The old injury of phalanx (nail) can’t be washed away by water.

Broken armor can’t hide the old beliefs of soldiers
Hold the gun and then hold the gun
Return to the forefront
Wang zaifang
Hatred is in the air.
The horn sounded again in the distance.
Back to my hometown
How to return to my hometown?
What happened to you once?
Who is it, bride?
Who makes clothes?
The fire beat with despair.
Who is singing in a low voice
Say that the forgotten are sad.
Battle certificate hope
Shell remains slaughtered (seconds kill) body.
There is no blood, no tears and no light in the hole.
Ah ~ ~
Rotten glory
Dry and brilliant
Hold the gun and then hold the gun
Return to the forefront
Hatred is in the air.
Wang Zaifang! "
Belief, fanaticism, faith and firm movement At this moment, DOAER of different colors, hobbies and different regions all accepted a kind of residual divine light in the frozen throne in this amazing adaptation song. King Arthas looked back and struggled in an instant before he left the frozen throne. That breathtaking power turned musical elves into the purest, most exciting and unforgettable force in Cologne Stadium, which inspired newcomers who had loved DOA for many years or just loved it.
Tonight is the final decision for the glory of the king to belong to the king!
Veteran odd or counterattack day?
See the world war I!
DOA is different from football.
At least it is different from the European Champions Cup in continental Europe. The final of the football Champions Cup is a battle, but the DOA European Invitational Tournament is a two-win system in three sentences.
DOA is more accidental, violent and magical, and it is more difficult to control the direction of the game in many cases.
Moreover, the DOA venue is smaller, and the audience has a stronger sense of distance from their beloved idols.
Everything in the evolution of commercialization requires that the finals of large-scale competitions must be multi-round competitions.
Three games, no less, no more.
Aside from the accidental factor, more game changes and tactical adjustments are the best choices.
Ling is a little sad. After the Overture of the Dead, it is the dinner of the world DOAER banquet in Cologne Stadium tonight.
The first official scene of the European invitational tournament!
(PS) In this chapter, the onion reminds me of being brushed with blood in the afternoon when someone skipped class. The warm sunshine shone on a shivering teenager through the gap in the criss-crossing posters in the Internet cafe. Although the WOW time has passed, the onion has not grown into an M brush in the end. I don’t know whether I should be glad that I didn’t become a sacrifice in the game or regret that I missed a big one. Now that I am in pandaren, the onion is trying to go back and continue hanging out, but I don’t know when it has. After the change, I feel strange in my mouth. Maybe I’m old and I’m running for three people. I’m still so upset. I found this song in the corner of the first article when my classmates brushed 25 people. I played it in U for everyone to listen to "Overture to the Dead". I miss some people for this song. Thanks to DOAER and WOWER for walking together in the lush years … So now the hot-blooded teenagers have also voted for you, which makes me feel your blood ~! )
Chapter 95 What is God?
The European Invitational Tournament is the most important DOA event in the world in winter. Every year, it stands out in this period of time, as if it were a cold plum in winter.
The most famous is not only wonderful schedule and fierce competition.