Ye Qing rushed to the front, holding his strength in his heart, and when the other person stirred up, he burst his head with some shots. After three heads of the other person exploded continuously, the line of defense at point A collapsed, but one person died, and then he marched into and occupied point A.

Quickly make defensive arrangements, and then modern ep reinforcements will come soon, and two people can’t afford to turn over the big waves. Although the sniper of the other side killed one of them again, Ye Qing seized the opportunity and shot him in the head!
Ye Qing killed four opponents in this round, which made the firepower of Modern ep extremely weak. The rest of the players embraced and turned the remaining gunner into a sieve. The club pulled back one point, and the total score between the two sides became five to three. Modern ep still led by two points.
In the second round of the half-court, Ye Qing asked four men to attack Point A. He stole Point B by himself. Four men at Point A successfully attracted each other’s firepower and gave them enough pressure to force the other party to command and call for reinforcements. Point B immediately rushed to Point A for reinforcements. Ye Qing followed Point B and sneaked in from behind to kill two reinforcements. One of them was a sniper!
As a result of Ye Qing’s sneak attack, all the modern ep reinforcements were killed. Point A couldn’t support it immediately, and the I club was defeated by attack. Therefore, the I club regained one point again, and the total score became five to four. At this time, it was one point behind, which made the I club people see hope again.
The modern ep commander also realized the problem, and immediately adjusted the tactics and pressed the defense line outward, so that Ye Qing had no chance to sneak attack and could not hold a point, so it was only one person to support it, and one person had to be left to guard the package point, which had to be drilled by the other side.
Ye Qing, of course, won’t sneak attack continuously. You successfully sneak attack once, and then the other side will be prepared, and then you will die. In the third round, he won the troops to attack Point B again. Four machine gunners were scattered in front, and snipers dragged behind to cover Ye Qing. It is very useful to throw a lot of flash bombs to cover, but when the other side won’t lose them again, they will lose another flash bomb, so that the other side will be caught if they fail to take precautions.
After throwing four flash bombs, the machine gunner rushed recklessly. Why throw four flash bombs? Because we have to leave one for the other side’s reinforcements, when the other side’s reinforcements arrive, this flash bomb may be wonderful, because the other side may lose all the flash, so it is estimated that they will brazenly rush at this time and throw another flash bomb out. Maybe the other side will be recruited and kill a few flies. It is not easy.
Four machine gunners from Club I rushed into Point B, but none of them jumped on the other side. Obviously, the other side gambled to deploy the military department at Point A, and they were going to attack Point A. However, although modern ep made such a bold arrangement, he was always calculating how much it would take when the other side came out of the base and rushed to Point A. Once it exceeded this, he didn’t see the enemy figure, which meant that the other side didn’t plan to attack Point A. It must have gone to Point B. There was no second possibility.
He immediately rushed to point B with his people. Of course, he still left a person at point A to prevent the other party from being distracted. But if the other party was really distracted, how could he keep this person against the other party’s attack? This is just a modern ep commander leaving an eyeliner, and it is not really necessary to let this person stick to point A.
It is conceivable that it is difficult for four people to attack point B. After all, there are five people in the I club at point B, and there are also Ye Qing ak guarding the point, which is sharper than the modern ep machine gunner. They have all tasted his fierceness and are all worried about his marksmanship. Almost after the war, the modern ep was suppressed by the fire of the I club.
Until the success of the I club package, the modern ep failed to break through the defense line, and one person was killed by Ye Qing. Of course, the modern ep sniper was not idle and killed two people in the I club continuously, but they still dared not rush forward with Ye Qing.
Modern ep commander Ned also transferred the man who stayed at point A. Four men launched an onslaught in an attempt to break the defense line of the other side by the number advantage, but Ye Qing let a machine gunner stop it, and he kept hiding in the bunker and was ready to go. When the other side rushed to a place close to him, he suddenly flashed out. It was a gun fire that knocked down the other two people. At this time, Thomas also gave a considerable shot to kill the sniper of the other side. The modern ep offensive was instantly disintegrated, and the remaining man wanted to return but was still alive. Pearl Krabs did not give him a chance to blow his head. Club I scored another point.
