"Don’t you dare!"

Shinohara snow humbled refuted the sentence: once you lift your eyes, you will know that you have been calculated by him when you are annoyed by the bantering eyes of the burnt glass!
"Snow tell me when it was? I have no impression at all? "
This is a chapter 743 [Shinohara Snow Fanwai] May Day.
"Snow tell me when it was? I have no impression at all? "
Shinohara snow looked like a ghost and stared at the burning glass. When she did such a bold thing, she even died in retrospect.reads;

Now this fellow should let her say it. What a fucking joke!
Xiao Xue licked her lips and gently coughed. She made up her mind to die. "Cough, you think too much!"
"Is it-?"
The ending is stretched by him and threatening!
Xiao Xue eyebrows "I said yes!"
This tone even made her stunned!
What an illusion of flirting!
Well, it must be an illusion!
"Don’t you qi chu things? You and I have brought this for half a month … "
"Don’t worry! The old man drove away the third and fourth brothers, leaving me in the palace to go back or not. I have the final say! "
When talking, the fundus of the yellow glass flashed across the cold, and Shinohara snow sighed at this!
Ling things she also heard about, including what happened before the mother emperor died, which made Shinohara snow gradually feel white and yellow.
Even if the means are fierce as the mother emperor, you can’t escape in the end!
But he can still stay out and enjoy the high everything. I’m afraid this man was ignored by everyone from the first!
In those days, heaven and man said that the emperor of the State of Qi was afraid because he married the daughter of the emperor of Southern Xia!
This smell will last forever!
But now, among the four countries, except Qi and Chu, there has never been a brother’s visit to the wall, and all three of them are lucky!
Including the fact that Huang Yi, who has always been criticized, is the most advanced in the development of Qi and Chu!
This is what he silently plots the result without everyone laughing at him!
Shinohara snow faint sigh "glass elder brother now is not the time to be impulsive!
Even if I lost your mind, we will be possible again!
I’m going to be the queen of Nanxia and you will be the emperor of Qi and Chu!
Have you ever thought that if we were together, people would be laughed at that day?
I’m the queen and you’re the emperor. I’m destined to marry a husband, and you’re going to be married. How do you balance it? ! "
Shinohara snow tone solemnly her face primly revealed two people crossing the ravine!
And burn three-dimensional glass smell is also a short silence!
The atmosphere of the two people gradually sublimated and then fell back to freezing point!
The dreary atmosphere seem to bring a cold and gloomy atmosphere to that bedroom!
Both Huang Yin-li and Xiao Yu-xue must face the present situation and escape from reality!
"What if …" Huang Yin-li’s eyes were clear when he was silent for half a ring. "If I don’t be Qi Chujun, will you accept me?"
It’ s just a shocking heartbeat!