"Because our place is different from yours, we have a requirement that a man can marry one wife. If he marries two wives at the same time, it is illegal and he will be arrested and imprisoned …" The little witch explained.

"ah? Why are you so overbearing here? It’s not funny at all. A man as good as a dry brother should marry a few more. That’s the case in our side, but don’t worry, sister, when the time comes, you just have to be the first wife. He has to listen to you when he is young … "Aly obviously can’t accept the depression of modern women’s social thoughts. That’s it. Still don’t forget to praise the little witch for her cute appearance, which really makes the little witch laugh and cry.
"Ha ha, you little girl, I don’t know what’s in the brain! Come on, don’t talk about this, hurry and watch it! " The little witch smiled and touched the little girl’s head and said with a smile, although her mouth said so, her heart was full of thoughts. Maybe her man really wants to have wives and concubines, because he is too good. If she occupies him alone, it is really selfish. If she didn’t give in long ago, Zhang Xiaoyan came there for ten days, and she has already shared her brother with Zhang Xiaoyan by default, isn’t it? Little witch, ask yourself in your heart.
The little witch and Aly are watching cartoons with great interest. Brother Gan has already bought a lot of vegetables from the supermarket, and then bought a lot of food to show this little girl Aly that this social junk food is delicious, but it is not as natural and pure as the food in Aly’s hometown. After brother Gan bought it, he took the food and let the little witch and Aly eat and watch himself and went to the kitchen to cook. It has been a while since he cooked, not to mention that his hands are really itchy. Brother Gan first washed vegetables and cut vegetables. After cutting the food, it is a very enjoyable process to cook, especially when you eat the delicious food made by your own hands, it is an achievement and enjoyment, and brother Gan enjoys this process and enjoys it!
In less than half an hour, the super chef cooked six dishes, most of which were eaten by the little witch, and a tomato and egg soup was cooked at the back end. After the table, the little witch and Aly greeted each other with a smile. Two girls, one big and one small, used to eat, and they were very reluctant to leave. They couldn’t smell the delicious food. They finally couldn’t help but abandon Pleasant Goat, Big Wolf and Big Wolf. When you can’t have both, you have to give it up. They still understand this truth!
This meal is just for the dry elder brother to take out the real thing to do. It’s just to compensate the little witch for being away from home for such a long time. Isn’t it right to let her keep the room alone and cook some good meals for her wife? So the temperature is just right. Even a greedy girl like Aly, who is used to eating natural delicious food, has to praise the dry elder brother for cooking delicious food. That’s a voracious meal! Muttered while eating, "Sister, do you think I’m right? A wonderful man like a dry brother, when you marry him, is a treasure. Cooking is so delicious. In our country, men never cook, and they keep a straight face all day. It seems that people owe him 200 yuan, which is not as good as a dry brother!" This kid, Aly, is absolutely amazing. I can’t help feeling in my heart. Ah, it seems that children’s words are taboo or children’s words are more real!
But this is another feeling in the ears of the little witch. How old is this little girl? It seems that there is nothing she doesn’t know. It’s amazing and endless. Every once in a while, she will shock herself. If someone has such a clown, it is estimated that she can bring laughter to her family alone. The little witch has reason to believe that she is absolutely capable!
"Ha ha Aly you said this is so reasonable! Come to this chicken leg brother to reward you! " Dry elder brother pinched smiles send us light targeting top one and then took a chicken leg and handed it to my little girl. Unexpectedly, my little girl shook her head and pursed her mouth and refused, "I don’t eat it. If I eat it, I will get fat and not be beautiful …" My little girl said that it makes sense that dry elder brother wanted to spray it directly at that time. Is it popular to lose weight? That’s not right, even if it’s popular to lose weight, such a little girl can’t lose weight!
Brother Gan pretended to be angry and said, "Okay, you don’t eat, you don’t eat for your sister!" " Brother Gan said that he would put the chicken leg into the little witch’s bowl, but I didn’t expect it to be rejected by my little girl. "You can’t give it to your sister. You can’t eat the chicken leg. If you eat the chicken leg, you will become a lazy sheep. It will not be beautiful then!" My little girl said that was a righteous word! Brother Gan, look at the little witch for a while and look at the little girl for a while, which makes you so good!
Brother Gan simply put the drumsticks in his bowl. Mother didn’t expect that it would be harmful for you to be reluctant to eat drumsticks. You don’t eat and eat and never lose weight, so you still maintain a perfect figure! So I looked at the little girl and wolfed down the drumsticks in my bowl!
Don’t be so happy when the little witch looks at this clown who makes Brother Gan angry like that. This little girl is too crazy. This is extremely big. Just how old she is. If she grows up, no one can let her die if she marries her! It’s terrible to be young. My little girl looks at a lady and eats. My little girl is old for the first time.