Chapter 1129 The fifth decisive battle
After the score was equalized, the morale of the I club became stronger, trying to overtake the score and beat the modern ep in one fell swoop. Of course, the modern ep won’t give up on this game. Their command quickly adjusted their tactics and took the initiative to attack. As a result, they played an encounter with the I club again, but this time the modern ep withstood the pressure and the snipers played well again. Finally, they broke up the I club and took this round to rewrite the total score to six to five to gain the lead again.
It was close to winning the game, but the blink of an eye made the other side overtake the score. Ye Qing was quite annoyed. He had to force himself to enter the best state and let the others attract the other side’s firepower. He acted alone and played by his own ability, but no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t beat the other side many times.
The modern ep conductor seems to be on guard against Ye Qing. He has mastered the law. Once the I club is backward and dangerous, Ye Qing will act alone and try to turn the table on his own ability. As soon as he sees that the I club is one point behind, the modern ep conductor becomes alert and specially sets a trap for Ye Qing to jump in.
As a result, Ye Qing was ambushed, surrounded by the other three machine gunners from different directions and covered in the barrage. He broke free and was finally killed. Later, Modern ep commanded to kill a carbine to defeat the other team of Club I and won this round, which expanded the score advantage by two points and also got the match point, which was almost invincible.
Ye Qing glanced at the score, and it seemed that this map had won. I hope the best ending would be a draw. The fifth map is the key. Nevertheless, Ye Qing still wants to equalize the score, and a draw is better than losing, which can make the other side score less.
In the sixth round of the half-time, the troops in the middle of the I club steadily fired smoke bombs, paved the way for flash bombs to cover the opponent’s defensive area, and then the machine gunners broke into the A point and quickly attacked the modern ep defense line. The modern ep commander quickly adjusted the formation and transferred the B point people to support the attack from the back of the I club. Before and after attacking, the I club people were quickly killed.
Ye Qing paid great attention to protect himself during the attack, so his lethality weakened a lot. A machine gunner killed the other side, which led to the arrival of reinforcements. Club I collapsed under attack, but this can’t be blamed on Ye Qing. After all, they can’t afford to lose, so they dare not go forward and kill at will. They must be careful. What if he is killed by the sniper of the other side? If he dies too fast, the team will collapse even faster.
He’s left surrounded by a pair of people outside point A, and there’s almost no way out. He can shrink behind the box and try to find a way. Modern ep people are also afraid of being ambushed, and they are advancing slowly. For them, there’s no need to worry now, and it’s impossible for the other person to make a comeback alone.
This is a hunting game, and Ye Ye has sadly become the prey of the other side. Modern ep, three machine gunners are gradually approaching the sniper, and the mirror is aimed at the front, so as to kill Ye Ye as soon as he appears.
Ye Qing guessed that the other person should have been close, so he rushed out and directly killed a machine gunner in front of him. But his life immediately came, and the gun didn’t give him a chance to turn back. He directly shot him in the head and drilled it from the back of his head. This is a golden head shot!
Ye Qing sighed with a sigh. I Club lost the map after all, and the other side equalized the total score. The two sides fought two to two. This map shows that Modern ep beat I Club five, and the players are very excited. It is quite rare to pull two games in a row when they are two points behind, which is more fulfilling than they beat the super team.
The white shark raised his hand and wiped his forehead. I was really worried just now. Fortunately, these boys lived up to expectations and finally equalized the score. Everything depends on the fifth map. With the fifth map, I won the first game. The white shark is full of confidence in this. Can it be tied in a situation where it is 2-0 behind? Can’t it be the final victory?
