Two guards here check that Cao Liu is also relieved that the stabbing is not serious. It seems that when this page appears.

Soon the assassin was stabbed in the shoulder by Yan Qi’s sword, and the sword in his hand fell off.
Yan Qi didn’t want to leave any loose ends. He didn’t hesitate to stab the man’s throat with a sword.
"Aunt Sun?" He called a.
Grandmother shivered and emerged from the shadows. "Handmaiden is fine."
"Take Cao Liu away" Yan phase eyes flashing way
Out of the Cao family, he mused to send all the Cao family out of the capital overnight. Don’t expose us. Cao Liu took it to the clause in the suburbs of Beijing. Please ask the doctor to watch.
Cao Liu … Will it be a key link in the future? Jiu Ge, I can do everything you want.
Yan Qi looks up at the sky and smiles. Jiu Ge, will you thank me or do you think I have ulterior motives?
"What? Being rescued? " Yankang got up and nu way
"What else can you do? Hmm? The assassination of Yan Gui failed, the assassination of Su Shi failed, and now the assassination of a eunuch failed. Does the king want you? " He kicked over the front of a bodyguard way
Everyone is right. Who would have thought? An assassin with such a good martial arts in front of an old eunuch has ruined the Cao family’s seven people!
"Not to say that he was injured? Looking for overnight can’t find you also won’t come back "YanKang sit sneer at a way.
For a few days, I was afraid and rushed out of the house.
But there must be someone to help. Where can I find it? Hey …
When Cao Liu woke up, he saw Yan Qi’s window turn his back on him. Cao Liu was in a trance for a while. This was the only time to please 38 Chapter 38 Matchmaker.
"Don’t move. Speak for yourself. Will you stay in Beijing or will the king send you away? What is the reason why people have to kill you? The king doesn’t ask."
"Slave …" Cao six did not know what to say.
"You don’t have to be like this. If the king says don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t help you. Half of it is that you have served your father for decades and have been very good to us …" He didn’t finish.
"Do you want to stay in Beijing or do you want the king to send you away?" Yanqi avenue
"Slave is not precious little life is … but now I really can’t please report stick slave to send slave away" Cao six struggled to kneel on the couch.
"The king sent you to the northwest, such as? Jiu Ge will be kind to you, "Yan said.
"It’s a must! Never! " How can Cao Liu go to the northwest when he shakes his head and has the posthumous edict of the first emperor? It’s good for you to be safe.
"So … then stay in Beijing. Wang Neng has no good place to go except Yanjing City over the years." Yan smiled with self-mockery.
"I thank you for your report week" Cao six polite kowtow.
"You have a good care of it for the time being. The Cao family is fine. The king has sent them all out of the capital." Yan said and took a look at Cao Liu before going out of the door.
Cao six slowly lying with a smile "gnome male-"first emperor ye you have a good eye! You see, I’m not dead. I’m saving my life to help you, little Jiu-Er! Hahahaha! "
Su Mian’s breakfast in Fengcheng’s fierce palace called Feng Ling to invite Wei Xing.
Wei Xing is not an orphan since he was a child like Han Yun. Wei Xing is also a younger brother. If he doesn’t want to marry Princess Zuoya, it’s not enough.
Wei Xing was extremely nervous when he delayed seeing the princess for the first time.
"Feng Ling eldest brother, you …" He really didn’t dare to go to the report woman. What if the report was unhappy after one thousand?
"You don’t have to deal with how many big and small things the princess handles." Feng Ling laughed
Weixing nodded slightly before entering the room.
"It belongs to Weixing to greet the princess. Princess is well." Weixing fuels.
"Sit down." Su Mian looked at him. He didn’t see him. He didn’t look closely. Today, it seems that he looks a little less handsome than a few winds. Is it the military experience?
Much tougher than the guards.