Just as the dry brother and the little girl were just having a good meal, the little girl stared at the dry brother who was eating chicken legs. Suddenly, there came a sentence that was not surprising and endless. "It should be delicious for the dry brother! When I am full and energetic, I will sleep well with my sister at night so that I can have a little sister to play with! "
Brother Gan and the little witch spit out all their meals when they heard this! This little girl is so cute! Who taught all this? It’s killing me! Dry elder brother and little syren looked at each other, two people’s eyes at the same time reached the same information Chapter 89 West Sea incident ()
Since Aly’s little girl finished that sentence, the little demon girl Gange never dared to provoke this little eccentric elf that night. I don’t know what else he will do. They don’t want to be blushed by a kid. This little girl is really a girl among girls. Whoever has this baby girl’s words is even more embarrassing because this little girl knows so much that it makes Gange’s little demon girl so ashamed!
Because of the arrival of Aly, the little girl, I didn’t make a good thing with the little witch, but I gave the little witch to the little girl in Aly. But Aly was quite generous and asked directly to me, "Brother and sister, you two are not husband and wife. You should sleep together. How can I disturb your good thing? I can’t invade your life in vain, so I will bear it with heart …" I made a very embarrassed expression while saying it!
Shit! This little girl is really amazing. Humans can’t stop him from being crazy, so Brother Gan quickly said, "That Aly and your sister are not married yet. Let’s sleep with your sister tonight. When we get married, we’ll sleep together …" Brother Gan said and the little witch girl eagerly waited for this little adult to reply. Who knows what crazy words he will make! That guy is waiting for a nerve-racking!
"Well, well, I’ll look after my sister for the dry brother first, so you can rest assured that I will give her to you completely when you get married …" The little girl pondered for a long time and then said seriously that she seemed to shoulder a very serious burden.
My little girl said this, and the elder brother quickly ran back to his bedroom to sleep. I really couldn’t get rid of her. Let her talk for a while, and she might say something. So I’d better give her to the little witch and go into the house and hide myself, or I’ll be bullied to death by him! What a bully! What a bully!
Look at the dry elder brother be defeated and flee. Aly, the little girl, triumphantly raised her little fist, which seems to have defeated the general, and then turned to the little witch and said, "Let’s go to sleep now. Let’s go to see Pleasant Goat Big Wolf. I don’t know if I can make up for it just now …" No matter whether the little witch agrees or not, she directly pulled her to the living room sofa and grabbed the little witch’s hand to let her watch Pleasant Goat Big Wolf with her.
To tell the truth, the little witch has watched Pleasant Goat Big Big Wolf for such a long time. Tonight is the most painful night for her. It’s a little fox and goblins who are in the mood to watch cartoons. I’m always worried about what comes out of this little girl’s mouth. She can’t stop talking, but she can’t drop her. She’s beyond the human category. Now she’s afraid to avoid it. She dares to provoke her again. It’s just a little fox and goblins. It’s a great thing to grow up like this!
Although it’s painful, it’s always past ten o’clock before you know it. That little girl in Aly is sleepy, too. At the time of Inse Island, the islanders all stopped at sunset and rose at sunrise. Now suddenly, it’s ten o’clock at night, which is stimulated by lights and TV dramas and cartoons. Otherwise, she would have been sleepy! The little witch waited on the little girl after washing, and then they went into the room, turned off the lights and went to sleep. This thrilling day finally returned to the original calm.
The next day, Brother Gan still got up at five o’clock, and then ran around the community for a few laps to buy breakfast. By the way, he chatted with the uncle and aunt who sold breakfast for a while before coming to the building early. When the little witch and Aly came to the building, they didn’t get up. If it was normal, Aly got up early, but because she slept too late last night, she broke her biological clock, which led to her not getting up at dawn.
Brother Gan watched the morning news. Suddenly, a piece of news caught his eye. According to Huaxia News Agency, South Vietnam actually sent warships to invade the fishing island in Chinese territory, and even inserted the South Vietnamese flag. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned this violation of other countries’ main acts! After reading it, it depends. The world is not peaceful these days. Even a small South Vietnamese country dares to bully me. It is a kind of sadness to have to lock up in this era, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is full of diplomatic rhetoric that has almost nothing. One minute it strongly condemns, and the other minute it strongly condemns. What people don’t care! It’s like a joke that one day your beautiful wife is occupied by others, and it’s quite cool for others to play. As a result, you not only don’t take your wife back, but also seriously condemn others for this kind of behavior. What’s the matter with this? Maybe people are having fun with your wife when you condemn it! This is the tragedy of a scholar meeting a soldier. At that time, you were just right and you couldn’t tell. Brother Gan thought that when you couldn’t understand the truth, you could solve it by force! Someone just owes his mother to clean up. He won’t know who’s the boss and who’s the penis until you chop him up! The politics inside the gun barrel is proved by practice!
After seeing it, I thought that the present society is really fucking crazy. Even his mother, South Vietnam, a fart-bigger place, dares to bully my Huaxia country. This still needs to be done. I believe that the top management will definitely do something. It is an idiotic dream for a small fly to try to shake an elephant! I didn’t want to punish you easily for more than 30 years. If you want to punish you, I’m afraid South Vietnam has long been a province of China. Hundreds of years ago, you were a small barbarian country that was a vassal country of China. Now his mother dares to bully his ancestors’ heads with hard wings. It’s really his mother who owes to tidy up things!