"oh! What a pity! " I club bench several substitutes are lamenting that the two-point advantage of the team has been wiped out by the other side. Once it was one step away from victory, it was within reach, but his teammates failed to seize the opportunity. Tian Peng was so impulsive that he wanted to go to Taiwan to talk to Ye Qing. Yuzryha Qing replaced him. He felt that Zhao Xiayang played a little frustrated in the game today, which was far from the normal training time. He didn’t exert his real strength. He felt that he would definitely play better than Zhao Xiayang.
However, this substitution is only effective if the captain doesn’t take the initiative to make a substitution. There is no way and no way for the substitute to find his own captain. That is illegal and will interfere with the game. At that time, the referee will punish the team lightly, and if it is serious, it will directly disqualify the competition and directly eliminate Tian Tian. Although I am anxious, I can pray in my heart that the team can perform well on the fifth map and that Zhao Xiayang will suddenly break out to help the team gain an advantage.
Pearl Krabs and Nalan played fairly normal, and Ye Qing’s killing was sharp enough, but the method easily defeated the other side. The game was very difficult, and the other side’s tenacity and will to fight were beyond their imagination. This is a tough team, and it is quite difficult to play the blasting map. The sniper of the other side is just like a duck to water. He can always give a fatal blow to the I club at the key moment, disintegrate their offensive, and the other side commands and arranges troops. There is also a set of adjustment tactics.
Ye Qing rubbed his temple, feeling that his brain was a little heavy and his head was a little groggy, which would inevitably affect his state. But the team has now reached the most dangerous point, and there is a map. If this map is lost again, they will be reversed by the other side and lose the first game directly, which will lead them to be very passive in the group stage, and the hope of qualifying is slim.
The pressure came like an avalanche, and Ye Qing felt that he couldn’t hold himself up. At this moment, he wished that Da Mi was on stage. If he looked at her and felt her encouraging eyes, he would be full of fighting spirit. Unfortunately, Da Mi has now left the team and concentrated on doing business. He recalled those who fought abroad with Da Mi, and his heart was full of sweetness. He also remembered the scene when Su Yanbing came to watch his game. Although there were many people in the audience, there were not many people watching the game. Instead, most people were watching Su Yanbing and Su Yanbing was in the audience. Among thousands of people, peerless and independent is so dazzling, and she is still holding a powder fist to cheer for herself. That beautiful charming shout once made her feel surging and gave her all the motivation.
The two girls are not at the scene now, and he feels a little lonely. He turned his head and quietly glanced at Pearl Krabs. Once this girl was his driving force, but now the wind is light and the clouds are light, and they have become a little subtle, and he doesn’t know how to locate them now.
He rubbed his temples again, hoping to ease his mood and make him lose his fighting spirit. He knew very well what he was doing this time. It was to realize his dream, to lead the team to make a name for itself, and to create profits for the team. It was impossible to let the team make ends meet.
Although Dami didn’t come to the scene, Ye Qing believed that she must be in her heart, especially hoping that she could win and win the championship. After all, she also put a lot of effort into the capital investment of Club I, and she has never been stingy, even though it is a bottom hole and has never made any money, she has been losing money, but she still does not hesitate to throw money into it.
Ye Qing believes that Da Mi is more than just him. He must be, too. This team can develop better. Da Mi once had a dream of winning the championship. Even though there is no management team now, Ye Qing believes that her dream has never been extinguished.
He cheered up and then turned to look at his teammates and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, now we have no way out. The last map is life and death. We must win! I hope everyone can play their normal training level, last stand! "
Last stand!’ The teammates clenched their fists, and the last map was taken. Everyone had to work hard.
Modern ep, their conductor is also encouraging morale, hoping to kill the opponent with the fifth map! Their teammates are full of confidence. They pulled two games in a row when they were two points behind. That’s how their confidence accumulated. When they were behind, they were still high-spirited. Now that they are even, it’s not to mention that they should be brave enough to chase after the bad guys and won’t give each other another a chance.
