In fact, apart from being powerful beyond the innate master’s strength, Tianshi also got the power to distort the air and limit the enemy’s action, but this is not just the limit of Tianshi. The real strength of Tianshi is that he gets extra rewards after opening the acupoint.

It’s like seeing you seal yourself to give you comfort and reward, just as each of the seven orifices of the human body has its own relative orifices, which can make the body as light as a swallow, and not only that, but also its strength will be greatly improved! It is also considered as one of the strongest orifices in the seven orifices for auxiliary combat.
Poison cloud eyebrows a wrinkly slightly, she didn’t expect the old man to be enlightened! Fact-assisted combat is definitely one of the best. At this time, Song Lao’s body shook slightly for a moment as if there were several Song Lao.
"The ghosting? So fast, so fast! I didn’t expect there to be such benefits after making the orifices, "said Zhang Tao in surprise.
"This is natural, and this is why so many martial artists have worked hard all their lives to achieve the goal of breaking the orifices." Mo Lengfeng sounded in Zhang Tao’s ear.
Song veteran’s ability to understand the ground has come into play, and dancing with one punch can actually make the gas vibrate, so it’s just a mental move to hurt people.
Poison cloud looks dignified and dare not touch it hard. Although she is a second-class Tianshi, she has not learned anything. Moreover, women’s original strength is inherently weaker than men’s, and recklessly will suffer big losses.
The choice of poison cloud is # # # to retreat in this way to unload the attacking force of the other side, but it won’t make the poison cloud get what it wants. Ice crystal particles all over the sky will envelop the poison cloud, but anyone who is contaminated with the body will inevitably climb along the pole and freeze. At that time, the poison cloud with the speed of Song Dynasty will inevitably be in a desperate situation.
However, there is always something special about heaven and earth, such as broken experts and poisonous bodies! Both the expert and the poison body are pure and high in self-strength. Although the poison cloud has no post-expert strength, it is highly toxic.
See poison cloud put your finger in your mouth and gently bite it. Suddenly, there is a sweet smell in the air. "Brother Mo, we’d better retreat first." Of course, I have lived with poison cloud for more than a month. What is the taste of white? If it is not far away, it is the fish in the pond.
Otherwise, the smell fluttered out, and some low-level scholars, especially literary scholars, fainted, shortness of breath and flushed face, which was obviously poisoned.
Dong Dao’s facial expression changed slightly, and his sleeves waved and the gas fluctuated. Immediately, a breeze blew away the poisonous gas in the diffusion gas, and Song Lao wanted to follow suit, but in the face of colored poisonous blood, he suddenly changed his shape and let the poisonous cloud escape from his attack range.
"Poison Long Xiaotian!" Poison cloud’s eyes are cold and angry. How do you say it? It’s also a second-class Tianshi, but it’s forced by these two people to be so embarrassed. If you don’t come up with something real, it’s hard to find a breakthrough.
The colorful whirlwind suddenly turned into a giant dragon, and the ice dust was just like the name, but it was just dust. The root had a strange fragrance for the dragon, and the fragrance was so strong that people almost suffocated. "Go!" The dragon roared out of the shock, and both Song Lao and his face changed.
"Full moon!" Chengmang gently jumped and his feet kept drawing several arcs.
When Zhang Tao saw this scene, he must be "worthy of being a master and apprentice, even the tricks are the same". Although he faced the dragon sharply, he seemed a bit ridiculous, which prevented him from hitting people on the ground through the dragon.
"My dragon is formed by the evaporation of my blood. This attack is just to raise some dust," said the poison cloud coldly.
"Ha!" Song Laoli formed a gust of wind in one punch, and suddenly the dragon’s action became slow, and the original gorgeous colors became blurred.
Just then, Sheng Mang suddenly shouted, "Look out!" Suddenly, a black figure rushed out of the gale, slapped Song Lao in the chest and then stood proudly when he touched it.
Sheng mang’s face changed. "Song Lao?" If Dos Song Lao lost his fighting ability, it would be difficult for him to accomplish things by himself. It was easy for things to give birth to so many variables. If I had known this, I would have brought all the scholars I knew.
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Chapter 134 You don’t deserve it
Chapter 134 You don’t deserve it
Song Lao looked down at his chest and found nothing and no discomfort. "I don’t seem to have anything?"
There is nothing wrong with running the true qi. There is a trace of shame and anger on Song Lao’s face. "Poison respects you, and you are also an open-minded person. Why are you playing with me?"
Sheng mang’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. He always feels that something is wrong. How could poison Zun give up such a great opportunity?
Poisonous cloud is standing there, disdaining to answer the old saying of Song Dynasty. Song Lao waved a broadsword in his hand, and his strength increased because of the ground, as if he had been cut in half.
Poisonous cloud jumped up and hid from the blow, but Song Lao was just about to pursue it when suddenly his body shook and his face showed an incredible expression.
"Song Lao, what’s wrong with you?" Is it true that your premonition has come true after a shock in Sheng Mang’s heart?
"You really will make some chat? You are too look down upon your title "indeed! How can it be so simple to be known as a poisonous statue? The palm just now seems to be really no big deal, but it has another mystery.
"If you just don’t move the true qi, it’s too early to think that you should move the true qi and poison it into the five internal organs. It’s already a fairy that can’t be saved," said the poison cloud lightly.
"You are lying!" Song Lao shouted wildly, but he was weak and everything was blurred at the moment.
"Hum" poison cloud didn’t answer the song old saying is cold hum 1.
Zhang Tao’s heart was slightly relieved. Now it seems that this crisis is over. "You are lying and lying." At this time, a mouthful of colored blood dripped down the corners of Song Lao’s mouth
"You’re the only one left." The poisonous cloud also breathed a sigh of relief. It’s no joke to face the two men’s attack.
Chengmang step back hurriedly motioning with his hand "wait a minute. Your name is Zhang Tao, right? I didn’t know you could master two kinds of cold. Would you like to be my apprentice? "
Hear sheng mang Zhang Tao is one leng "? Do you want such a ridiculous excuse to save your life now that you see that the tide is gone? "
Sheng mang proudly shook his head. "How do you believe that you know that it is rare for you to master the cold of heaven and earth? If you have something I have given you, you will surely become one of the best broken experts in Dongyue mainland, and no one in the whole mainland will dare to disobey you? Although you killed my apprentice, you are more suitable for my stunt than Changyang. "