Sure enough, after Su Ling’s voice fell to the ground, the thunder sledgehammer had already converged, and the bandits’ color flooded his cheeks again!

He pretends to be calm and seems to be trying to make himself look like a qualified bandit!
He spat out a mouthful of blood from his mouth, so he smiled and said, "Little bitch is not as good as you … Ah!"
Lei sledgehammer once again spoke wildly, but this time he was not as lucky as before!
But after listening to his sudden barking, he propped up the ground, and then there came a scalp-numbing bone fracture at his wrist!
The shooter ray sledgehammer still didn’t see it clearly!
But until now, he was really white. Today, he kicked the iron plate!
I didn’t expect Mujiazhai to invite so many powerful people in just two or three days!
He can’t say, absolutely not!
Otherwise, the master plan will be exposed!
Lei sledgehammer looked at Su Ling darkly, and his forehead was beaded with sweat because of pain!
The ferocious cheeks are twisted together!
Finally, when he sat on the ground with his arm against the wall, he no longer looked like a bandit, but looked at Su Ling calmly and sharply and asked, "What do you want to know?"
Seeing this, everyone has an idea, but they feel that things are definitely not that simple!
This sledgehammer deliberately disguised himself as a bandit in Mujiazhai to hide something!
But if he wants to hide it deliberately, but it doesn’t show up at home, otherwise he has a token, how can Mujiazhai people know about it!
"I want to know that you don’t want us to know!"
Su Ling’s shrewd eyes don’t blink with a sledgehammer, so cute and smart!
But her pretty face is embedded with a pair of cold eyes!
Especially when she looked at the thunder hammer, the cold light in her eyes became more and more flashing and alternating!
"oh! I don’t want you to … ah … you …! "
Lei sledgehammer thought about fighting back with Su Ling’s words to delay, but when his attitude was revealed, Su Ling got up and stepped on his wrist and arm directly!
"Ray sledgehammer now you are not qualified to deal with us. I will give you a chance to say or die! It’s up to you! "
Lei sledgehammer is harsh. Looking at Su Ling’s arm hurts, he wants to faint!
More importantly, at this time, he still has a lucky mind, but when he saw Huang Lao slowly, he clearly saw the token in his hand, and the whole person was not good!
"South Xia Guojun Order?"
Huang Lao’s thin lips sneer at the cavity and he looks at the thunder hammer everywhere!
And what he said instantly made Su Ling feel shocked!
Looking back, she was shocked and took the token in his hand. She was not suspicious. "Is this Nanxia Kingdom?"
Burn old cold should be a and this token happens to be a ghost Yan just handed it to him!
I didn’t expect that these bandits turned out to be the South Xia National Army Team. !
However, even though Su Ling was quite shocked at this time, Yu Guang knew that all this was true when he saw the frightened look of Lei Hammer!
She naturally doesn’t believe it has anything to do with Shinohara Snow!
What’s more, there are so many imperial daughters and even the queen Xia Fei Mian in Nanxia, and she can guess who this token belongs to for a while!
Is it Xia Fei Mian? !
The tall woman who is unwilling to be lonely? !
At the beginning, I was so selfish that I didn’t hesitate to frame the old woman Shinohara Snow? !
If it’s her Su Ling, I think it’s possible!
But recently, it is said that Xia Fei Mian has been in poor health. Does she still have the heart to covet the treasure in this situation? !
Just as Su Ling was thinking secretly, but she didn’t have a clue, suddenly a small sound made everyone look askance at the same time!
"No, he has poison in his mouth!" Off-topic:
This is a chapter, five, five, two. Damn it, it’s all dead!
"No, he has poison in his mouth!"
When the words fell, Su Ling quickly took a hand and clamped his jaw!