This woman is crazy, too. She is a distant relative of this bathing boss. She immediately took out her words and made a phone call.

"Old also don’t go what do you want to put the old? If you hit me today, you’ll hit me. Wait for me to kill you or you to kill me. "
Xiao Qiang took a stool and sat down with a big makin knife, waiting for this woman named Abortion to call someone. Anyway, he will not be afraid if he knows the boss here.
Although there are not a large number of people at the bathing center like large entertainment clubs and casino bars, there are not a few people at the venue. Less than a minute after the call, a fat man came in with ten people combatively.
"Who hit abortion is my relative is his mother who dare to hit people here? Don’t want to die? " The fat man shouted as soon as he came in.
"What’s the problem with the boss Sun, a woman named Abortion who is not sensible, and I give him two slaps? I’m not in a good mood today. Can’t you see that my head is still wrapped in gauze? Do you really want my life? "
This fat man has a big voice and a strong voice.
"It turned out to be Xiao Brothers. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you." As soon as a deadly person was clear, Xiao Qiangma’s tone changed and he became kind.
"I’m in a bad mood today. You, a self-proclaimed abortion girl, dare to offend me. I gave her two slaps, and she will have my boss Sun killed. Now that your business is bigger, you won’t put me in the eye."
Xiao Qiang got to say
"Brother Xiao, who am I? It turned out to be Brother Xiao. You must be right to teach me a lesson."
The owner of the bathing heart hurriedly made amends to Xiao Qiang. You know that his bathing heart is not clean. If there is no shelter, it would have been ordered to suspend business for rectification. This boss Sun’s bathing heart can stand on its feet. That is, because of Wei Zhang, Wei Zhang’s father, Zhang Haotian, sheltered him from the police. If Xiao Qiang offended Wei Zhang, the consequences can be imagined. It is estimated that it will not be long before his bathing heart will have to be closed for rectification.
"Boss Sun, you’d better discipline yourself. Go and stop making trouble like this again." Xiao Qiang snorted. This is the only way to prepare the building.
"Brother Xiao, take care."
A deadly boss Sun hurriedly said
"Uncle Sun, you just let this little walk away. He slapped me twice and even my teeth were interrupted." Xiao Qiang called an abortion woman after the building and said in front of Sun Boss that he could not say injustice.
"You should fucking hit this Xiao Qiang, too. Be smart when you can offend me, and then make trouble for me. Don’t blame me for fixing you."
Boss Su is also a hot-tempered man. He grabbed abortion’s hair and slapped her in the face, then left with the people.
"Strong elder brother, are you ok with that thing? We brothers are all washed-up. Is this good? This life is not finished. I haven’t married a wife yet. "
Xiao Qiang, as soon as he got to the first floor hall, he found that his hands were depressed one by one. Where did Xiao Pang sit? When his horse came running after him, he asked …
"It’s not like his mother can’t be a man like you. If you’re not in a hurry, you’re in a hurry. Why are you afraid that others won’t know?" Xiao Qiang swore when he saw Xiao Pang asking these questions that made him taboo.
"Brother Qiang, I’m not really in a hurry. This Zhouyi is so weird that a small needle pricks us. Why can’t we be men? I think we’ve been in Hangzhou for several years, but now it’s really humbled to turn over the boat in the gutter."
Xiao pang hurriedly accompany careful way
"It is estimated that our face injury will not leave scars after another operation, but we can’t be a man now. This is really a big loss, but what are you complaining about?"
Xiao Qiangshen said that it is more anxious than anxiety.
"Brother Qiang, you’re right. It’s not a way for us to spend so much time. Why don’t we go to the hospital? It’s a big event in our future and we can’t consider everything."
Xiao pang is also anxious to say that this guy is a typical lecher who wants to have sex with women several times all day long. His family likes to flirt with maids, and he often makes love outside, but now he can’t even get a woman. Why don’t you call him anxious?
"There’s a fart in the hospital. I called the doctor to give it to me when I checked the injury earlier. The doctor said that there was no problem there, but I just found a woman who blew me for a long time. I still didn’t have any reaction there and I didn’t know what the trick of Zhouyi was."
Xiao Qiang said, "If I had known that this little pervert killed me, I wouldn’t have provoked him. I don’t want to follow Zhang Shaoshao’s generation to become brilliant. Now even if we become nine years old in the future, what’s the point?"
Now Xiao Qiang regrets that even if he can have a good future with Wei Zhang, he can’t even succeed in succession. What’s the point of this brilliant career? Besides, this time, he may not be heavy on him after he botched things in Wei Zhang, but now he has no face to go to school with his head wrapped in gauze.
"Brother Qiang, give me an idea. We nine people can’t just die, can we?"
Xiao pang almost cried. The so-called man’s penis is dying. Naturally, he feels that life is meaningless.
"I want to have a way to travel with you here? Let’s talk about whether it will be restored in a few days. In the face of this embarrassing situation, Xiao Qiang has no choice.
"Brother Qiang Zhouyi, each of us has a needle in the root of his thigh, so we can’t be a man. Since he has the Yin method, he must treat us. I have to find a way to do this from Zhouyi."
At this time, the wretched man with a long face wrapped in several layers of gauze came over and said to Xiao Qiang, although this guy is obscene and lewd, his brain is still better so that he was hit by Qin Feng the most seriously tonight, and now his head still hurts badly, but he is sober-minded
"I also know that Zhouyi can cure our strange diseases, but are they willing? I feel lucky today when people don’t kill us! "
Xiao Qiang didn’t speak after listening to the wretched man’s words, but Xiao Pang despised the wretched man. "Do you still want to force Zhouyi to help you heal? I didn’t realize that Zhouyi was powerful before, but now I want to think that this person’s methods are even more powerful than Zhang Shaoshao’s. If you don’t want your family to be killed, I advise you not to touch this bad luck.
"Then you can think about his way. Zhouyi is not a monolithic way to always figure it out." The wretched man muttered.