Before the fifth map competition, the nb team had won the first game, and directly sealed the opponent’s three-to-one. The strength was really ridiculously strong and qualified to participate in the fpl team. However, it was too frustrating to be shaved in front of the nb team.
The Tiger Brothers League was caught in a bitter battle, but at least it was one point ahead of the opponent. It was just that the game was a little slow, and the ag team won by three to one without much suspense.
Chapter 113 Single-handed (1)
The fifth map competition is also a blasting map. Ye Qing threw a coin and won the first place. This made him more confident. This time, he must play an advantage at half-time, and then steadily resist the opponent’s attack at half-time. It is an honor to win this game even if it is a narrow victory or a tragic victory.
Of course, every top-level event like fpl has a special explanation. Today’s explanation of this game is another game media signing female explanation. Nowadays, beautiful women are popular to explain the game, even if the game is not wonderful, but beautiful women can also attract attention to ensure the ratings. When loli stayed in Chengdu for a while, they also gathered with Ye Qing several times, but she didn’t say hello to them when she left. Now she naturally wants to explain the fpl game. After all, she is also a circle female explanation. The gold medal explanation is a flag benchmark figure.
Loli didn’t choose to explain the game of club I, but was asked to explain the game of nb team again. loli is of course extremely excited. She is also quite admired by Jiang Yuhan, a famous and popular sniper. It is an honor to explain the game of nb team.
During the whole explanation process, loli was full of passion, just as she was explaining the passion of Club I during the competition. When the nb team played a wonderful match, she couldn’t help cheering and was criticized by her partner. The position problem was once again exposed in this explanation. An explanation should remain neutral and objectively explain without favoring one side or belittling one side, but loli’s explanation is very inclined. Everyone can hear that she is biased towards the nb team, just like the nb team’s iron powder.
Although loli’s partner woke her up several times, she still remained the same, but it was precisely because of her true nature expression that the audience felt that she was real and loved her more and loved me, but whenever she liked the team, her fans would instantly like that team, just like the I club. At first, loli tended to favor the I club in the commentary, which led her fans to brush comments and support the I club on the Internet for a game. The support rate of the I club was as high as 10%
Even though loli didn’t explain the I club game today, there are still many people watching their game on the Internet, all because of loli’s influence. Note that I club gradually liked this team. Although the nb team game is wonderful, everyone knows that there is no suspense in the result. Knowing the result too early is nothing to watch. It’s like a video show. You know what the hero and heroine will be like in the end, so you don’t want to see the beginning and the middle. Spoilers are often the most annoying.
For this reason, many people choose to watch the I club games, because I club games are often full of suspense. Sometimes they can beat strong teams unexpectedly, and sometimes they lose the game inexplicably. Of course, this is in the eyes of the audience, but the actual root is not the inexplicable loss of the game, but a major mistake. It is difficult to guess the outcome based on the I club games.
It’s like this game: Club I leads by two to get two maps in a row. Almost everyone thinks that Club I is going to win this game, and it is very likely that it will score three to seal the opponent. Although it makes people feel incredible, no one dares to think like this before the game. After all, the performance of Modern ep in fs is obvious to all, which can be described as World War I fame.
Who knows that the plot has been reversed from the third map? It’s just a reversal of god. Modern ep has even pulled two maps to rewrite the score into two to two, which has pushed the I club back to the starting line. Who can guess? Moreover, it is unknown which team can win now, and the audience dare not jump to conclusions. No matter which team you guess can win, you may guess wrong, and you won’t know the result until the game is over.
If the game is good-looking, it will be good-looking. I don’t know the result here, but the game atmosphere will also affect the audience’s mood, making the audience feel ups and downs with the trend of the game, just like watching a blockbuster.
At this time, the nb team has finished playing loli, so she can pay attention to the game situation of Club I. She really appreciates Club I, especially Ye Qing. Even when they were in Chengdu, they had a bad time, but loli still appreciates that he is an fpl game. The teams are all strong teams. She is worried that Club I may not even make it to the group stage, and maybe she will lose badly in the first game. With this worry, she took a look at Club I’s modern ep score and suddenly got a fright.
