The big domain master also showed a surprised expression, and looked down in the same direction as the floating life.

They both felt an unusually strong aura at the same time, and the land appeared! And there is not a trace of appearance before this aura!
So powerful! ? Who is it?
A floating life puzzled and looked up at the big domain master, which surprised him unexpectedly. Doesn’t he know where this powerful aura belongs? Isn’t the guy who can send out such a powerful aura a big domain owner?
Stupidly, the Lord of the instant domain also looked up at the floating life, but he had already accepted the fact that the water vortex disappeared in front of his hands, and the Lord of the domain also changed his look. His eyes sank straight and flew out to the direction of that powerful aura.
Floating one leng ma put his crossed fists on his chest and received the golden light and the ability to swell up and reflexively followed quickly!
Real floating at the moment and big domain main brain think is the same problem.
Is that powerful gas field emitter an enemy or a friend?
Walk a few steps before the south glory magic to night kratos body bowed their heads and looked at a few eye suddenly a hand white light flashed night kratos also with beheaded.
The osteotome cut off the head of Yekui.
Night Kui died, a former leader of the bone clan, and a person with high ability of the bone clan died, and Nan Rong’s magic osteotome.
And it all happened in less than a minute.
It’s definitely not so easy to solve the night vision of Nan Rong. Although the strength of Nan Rong’s illusion has increased, the strength and bone energy of the two are not comparable at the moment. Kui despises Nan Rong’s illusion too much, and he doesn’t look at Nan Rong’s illusion at all.
Therefore, when Nanrong Phantom stretched out his osteotome and went straight to him, Yekui didn’t dodge the extreme inflation and conceit, so that he didn’t regard Nanrong Phantom as a threat at all and recognized Nanrong Phantom more. It was all just a gesture of tokenism. After all, Yekui lured Nanrong Phantom to the black domain owner and gave him a knife while Nanrong Phantom was unprepared. At that time, Nanrong Phantom was far from his opponent.
So in the face of the coming Nanrong Phantom Night, Kratos stretched one arm osteotome about a foot to meet Nanrong Phantom and stabbed it, and then the other arm osteotome went straight to Nanrong Phantom Abdomen.
South glory magic in situ rotating body hid this knife by rotating power backhand a knife quickly split up running or night Kratos neck.
Night Kratos was a little surprised. I didn’t expect the night attack, that is, the reaction and speed of Nan Rong’s magic would be so fast. The split of Nan Rong’s magic made him a little flustered. He raised his arm and held a osteotome to block it out.
"Ka" one or two osteotome collided and splashed white light.
Nan Rong’s arm stretched out with a osteotome was bounced back, and night Kui stared at him. His arm was numb and his shoulder was sore, which made him even more surprised.
This is a night raid? He should have lost his memory and been hidden in the ordinary! How is it possible that the strength has risen so greatly? Is it because of hatred that the potential explodes? Hum is not enough.
Inadequate suffering
Night Kratos thought while eye dew yoshimitsu arms to osteotome a little bit longer ability also slowly shipped up.
Anyway, kill him first, and then this little anger will be aroused. You must never keep him. You must kill him. The Bones must be the only one!
Night Kratos miscalculates Nan Rong Magic, but the fierce heart of killing Nan Rong Magic is not gram.
Facing the illusion of Nanrong, Kuiyin insidious smile got up, raised his arms and put two osteotome in front of him to form a cross shape. He leaned back and said, "Ha ha, the night attack is good. It’s a pity that your performance can be a flash in the pan. I’ll send you to see your respectable and lovely eldest brother at night."
Nan Rong’s illusion is gloomy. Just after Kratos’ knives collided with each other, his arm was a little sore, and he also knew Kratos’ realistic strength level.
It’s true that Nan Rong’s illusions are all remembered. At the beginning, the eldest brother of the bone clan, Ye Yuqiu Xiupo, and Ye Kui were both leaders. His night attack was just promoted to the official bone clan, which belongs to the main gate of the armor domain. At that time, during this execution period, he met the Eldar Baby Long, thus developing an alien relationship.