Dry elder brother while thinking about this matter, eating fried dough sticks and drinking soybean milk, it is impossible to just forget it, otherwise, my Chinese nationals will not be laughed to death! Although it is said that our foreign policy is not to take the initiative to find someone to take care of the family, people are bullying their own homes. If they are still timid there, it is a bit too fucking timid to say anything! People who live are breathing, especially a country. Today it kicks its nose, and the next day it can face if you don’t hit it. This kind of thing is unacceptable. If you get used to it, you can indulge it. If it dares to fish today and plant flags on the island, it will dare to pee on the island the next day! You have to beat his mother up for whatever you say, otherwise she won’t know what a big country is and what a small country is. His mother is a bear, and she puts an elephant in her nose with a whole green onion. Your ivory is too soft! Can’t be that style!
Dry elder brother here is still eating there. A courtyard in Beijing is secretly calling a meeting. Presiding over the memories is none other than Zhang Zhentian, director of the National Security Bureau, who is sitting in the conference room with gray hair. General Yang Zhongren, vice chairman of the Military Commission, is the old chief of dry elder brother. Seeing Zhang Zhentian, he introduced the situation in the West Sea to the national security personnel, and then solemnly said, "Comrades, the situation in the West Sea is very serious. Fishing island has been our territory since ancient times, but now those small countries in the West Sea have been eyeing up and finally South Vietnam can’t help it. This is If we still swallow our pride and don’t take some actions, it will really make international jokes. Even a small country like South Vietnam dares to bully us, so don’t mix it up! "
After Zhang Zhentian finished this fierce rhetoric, the patriotic enthusiasm of the participants in the backcourt was mobilized. A few people volunteered to take part in the action, but Zhang zhen Tian didn’t say anything. He knew that the matter had risen to an international dispute. I don’t know how many pairs of eyes were watching it internationally, just waiting to see the drama. If he was not absolutely sure, he wouldn’t be motivated by the command line. Once it failed, no one could bear the consequences! This matter must be guaranteed to succeed and not fail, otherwise it is better not to do it! So Zhang Zhentian glanced at the staff for a while and then looked at Yang Zhongren, who had never spoken. "What do you think, old chief?"
"I see what ah I see you are too young to let you go is not only responsible for the country is not responsible for you! You are all pillars of the country, and the country can’t afford to lose. Let them all go home, Xiao Zhang … "Yang Zhongren said earnestly.
"yes! Old head! " Zhang Zhentian stood at attention and gave a military salute. He replied that he had sent all the young people from the National Security Bureau out and then came back and asked, "What do you mean, old chief?"
"What’s the point of me? Let Tianlong go. He’s had enough rest for a while, and it’s time to exercise his muscles. You can fly to the West Sea Fleet and ask him to wait for you there. You can arrange it for him when you get there!" Yang Zhongren said with dignity
"yes! Old chief! Hey, hey, I knew you’d have to do that … "Come first and be serious. Zhang zhen suddenly became smirked. It’s nothing. He has been following Yang Zhongren since he was a teenager. For thirty years, two human brothers, Zhang Zhentian, have always regarded Yang Zhongren as his father.
"I don’t know what else he can do. Look, you’ve trained these people for so many years and you haven’t trained a single seedling!" Yang Zhongren didn’t good the spirit replied.
"Ah, the old chief is so easy. This thing depends on talent and chance. You can just find someone who is as abnormal as Xiaotian. I dare not expect him to meet one in a hundred years!" Zhang Zhentian complained
"Line line get out of here! Don’t forget to let Xiaotian be careful … "Yang Zhongren said with the wave and finally did not forget to charge.
"Hey hey I know the old chief, you can rest assured!" Zhang Zhentian stood at attention and gave a military-like salute, and then walked out of the courtyard. After walking out, he returned to the National Security Bureau and booked a ticket to the seaport through special channels, so he rushed over and gave a message to Brother Gan.
Brother Gan was thinking about things in the West Sea. Suddenly, his cell phone rang in his pocket. When he saw that it was Zhang Zhentian, he knew that he was afraid to be busy again. So he let go of his chopsticks and answered the phone and said with a smile, "Hey, Director Zhang, you are busy all day. Why do you sometimes call me today? It’s still so early?"
"You give me a line, you little! Don’t play dumb, I’ll tell you! Do you know what happened? Don’t tell me. You don’t know what you are as soon as you enter the gentle town! " Zhang Zhentian quipped that to tell the truth, Brother Gan didn’t know what he was looking for, even if he killed him. He didn’t believe that Brother Gan’s nose was sharper than a dog. Who could fool him? But this time, Zhang Zhentian really wronged Brother Gan. If he hadn’t just seen the things in the West Sea because of his leisure this morning, he really didn’t know anything, mainly because there were too many things now. If he had talked about everything himself, I’m afraid he hadn’t become a savior. He would have been exhausted!
"Ha ha, come on, Lao Zhang, what are you welcome for? What can I do for you?" Dry elder brother replied with a smile