Love, they leave with Liu and still take a van to the dock to board the speedboat and sail towards the route.

After returning to Love Village, Zhuo Qiang felt physically and mentally exhausted, and Ma went back to his room to rest with Christie.
The next morning, after Zhuo Qiang got up, Love found him and told him that the steel and other materials had been connected and could be shipped this afternoon.
Zhuo Qiang specially explained to Love that if he borrows the boat from Chen Dan and has his own crew, he doesn’t need to let Chen Dan send a crew for him.
Love Bai Zhuoqiang agreed to come because she didn’t want too many people to know some of his secrets.
Zhuo Qiang drew a joint Long Yun and let the Dragon Family three brothers take a boat to meet them in Love Village.
Love saw a few more people next to Zhuo Qiang, and they looked like crew members, but there were a little fewer people.
Generally, a cargo ship needs seven crew members, and three crew members may be a little insufficient, but since Zhuo Qiang insisted, she also did it.
Near noon, Love took the Dragon Family three brothers out of the door to find Chen Dan to borrow his cargo ship.
Zhuo Qiang waited for a long time after lunch for Love to come back alone.
Love is here to look after Zhuo Qiang, so I don’t have to worry about whether to buy materials or whether it must be completed first.
Zhuo Qiang took out his bank card and asked Liu Xiaolei and Love to convert some of the money inside into ringgit.
The exchange rate of Malaysian ringgit is two to one, and Zhuoqiang has temporarily exchanged 300 million ringgit before buying steel and cement. If it is not enough, we will talk about it later.
Liu Xiaolei didn’t come back until dusk. Zhuo Qiang asked Love why she didn’t come back. Liu Xiaolei said she went to load with the ship.
Zhuoqiang gave Love a message and left first. If there’s anything, you can talk to her.
Love saw Zhuo Qiang’s desire to stay and let him go. Anyway, he is still buying all kinds of building materials, and he has to make more trips here during this period.
Her only worry now is the night rose pirate group. In case the other soldiers are under siege, she may be a little overwhelmed. If she has Zhuo Qiang, she has nothing to worry about.
Zhuo Qiang took all the people to the seaside while it was already dark. Deng Zengmin had already prepared a boat and returned to the Long Yun.
"Ah, it’s really tiring." As soon as Zhuo Qiang returned to the Long Yun, he drilled back to his room and had a good rest.
However, the steel cargo ship horse will sail for the South China Sea, and the Long Yun must leave.
"Heading for the South China Sea Base" Zhuo Qiang ordered the Long Yun to set sail
"Boss Zhuo, you are merciful everywhere." Christie has never had a love affair outside, and now she finally can’t help complaining.
Zhuo Qiang lay on the soft bed and yawned and said, "As you can see, I have nothing to do with her."
"You and I look not to come out? That love is a little interesting to you. "Christie gave full play to the imagination of women.
ZhuoJiangQi but "do you really want me to have three wives and four concubines before you feel at ease? Every time you see a woman, you think this way. You really have free time."
After that, he covered his head tightly with a blanket and never paid attention to Christie’s jealousy altar again
The speed of ordinary cargo ship is ten times worse than that of Long Yun. The cargo ship of Long Yun traveled for two or three hours and ran for nearly two days before reaching the South China Sea base.
But it’s just the right time. It’s just the right night for the Long Yun to work.
Zhuo Qiangma ordered Long Yun to bundle steel. After the strong metal rope was tied, the huge mechanical arm of Long Yun slowly lifted the steel like a crane and sank to the bottom of the sea.
This ship has nearly 10,000 tons of steel, and it took Long Yun two times to send them to the base cave, which took two hours to complete.
Long Yun transported the steel to the end of the passage before releasing it, and then the construction machine was manual.
Two engineering robots dragged the steel into the hall without water, and then the preliminary project of the hall was completed.
First of all, the whole hall should be covered with a layer of steel and cement, and then dozens of huge support columns are needed in the hall, which is naturally cast from reinforced mud
These two are preliminary projects. After these two projects are completed, the four walls and the ground surface need to be renovated again, and they must be flat and beautiful.
Finally, it is necessary to divide the hall into several small halls for all kinds of materials. Of course, more valuable materials need to be placed in Christie’s spacecraft department.
In order to pursue the firmness, steel is in great demand, and cement is auxiliary.
It took two engineering robots several hours to pile these steels into the hall and then cut the welders.
The construction machines have made rapid progress in manpower, and all kinds of steel products, large and small, have been quickly formed into various frames by their hands, and finally installed and fixed.
After unloading the steel, the surface cargo ship directly returned and continued to transport another batch.
When the steel department is in place, it’s time to deliver cement.