So she should be grateful, but she hurts from her heart to her bones.

Although I haven’t seen it for so many years, did I lose my feelings and nurturing grace? My aunt is still in her memory, and she is the closest and only relative since she was a child.
"Empress, don’t say that."
Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that the emperor had let her in to comfort the empress, but the empress’s words just now made all her lines strong, and even comfort could not be found in the right language.
"Although … madam may know that you will be sad, but she doesn’t want to make you so sad … but at that time, she might have to make such a decision … if she had to …"
She pondered the words bit by bit and slowly said, "Even if the empress is married, let the lady not have to go so worried … and don’t make herself so sad. You should take good care of your health."
Although she doesn’t know about the empress and the lady, it must be excellent, otherwise the lady wouldn’t rather die than risk the empress to save, and the empress wouldn’t hide it from the emperor and save people.
Feng closed her eyes shallowly, bent her lips forcefully and asked in a low voice, "Do you know who she is?"
Qingyu one leng hurriedly shook his head "empress dare not ask"
Although she also feels quite strange, how can the empress and the lady be involved with General Yun?
If Miss Yun used to be a imperial concubine in the palace, then it really shouldn’t be involved now, but the relationship between the empress and them is more than that.
If you know the emperor after entering the palace, you should know it, but the emperor doesn’t know the reaction like that
Feng chuckled more and more bleak and lonely. "That is my aunt."
Qingyu smell speech suddenly a surprised.
So the empress is thinking of the past? Otherwise, how can you know what aunt!
Phoenix’s shallow line of sight almost never deviated from the direction when she came in, and finally stayed focused on a certain place. I don’t know if I didn’t notice her reaction or if I noticed it, but I didn’t rest assured that my eyes never changed color.
"I know her mind. It’s natural for her to do so. I know that I have given up many things since I was a child. She is happy, she is a woman, and she doesn’t care for me wholeheartedly. Now … I die …"
She learned about her aunt’s death so many years ago, and when she learned that her only relative was still alive, she didn’t even meet her once, and she was gone.
She was a child when she crossed this body from modern times, and she was already a parent at that time. Now she has no aunt in her parents’ memory.
Without her, my aunt would not have been disturbed by famine.
It is not difficult for a young girl to look good and find a good family to marry. How can it be like this?
All the misfortunes of my aunt in this life come from chapter 1315 of 1315, and I can also pity her pain and love her dearly.
"Empress, stop talking and forget it!"
Qingyu didn’t even take care of the master and servant to hold her hand in the previous step. "Everything is that the lady wants you to be grateful and remember, but you don’t say that about yourself … The lady will be sad and won’t have the heart to … You are the only concern in her life, and she will have to pay for her regrets. She won’t have the heart to see you like this …"
At this time, Feng Shao looked up at her with a slight turn of the eye, and her eyes were full of water marks, but her mouth was still full of laughter. "What are you doing telling you this … I’m afraid you’ll forget it when you hear it?"
Talking about these things with someone who doesn’t know her past, Feng Shao feels that she is really empty, so she needs someone to relieve her stress.
"No, no" Qingyu quickly shook her head. "Empress, rest assured that these words will never tell anyone!"
Outside the bedroom, the sun brought out the hot medicine and walked to the door of the bedroom, only to find that the emperor was alone, where the dark eyes were deep and distant, and they were light and long and gloomy.
"Emperor" gave her a bow. The original emperor would let her in directly or take the medicine from her hand and go in by himself.
But it is strange that neither possibility has happened.
Jun Moying glanced at her hand and said, "If you eat too much candied fruit, you will get tired of preparing some sugar water for the queen."
Don’t you get tired of drinking too much sugar water?
DongYang heart strange but dare not have the slightest doubt performance nodded "is a handmaiden".
Seeing the emperor didn’t mean to take over those things in her hand, so that she could take the medicine and turn around and go back the same way.
It’s strange that you haven’t lamented all the way. It’s strange
Your ink shadow lightly withdrew from her body, and her brow exuded a touch of melancholy.
I never thought that one day when she was sad, she could find Qingyu to accompany her, but he could wait.
He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, and he didn’t want her to suppress her emotions at this time.
But fortunately, she is sad, he can feel her sadness, he can expect to feel it, and even if he can’t stay with her personally, he can pity her for her pain and her love, which is enough.
south vietnam
Dinner is still like every day after Redjade lives here again, but no one talks. Only the Nangong adds something to Redjade’s bowl from time to time is often regarded.
It’s really a response to that sentence.
But at this time, Nangong Che is usually tired of this sentence and I don’t know which one is mindless.
Redjade is more absent-minded than usual today, and she can still be distracted after a meal. It seems that Nangong Che is not because the food is not delicious, but because the people who eat with her are not to her liking.
I just wanted lipstick jade when I put the bowl chopsticks, but after seeing him again and again, I couldn’t help but debut "I want to go out"
The nangongshan policy suddenly frowned, not mouth has a bite is to go out?
Where are you going? Out of the palace? She hasn’t given up yet?
Face a heavy to lightly lift lip spit out two words "no 1316 chapter 1316 want you to be good and say anything.