Being close to the shadow devil and perfectly releasing the soul elegy is a big move. Ghosts ate a triple pressure when they landed in the highlands in the early stage.

Although the loss of blood volume seemed less than fatal at the time.
Not worth a damn.
But now it seems that Zhai Hao calculated the triple pressure.
The target is ghosts!
Ordinary people can’t!
Zhai Hao is domineering and leaking!
The shadow demon instantly took away the ghost who was dizzy by the ravine of the god cow.
And the next thing is the outbreak of gods.
When VIGOS performs!
Because the gods are not dead!
The reputation of the residual blood god machine gun is too loud.
But the opponent will not understand this pain without being solved by the gods every second.
Blessed with blood circulation and boiling spear, the god is a crazy soldier who keeps making blood and bleeding!
Harvesting the life around you.
The first one is the magic cow!
Small stone Nai Shen Niu took care of the gods when he jumped into SK formation, but the strange pulling of the gods made the ravine dizzy without the gods after the echo hit.
After eating a three-level elegy, the gods are now balancing the two seemingly contradictory skills of blood-returning and boiling spear.
Fast output damage.
Three spears!
The cow fell to the ground.
In two seconds, the ghost finally hit the armband to win, and the last three blows of the shadow demon combined with the dizziness responded to the little Y to kill the dragon riding!
What is the tide doing?
SK team tide is the last hand!
It’s only white when the dragon rides down on the ground. Why does the SK team let ghosts take the lead?
Because tide is a god in SK team, one hero is responsible for group control.
EH fans think they must be crazy. It’s the first time in their lives that a successful player has seen it in such a top professional league.
The field forbearance is to cooperate with the development of gods in the middle road and with the output and creation of VIGOS gods.
The tide did it.
At least his card position makes Zhai Hao inevitable when he is under pressure.
Seconds are slow, slow and fast.
After the cow fell to the ground, the shadow demon ended the magic time.
Soon after the dragon fell to the ground, the tide was killed by the shadow demon.
After the knight was controlled by the tide, he rushed to the back of the dragon riding slowly, adding blood and not letting it out
The Dragon Rider was screened by the gods.
Kill both gods!
The gods are still going on. VIGOS is still going on. The attack speed and blood volume attenuation brought by the crazy armband became the strangest movement on the battlefield when the little Y shackles controlled the shadow demon.
Harvest the music!
Shadow fell to the ground!
The shadow devil buys a job!
Zhai Hao’s finger joints stand out from the live screen at this moment, which is so dazzling. At this time, EH fans are sighing lightly.
Watching the shadow demon take away the residual blood and still fight the gods and Xiao Y in front of the tower.
Buying a live shadow demon in less than 20 seconds became the last barrier in the middle of the Guards Road at this time.
ZGDYD team
S successfully pushed off the road barracks.
During the resurrection of the SK team,
Hard to cooperate with the shadow devil to push off the tree of life of the guards in the state of two roads in the middle road!
SK team PANO naigg
ZGDYD won the European finals!
Tears rolled down my cheeks.
PANO suddenly felt very heavy when he looked at the close-up audience with blurred eyes. SK lost.
With SK, the deepest expectations of supporters in Germany were lost in the last game of the European Invitational Tournament.
PANO shook his head and he must get back what he lost today in the future!
We must create a days of our lives of our own!
VIGOS and SK teammates lost.