It turned out to be two to two! It’s incredible that I club can draw the modern ep and win the final on the fifth map. She subjectively thinks that I club must be one point behind at first, and now it is even. If someone tells her that the modern ep is more than two points behind, she won’t believe it.
"Ye Qing is really amazing, but it is still difficult to win. The strength of modern ep has been proved in fs. It is definitely a strong team!" After loli finished, she sat down on the lounge sofa to drink coffee. Her partner sat next to her and leaned back on the sofa with ease and freehand brushwork. When she heard loli’s words, she smiled approvingly. "It’s really rare that you didn’t blindly favor the I club!"
"get out! Run on me less, I’ve always been objective, okay? They are fierce, but they can’t beat others. I’m telling the truth. "loli didn’t good the spirit tunnel.
"Haha …" Loli’s partner smiled and then went on, "Are you jumping to conclusions a little early this time?"
"Why? Are you optimistic about club I? That really surprised me a little! " Loli took a look at his partner and was surprised. He knew that this guy was always arguing with himself and supporting the I club, and he was complaining about it.
Loli partner shook his head and said, "I’m not optimistic about club I, but I think the outcome of this game is still unknown. No one can say which team will win in the end. You think modern ep is powerful, but club I is also a team that has repeatedly created miracles, isn’t it?" Onlookers, we just need to wait and see the results. Guess is meaningless. "
"You are right this time! Then let’s just wait and see which team is better! " Loli took a sip of coffee and kept staring at the big screen on the wall, which happened to be playing the fifth map competition of Club I Modern ep.
The first big screen broadcast is the nb team game. After the game, the pilot obviously saw the I club’s modern ep game. The most difficult game was that the first game was tied at two to two, and the fifth map was needed to win the game. Besides, the super team game was almost over, so they chose this game to broadcast.
In the first round, The Infiltrator, the club I, led by Ye Ye, broke the modern ep behind the B-point defense line, lured the other side to unpack the package and annihilated the other side’s reinforcements to win the first round. Ye Ye Ye also performed extremely eye-catching tactics in this round, and it was not luck to finish this point.
In the second round, the soldiers of Club I were divided into two ways to attract each other’s forces at point A, and all the way to attack point B, Ye Ye was attacking point B. He rushed to the front and dared to stop others. The defense at point B was broken down by him alone, and then Club I entered point B, and point A was attracted. At this time, the big dream woke up and hurried to point B, but it was too late to reach point B. When Ye was outside defending and stalling, four bags were wrapped up, followed by the pursuers at both ends, and they were quickly wiped out.
Club I unexpectedly led Modern ep 2-0 in the deciding game, which made the Modern ep conductor a little crazy. last stand actually faced the white shark like this.
Modern ep players are also very ashamed. I didn’t expect to lose two rounds in a row, but these two rounds were not wronged at all. The opponent’s ak machine gunner was really good, and the headshot rate was terrible. Just like the plug-in, the modern ep conductor realized that if they couldn’t find a way to suppress the opponent’s ak machine gunner, they would lose the game.
Ye also knows very well in his heart that it is difficult to win this game by relying on the overall strength of the team. He must rely more on his own personal ability to turn the tide. He must be sure that his teammates can contain each other’s firepower and can’t break the enemy. In fact, he is very willing to believe that his teammates want to rely on them, but after the previous map competitions, he has realized that it will ruin the game. He once again shouldered the responsibility of supporting this team and taking them to victory.
In the third round, under the command of modern ep, the troops went out directly, which is the usual practice of their command. Once they can’t hold it, they should go out. Attack is the best defense, but it must be very accurate to guess the direction of the opponent’s attack, otherwise the package will be given away and easily occupied by the other side without defense, and then they will be in a passive position.
Chapter 1131 Single-handed (2)