, I will let Yang Ye go first, then she will jump from the surface excitedly, and then Yang Ye will catch her easily …
All the way, Lilina is playing with an abnormal heart, laughing and laughing, which adds a little warmth to the slightly horrible caves-in Yang Ye’s view, if another team comes to another place to hear this, I’m afraid the urine will come out.
The broken plug has been drifting in the hole. He can directly enter it from the underground. It is very troublesome to turn left and right like Yang Ye and others, but there is nothing wrong with this big guy going in. It is better to let it follow against possible attacks.
The wind ahead is strong again.
In this wind, it seems that there is still a faint "beep", and at the same time, you can smell a strange flower fragrance. This flower fragrance is very normal, not as pungent and rich as the flowers in the shadows or flowers. It is very light and smells good here.
Listen carefully and you can still hear the sound of running water, which makes people feel comfortable …
"The sound is quite comfortable, the flowers are fragrant, and the water is ringing in order. What a wonderful place! ….. Ah! Grass! " I got excited when I became a demon. I didn’t poke the sword in my hand, but my foot slipped and I fell directly on my back.
"Ha ha ha ….. even if the place is wonderful, you don’t kiss them, right? Ha ha ha ……" Yang Ye laughed heartlessly and looked at a dream and climbed up from the ground and vomited the soil that accidentally fell into his mouth because of the long sword flying.
"By laughing at Mao, I want to go in and have a look at it …" One thought became a magic, and then the light of the weapon mercilessly stared at Yang Ye, turned around and quickly moved forward again.
After a while, I walked around a corner and suddenly suddenly pulled up. Two people appeared above the mouth in Yang Ye. They looked out from the exit in front of them, and what they could see still startled them …
With some excitement, the three men moved forward again-at the end of the export …
At present, the light sublimates into a blooming flower under the eyes, and the flowers are blooming in order. The fresh air around the body will unload all the fatigue and look down at the ring-shaped lake around which the water is emitted …
The strangeness of their eyes made them stunned-in short, it’s like a crater in Yang Ye, where they are located. The rock wall around the fire department is like a small mouth in the rock wall. Yang Ye got out of the mouth and looked at the crater-but this crater is not lava but a paradise!
Yang Ye, a large hole in the whole crater above their heads seems to be really spewing magma, and a light shines on the whole fire. The wind at the top should be very strong. It is probably that the peak is halfway up the mountain to a little position. It is precisely because of the high wind speed outside the peak that the wind at the crater keeps flowing, and the ue airflow in the hole is affected by it and accelerates the flow.
So it is to make some craters not dull but rather cold …
The cave at their feet is a small lake surrounded by the crater. The lake is clear and the fish swim clearly. It is also a strange question how there are fish swimming here in this place. The shimmering light of the lake is refracted and projected to the surrounding stone walls, which is quiet and elegant.
In the middle of the lake, it is like an island in the lake, which rises slightly. It is covered with all kinds of flowers, red, pink, white and yellow, all of which exude a quiet fragrance and gently sway in the wind.
But these flowers of all colors only occupy a little bit of the island, and then there are a large number of petals of the same kind with broken strips, flat and long stamens scattered and yellow at the end, all of which are red and a little white. This flower almost fills the island with a large red color, and the top light sprinkles the surrounding stone walls with a slight red color …
In the central part of the island, there is a small wooden house surrounded by red flowers. It seems to be flat outside the house. This small house is obviously inhabited and such a room appears. This is a slightly scary and weird thing …
This flower Yang Ye knows about it as soon as he becomes a demon-
Man sha Zhu Hua
Also known as the other shore flower and the dead flower.