The waves also deliberately pretended not to know that Shao Xuetong woke up. He gently reached out and touched the tender thigh skin with his fingers, gently causing Shao Xuetong to tremble everywhere, and his white skin became a strange faint red.

The fingers of the waves slowly pointed and then gently touched the half-exposed acacia bean …
Shao Xuetong body suddenly violently shaking a voice sent a * * moan but still no eyes.
The waves smiled and kept their fingers inward …
The fingers are moist and slippery, and there is a sticky body …
The fingers of the waves are turning flexibly and exploring deeply …
Shao Xuetong pretended not to go and held out his hand to grasp the waves and begged, "Good brother, don’t torture me … I can’t stand it …"
The waves didn’t speak, and the evil smile at the corners of their mouths became stronger. Hold her hand with one hand and hold her hand with the other, and continue to explore deeply. The movement became rude and vigorous.
Shao Xuetong twisted her head up from the bed, her face was dizzy, her eyes were half closed and her lips were half closed, and she gave a rapid groan and gasped and said, "Please, my brother …"
The waves suddenly saw Shao Xuetong’s red lips open and suddenly a kind of abuse welled up from his heart. * * He reached out and put his arm around Shao Xuetong’s head and whispered, "I’ll spare you, but …"
Shao Xuetong blushed and said, "But what?"
The waves bowed their heads to Shao Xuetong ear low said two sentences.
Shao Xuetong turned redder and wriggled and shook his head, but the waves were half hard and half soft, so he stopped talking, closed his eyes and sat up.
The waves put Shao Xuetong’s face in the sun and looked at the sun. Her delicate cheeks and red sexy lips slowly penetrated the hard and purple male glory into Shao Xuetong’s half-flaming red lips …
All this happened, and the shocking visual sprint of the sun strengthened the sensory stimulation!
The waves looked down at the male glory and the whole root sank into the center of Shao Xuetong’s red lips.
Shao Xuetong, after all, is shy and soon embarrassed, and he dare not go to see the waves with his mouth closed.
The waves no longer forced her to carry her to the table, directly pushed her down, leveled the table, and let the dazzling sunshine spread all over her.
Pink spring covered Shao Xuetong’s body.
The waves gently parted her legs and looked down at her masculine style. The normal posture slowly entered her warm and beautiful place. The masculine purple fiery tip was slowly kissed, wrapped, licked and swallowed by the girl …
This is the best shot!
In this way, the waves enjoy the first slowly and then speed up the frequency. Whether it is fast or slow, he enjoys Shao Xuetong’s warm, greasy and tight package.
Half an hour later, the waves reached the peak and pulled out to spray the essence at Shao Xuetong’s white jade …
The waves laughed. "Of course! By the way, you sent someone to Yang Tianda to order him to kill Chen Ping together with me. I informed Chen Ping to make arrangements early. "
Liu Yifei said "good"
Then stare at the waves carefully.
The waves laughed. "Why are you looking at me like this? What have you not seen about me? "
Liu Yifei said quietly, "I have seen everything in your body, but I can’t see through your heart!" "
The waves said faintly, "it is best not to see through a man’s heart, which is good for both himself and men."
Liu Yifei was silent for a while before saying, "Can I ask you a question?"