"Now I have an announcement. My mother called earlier and asked us to go back to China. She said that we should go to my brother’s school to study. Let’s get things done quickly and then take a rest day and go back to China."

After that, I went to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. Unexpectedly, Ying and Qi ran out of the house in a blink of an eye, saying that we had one day left to play again, so Xin and I were left behind to deal with the things in the gang. Anyway, we just let them have a good time in one day, so we didn’t go home to finish what we had to deal with.
I put my hand back and looked at it. It was 1: 00 noon. It was really tiring to deal with it for an hour. I walked to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee, one for myself and the other for Xin. "I worked hard to have a cup of coffee and then called Ying Heqi back. We are going to buy some things."
In the shopping mall
We raced all the way to Zirouli, where most of the clothes are designed by famous designers. We all come here to buy clothes because we have a high eye and don’t look good. We don’t buy them.
"Hello ladies, what do you want to buy this time?" Rain, the shop owner, saw that it was our horse and asked us what we wanted. We are regular customers here, so he knew that we had a high eye.
"Rain, bring us some clothes that are more suitable for us." Ying replied to the store owner that Rain turned out to be a regular customer and we became good friends.
"Bing Xin Ying Qi, you just came in today and just bought some clothes just designed by aira. Every style of clothes has one just right. There are four clothes that match you very well." Xiaoyu dragged those clothes to us.
I looked at it and it was really good. I liked the lavender dress. It was simple and simple, but elegant and noble. It felt very fresh and didn’t add much decoration. I thought it matched me very well. Coincidentally, I liked lavender very much. It was a white princess dress with lace, and it felt very pure and fragrant. It also matched it very well. It was a light blue fluffy skirt with a bow around the waist, which gave people the feeling that it was lively. Qi was a pink bubble skirt with lavender. This pattern was a familiar feeling.
We looked at each other, then nodded to our clothes and all went in to change clothes.
Ying first changed out and looked at the mirror. When Qi came out, Qi looked at him and said to Ying, "Ying, you wear this dress very well. It suits you very well." Ying smiled and said, "Qi, you are also good." "Are you both good at boasting? I can’t stand you?" Xin didn’t know when she changed out and leaned against the door. Duo Ying and Qi said, "Everyone is the same." "What about ice?"
At this time, I also came out. "Wow, it’s so beautiful. It’s a perfect match for ice. You must wear this dress. No one looks better than you. I envy you if I were a boy." Qi praised that I still have stars in my eyes. I looked at Ying Hexin and they all nodded in unison, so we all changed back to our original clothes and took clothes to pay back the money. A total of 40,000 "Okay, everyone, let’s go home and race to see who will go home first. The loser will cook dinner at night." At this time, you can see four
There is no doubt that I was the first to arrive at the villa. Qi, Xin, Ying and Ying had to cook for us. She kept a sad face, but she was willing to lose the bet. She still obediently went into the kitchen to cook. After dinner, everyone went to sleep and went back to China.
———————————————————————————————————————— Thank you for your support here. I wish you all a happy New Year. I wish you all the best in the new year. I wish you all the best in doing things in a more mature and measured way. Happy New Year. Happy New Year.
Chapter 5 Returning to China
After dinner, everyone went to sleep and had a good sleep. We have to go back to China tomorrow.
—————————————————————————————— "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the No.5 plane. Now the plane has arrived at China airport. Please pay attention to it. Come here slowly from the plane and wish you a happy China and please count your planes.
I heard the pilot talk and knew that we had arrived at the land of China … "Ouyang Xin Mu Ying Bai Xinqi got up quickly. We arrived at the China airport. Come on, don’t sleep any more." I got up and came to my three good sisters and shook their bodies to get them up.
In her sleep, Qi realized that someone had called her up, so she shouted to the person who called her up reflexively, "Who is D? I don’t know if Miss sleeps. Do you know if I disturb Miss’s sleep, I won’t beat you up?" Qi said with her eyes closed, and her other hand was like ice.
Fortunately, our ice elder sister’s kung fu skills are good, and she passed Miss Qi’s drunken dream. Boxing Qi felt that someone had escaped her attack consciousness, and she didn’t know it, but she got a fright and bounced back five steps. You know what? Hehe, allow me to say that Qiqi opened her eyes to see who disturbed her to go to Zhou Gongqi. Unexpectedly, I didn’t see Zhou Gongqi, but I saw someone looking at her coldly and with a black face. She also realized that I was the one who just woke her up and was beaten by her, so she took a few steps back, fearing that I would kill her when I got angry.
"Come on, it’s time for the plane," I said coldly to some ignorant people, and then I strode to the plane to let them follow.
After the plane, I didn’t expect that there were so many grass idiots here. I was completely dizzy. It was a mistake when I was in France. I finally understood that "the crow is as black as grass idiots" is really right.
"Ah, look at those beautiful planes. They are really hot. The temperament in purple is so noble. If they are my girlfriends, I don’t know how happy they are. I’m sure I can’t sleep every day." A, a chubby grass idiot, looked at us and said to his friend next to him.
"Hum, don’t be a toad trying to eat swan meat. Just your chubby figure, princesses will look at you. What’s more, how happy you will be if they are your girlfriend? Stop dreaming. She won’t even look at you if you find a flower girl in your street. What’s worse, these noble and lovely princesses are infatuated with their dreams that they will look for me if they want a boyfriend. You see how handsome I am," said a grass idiot with acne all over her face, touching her face.
"Ha ha, don’t be narcissistic. You have acne all over your face and say that you are not disgusting. I will be disgusted for you and I won’t take a photo." So some grass idiots argued and asked for a farce to show us.
We really don’t want to see this farce, so we just close our eyes and wait for our brother to pick us up.
"Look at those handsome guys who don’t know who to look for. It won’t be me. I have to mend my makeup quickly."