Looking at the enchanting and coquettish girls dressed at the door, Rowling is called a blood. If it weren’t for looking at the soft side of the cloud, those slender and tender fingers might give their ears a 360-degree gorgeous FM at any time. He would have been tempted to be an uncle once, thinking that it would be more appropriate for Qin Hao to change his name to an animal.

Finally, Rowling was embarrassed to say, "It’s not appropriate for us to bring some girls to a place like this."
"What are you doing here?" Qin Hao looked back at rowling sink a way
"Oh, why do you ask so directly?" Rowling said shyly, pointing to Qin Hao.
"Shut up" is all over again. Everyone sent two words back to Rowling.
"You are so cruel" Rowling burst into tears again.
Tang Ning, Xi Yu, Liu Man, and Yun Rou all belong to girls with beautiful appearance and graceful temperament. The doorway of this romantic place is really very eye-catching. Many clients frequently raise eyebrows and wonder if this is the new girl leaning against the moon building.
But I didn’t dare to flirt when I saw Qin Hao Rowling and others with a huge sword tied to their backs.
They girls are also very embarrassed, but they don’t know what Qin Hao is interested in.
"What’s the situation in Qin Hao? Just say it directly." Feng Yang said.
"shi jun’s daughter, the head of the Jimin mercenary group, is hiding in the moon building, and they will transfer shi jun’s daughter tonight because of our arrival. What we have to do now is to find shi jun’s daughter, and then everything will come out." Qin Hao said in an understatement, "You girls are waiting outside for Feng Yang Rowling to come in with me."
Chapter one hundred and ten Plant
Welcome you to come.
Feng Yang didn’t refuse Qin Hao’s proposal for Rowling, so he wouldn’t refuse this opportunity. He was very willing to be a client, and he also had the professional level of a client. He walked to the door and walked in with his arms around two delicate and charming girls. His hands were strange and his hands were strange. It was called a disguise, better and more like it
"The three guest officers look unfamiliar. Do you want my sister to introduce some new girls to wait on you?" Rowling was holding the girl with a clever smile and gentle voice, which stimulated Rowling to almost run away.
Rowling was immediately elated, but after two murderous eyes, he rushed to change to "no"
This moon-leaning building is not bad in scale, and it is luxuriously decorated in three floors.
On the first floor, there are many tables and chairs neatly arranged, and the guests flirt with the little girl while drinking. On the second floor, there are many rooms surrounded by a circular room. There are many guests coming and going in the corridor outside, and you can clearly see the situation on the first floor. On the third floor, it is exactly the same as the second floor. There is a staircase in the center of the first floor leading to the second and third floors.
There are many large chandeliers at the far side of the Moon Building. The lampshade is made of transparent crystal. Moonstone is placed in the crystal cover to make the whole Moon Building shine as bright as day. The prostitute is drunk and holding the girl to go upstairs. It is also refreshing, and the face is flushed. Grandpa and the girl are hugging each other and coming from the building is very lively.
The two girls said while touching their ass that they wouldn’t introduce his girl to wait on them. The three teenagers wanted to have a total of two girls looking at the three people with strange eyes. The eyes were like saying that three men asked two girls to wait on you. You have no money to visit any kiln.
"Take us to Tianzihao Room" Qin Hao directly grabbed a girl and said Shirley.
People around you are buzzing with names like grandpa and male, and no one will pay attention to it.
"Tianzihao room?" The girl looked at Qin Hao with a slight change of face. "What are you doing in that room?"
"Can I easily kill you in the letter?" Qin Hao said coldly that the palm of your hand was attached to the girl’s back, and the force of life was condensed in the palm of your hand. It was really enough to break the girl’s tendons and die.
Even ordinary romantic women can feel a burst of biting pain in the vest. Suddenly, they felt a chill and didn’t dare to say anything. They quickly took Qin Hao and others to the room.
The third floor of Tianzihao Room is the most upscale room in the lean-on-the-moon building. The girl is also the chief of lean-on-the-moon building. But recently, it has been said that Tianzihao Room is equipped with a chief who has some kind of disease, so it is not suitable for receiving guests to prevent the residual bacteria in Tianzihao Room from infecting guests with the disease. Tianzihao Room has been locked.
"This door is locked, so you can’t fight it." The girl said trembling.
Looking at the door lock, Qin Hao is disdainful to sneer at the fact that when a palm suddenly rises and falls again, it has already split the lock with a tangible strength like a sword.
Listening to’ Bing’ an iron collision lock turned out to be a cut by this tangible strength, but it was not cut off at one time.
Looking at this scene, the two girls suddenly widened their eyes and their faces were incredible. They hung out in romantic places, and it was not unheard of. The strong mercenary group had seen many, but it was the first time to see them.
"Qin Haoxiong, you can’t look at me like this." Luo Linnai sighed and suddenly kicked the door with a fierce leg lift. "Bang" The door was suddenly shattered. Although the big lock was not broken, the door collapsed and the iron lock was broken. It is also called constantly.
"It’s high time," said Feng Yang with a smile. His heart knew that Qin Haohang was intentional just now.
Qin Haoyi just wants to show a strength in front of Feng Yang and Rowling in an attempt to subdue Feng Yang and Rowling. He is obedient to flying from the Cloud Gate to here and is naturally regarded as the center by all. Feng Yang Qin Hao has long been unhappy. He just wants to prove that he is definitely better than this Feng Yang.
When I entered the room, I suddenly saw a girl tied up in a bed, with her hands and feet tied up. The head of the bed and the bed were sealed and her eyes were blindfolded. Even if the noise just alarmed her, she could not respond, but she struggled hard.
Qin Haofeng Yang Rowling three people rushed to the bed to solve the girl.
The girl looked at Feng Yang and others in disbelief and asked, "Who are you?"
"Are you shi jun’s daughter?" Qin Hao rob wind Yang and rowling ahead draw said.
"Yes, I am Shi Qing." The girl raised an eyebrow at Qin Hao and then at Feng Yang and Rowling. I don’t know who these three teenagers are.
Feng Yang also looked at Shi Qing during the flower season, and her beauty was also quite good. It was more than enough to be a flower-based woman with a little modification.
Then Feng Yang looked around the room and wondered about the room decoration. There was this girl in his spare time room and it should be shi jun’s daughter.
But that’s the strange thing.
"No one has been guarding you?" Glanced at Shi Qing and asked the line of sight to fall at the door.
"There were two men who took turns guarding me, but I was blindfolded and I didn’t know what they looked like." Shi Qing moved his hands and feet and immediately asked curiously, "Who the hell are you? Did my dad send you to save me?"
"Ha ha it happens." Feng Yang didn’t answer Shi Qing’s words, but he simply smiled.
"What is it?" Rowling asked puzzled.
Although Qin Hao is not pleasing to the eye, seeing the wind is profound and curious. Seeing the wind is even more confusing when Shi Qing doesn’t know the situation.
"I think someone will frame us soon." Feng Yang laughed unawares.