Others are also quite cooperative with the avenue "What is the situation now?"

"Billboards have rushed to the scene, and now everything is still unknown. Deacon elders have not announced their results yet."
With the sudden arrival of the people in the echo each other Magic Hall, many people have quickly poured out of the Magic Hall and rushed in the direction of the main hall. Although Hua Shengxue and Fan Tong are old rivals, there are not many tit-for-tat situations between them, except that they fought for the first place in the billboard more than a year ago, and they have not met for the second time. Everyone can’t wait to see them fight again.
Feng Yang is also a little curious. Fan Tong broke the record of Hua Sheng Xue in one fell swoop. Can Hua Sheng Xue make a strong comeback this time to save his lost glory? Everything seems to be unknown, and it’s really hard to judge which of these two people is strong or weak. After all, Fan Tong made it through six yuan days but got a low-level Wushu. Maybe the top position in the billboard will change hands this time, or maybe he will write novels by hand.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Which is more important, women or glory
Welcome you to come.
At this time, the main hall of Feiyun Gate is more lively than that of freshmen. Half of Feiyun Gate’s younger brothers have gathered in the main hall square, and those who are eligible to enter the main hall are not the strong ones in the billboard. These people are the top among Feiyun’s younger brothers, which makes many people envy.
Fan Tong, the 20th Xia Ying, the 6th Yunhai, the 10th Yang Tianding, and the 5th Ge Yan all won the prize.
Outside the main hall, the square is windy, and people are surrounded by mountains and seas. Listening to the buzzing in the ears, people are quite surprised that the first place in the billboard has a great influence on flowers and snow, and it turns out that it is such a big way.
When Fan Tong came out, although the scene was quite spectacular, it was still a little short of the battle at this time. It was also because of this tit-for-tat between Hua Shengxue and Fan Tong, and Fan Tong came over in person. Everyone was looking forward to seeing their ultimate showdown.
Crowded through the difficult crowd, I suddenly saw a long-lost masked and familiar figure with a tall and straight young man beside it.
The wind Yang hesitated for a moment and then squeezed into the man’s side and said indifferently, "You are here."
"Well" when she heard the sound, she turned to look at the speaker and found that it was the wind. Fang Fang silently smiled and passed away in astonishment, and immediately nodded her face. She had forgotten how long she had not met him, so long that she had forgotten the exact time. It seemed that she had never met again since entering Feiyun Gate.
She hates the wind. Every night, she tells herself this way, which motivates herself to persevere in practice. But when this teenager never forces himself, the resentment in his heart is covered up by something. I have made up my mind to hate you, but you appear in front of me. What always comes to shake my determination.
"It seems that we haven’t met for a long time, right?" Feng Yang laughed.
"Three months" Fang Fang way
"Are you all right?" Feng yang asked
"Well," Fang Fang said, glancing at Yixuan beside her, she couldn’t help saying, "He takes care of me."
Fang Fang looked at Fang Fang with amazement for a brief dialogue. Although he didn’t know Feng Yang, his surprise was hard to hide at this time.
There is no denying that Fang Fang Yixuan really has a lot of affection for everything that seems to be indifferent but seems to lack a sense of security, which makes people want to protect themselves.
Ever since I met Fang Fang for two months, Yixuan sometimes accompanied Fang Fang to give her everything to worry about when she was practicing, and even spared herself to accumulate the completion value. Fang Fang exchanged for the five-star room training certificate and the martial arts five-star room Yixuan, who was the other side, never left Wu Zun’s strength. The five-star room accompanied Fang Fang to practice and protected Fang Fang from being disturbed when he was practicing.
However, after two months of hard work, Yixuan talked with Fang Fang, but it didn’t exceed five sentences. Every time Yixuan talked to himself, Fang Fang was silent and Yixuan didn’t know whether Fang Fang had listened.
However, at this time, the teenager actually let Fang Fang say three sentences in just a few breaths, which is incredible.
Yixuan feels that she is a tragedy. It’s cruel to try hard for two months and still not be able to get a minute.
However, it is gratifying that Yixuan feels that his efforts in the past two months do not seem to be white. Fang Fang still takes care of himself in mind.
Fang Fang’s attitude towards Feng Yang is obviously different from that towards others. Yixuan’s heart is somewhat envious, jealous and hateful, but it is not as extreme as those brain-dead points. Instead, he calmly thinks about where he is not doing enough and whether his efforts are not enough.
The wind Yang stared at Fang Fang immediately looked at Yixuan next to him and nodded and smiled. "Thank you for your hard work. She is not good at words. I thank you for her."
"No, Fang Fang did these things willingly, and I don’t need to say anything thank you." Yi Xuan said that he thanked Fang Fang for making Yi Xuan feel a little upset. Who in Fang Fang needs you to thank me instead of Fang Fang?
"Well, I’m white." Feng Yang said with a smile. He is not stupid. Naturally, he can tell that Yi Xuan’s tone is uncomfortable. It seems that saying so by himself will really make a suitor unhappy.
Xia Ying, the man in the main hall, was suddenly silent. She looked down at her tiptoe hair and covered her moving cheeks. She immediately raised her head, and her face, which was enough to make a man crazy, showed an ecstatic smile, and immediately moved lightly.