But I didn’t expect that everything changed in a short time, from the war between the ghost clan and the evil clan to the tragic death of the eldest brother in the night, to the disappearance of cordate telosma, to the complete decline of the bone clan in a short time, and some powerful kin disappeared inexplicably …
Nan Rong Phantom has more clearly recalled the scene when Night Kratos lied to him, because at that time, Nan Rong Phantom had already felt everything, and some strange things were looking for clues, but he didn’t expect to be suddenly stabbed in the chest by night Kratos, the leader of the Heart Family!
The hatred of the family and the enemy surged into my heart.
Face-to-face and night, Kratos kept calm despite his anger. At this moment, he is no longer the gentleman of Nanrong family who likes to be impulsive, but has completely changed back to the night attack of the bone clan, and he is more mature and has learned to control himself than before.
"Yekui, I swear on my osteotome that I must cut off your head!" Nan Rong’s illusion looked bitterly at the night Kratos, raised his arm and pointed the point of the osteotome at him and said, "I spent the night repairing the old woman and the night royal autumn, which made the bone family more myself!" I must cut off your head! "
"You don’t have this chance!" Night Kratos jumped up with a big drink, and his arms and osteotome instantly stretched longer and became a cross. He jumped forward and went straight to Nanrong Magic.
In the blink of an eye, Kratos has reached the top of Nanrong Phantom’s head, where two bone knives are crossed and cut straight at Nanrong Phantom’s head!
Nan Rong Phantom raised his osteotome to resist, but unexpectedly, the night Kratos’ cross osteotome instantly scattered a osteotome and stretched it out. He held the two osteotome high and twisted it together. At the same time, his body also spun like a gyro for several times and then fell straight in front of Nan Rong Phantom. Another arm with a osteotome stabbed Nan Rong Phantom in the chest!
Night Kratos stare big eyes. His osteotome stabbed Nan Rong in the chest, but the tip of the knife pierced the chest, but it couldn’t pierce a cent and a half!
For a moment, Kratos finally got a good look at Nan Rong’s phantom chest, but he stabbed out the osteotome and instantly gave birth to a dark white, not only the chest, shoulders, arms and abdomen, but also a seemingly hard dark white, which protected Nan Rong’s phantom body like armor!
"Bone armor! ? !” Night Kratos surprised blurted out
But at this time, Nan Rong Phantom has raised two osteotome, retracted his hands and clenched them into fists, hitting night Kratos in the chest!
"Pa" a pair of fists actually hit Kratos in the middle of the night, and a mouthful of blood splashed out from his mouth, but it still couldn’t come out. Nan Rong’s magic fists once again stretched into two discerning osteotome and stuck them in Kratos’ chest deeply!
"poof!" One or two osteotome went straight through the body of Night Kratos, and Nan Rong’s eyes widened. At this moment, he looked very angry. Then he stretched out his osteotome and crossed his arms and moved one or two osteotome. Naturally, Night Kratos was cut in a cross shape!
"Die! ! ! ! !” Close to face the south glory illusion staring straight at night Kratos also show amazing eyes crazy general shouted.
After receiving the osteotome, Kratos lay down straight on the ground with blood in his mouth. His eyes were still surprised to see Nan Rong die unsatisfied.
But he didn’t die for nothing. Nan Rong’s illusion would have bone armor, and he would be even more annoyed that he died unexpectedly. He couldn’t see the night attack knife.
He may regret, be angry, be wronged or not, but it is a pity that he was eliminated.
Then came the scene just described by the head, where Nan Rong cut off the night Kratos head and pulled a piece of night Kratos lichen, wrapped his head and tied it behind him. After a little hesitation, he jumped up and ran, which was the battlefield where the baby played against the ghost shadow.
Nan Rong can’t help but worry about the baby, although he also knows that the Eldar in the domain has always been the nemesis of the Ghost Family.