"I don’t care if you destroy it or not, just pay attention to it yourself," Brother Gan finally added.

"Elder brother, I know you can rest assured" Yang Feng put away the smiling face and answered seriously.
Yang Feng settled the account and went out of the small restaurant with his hands full of the packaged vegetables just now. This time, the proprietress is counting the money at the counter. This meal is more than 700 yuan, and there are still 40 small ones. Don’t say that this BMW is a "high-quality" man. She wants to give a discount of 700 yuan. I didn’t expect that the guy who paid the bill to take out a hundred-dollar bill directly from his wallet and put it in his hand and said, "Keep it!"
Brother Gan didn’t stop him when he saw Yang Feng’s move. Anyway, the small money is just a small amount of money, so I don’t want it. It’s a little painful. Forty dollars is my own life for a week
The three of them got into the car. Brother Gan planned to send Xiaodi back to school first and then go home to school. Brother Gan asked, "Xiaodi is almost in the third year of high school. Have you decided which university to enter?"
"I want to get into Beihua University, but I don’t know if I can get it? ? ? ? ? ?” Small to dry elder brother said
"Beihua University? Beihua University is good, the best university in the country, and you have a good test in Beijing. Brother Feng protects you! " When Yang Feng heard that Xiaodi was going to enter Beihua University, he quickly volunteered.
Dry elder brother smiled, "he is going to learn, you are going there to find you, and you cover him. You cover yourself first!" A little bit, you can take a good test and work harder. "
After listening to Brother Gan reprimanding Yang Feng, he stopped saying anything honestly, but after listening to Brother’s encouragement, his confidence increased greatly, which strengthened his belief in taking the exam at Beihua University.
At the gate of No.1 Middle School in Qianye County, Yang Fenggang wanted to go in and stop, "Stop here, Xiaofeng, don’t go in."
Yang Feng stopped the car in the direction. Xiao Feng stopped skipping into the school with his hands full of food and dry elder brother and Yang Feng.
Brother Gan looked at Xiao Di’s back and said to Yang Feng, "See, Xiao Feng’s happiness is that you can’t understand it and you don’t care. Eating leftovers packed with your classmates is also a kind of happiness."
Yang Feng thoughtfully thinks about doing it. Yes, Xiao Di has never eaten abalone, shark’s fin, a sports car or a beautiful girl. There are not so many kinds of eyes around him to please his own people. He even eats leftovers so happily. He is indeed happier than himself. It is a kind of poverty, but it is not humble, but it is not humble.
"Xiao Feng, you remember that most true friends are friends in need. Although maybe you will never be in trouble in your whole life, you must understand this truth. There are so many people around you who can die and who can live. This should be clarified after you." Brother Gan continued.
"Brother, I remember that although I am a little cynical, I know all these things. Don’t forget that I am a general of China, Yang Renzhong Sun, who is not so lame!"
"Ha ha, I think so." Brother Gan laughed.
It was not until Wang Diying disappeared that Yang Feng started the car and turned to ask Brother Gan, "Brother Gan, where are we going now?"
"Go to my car, we’ll change seats, I’ll drive." Brother Gan has always been simple and overbearing
After the two changed seats, Yang Feng thought it was a good thing that when he came, there were two pandas in the trunk from the old man. My father should smoke, but he can’t take two cigarettes. So he had a brainwave. "It’s a little uncomfortable and convenient to stop in front of me." He said and made a painful expression.
Brother Gan stopped the car by the roadside and waited for Yang Feng to get on the bus and run across the road. Brother Gan waited for a long time and didn’t see him come back. I just wanted to make a conversation and urge me to look up and see Yang Feng coming over with shopping bags in his hands in the rearview mirror, hitting the back door, throwing the gift in and then entering the driver’s seat.
"Why did you buy so many things?" Dry elder brother is a little unhappy to ask
"Elder brother, don’t be angry. I don’t want to be filial to an uncle and aunt. Besides, I can’t go to your home for the first time." Yang Feng hurriedly explained.
"Ya you will say! If you buy these, they won’t be willing to bear hardships, and they won’t be able to enjoy happiness. They don’t have too many demands in their hearts, let alone any desires. Just have enough to eat with scanty food. "Brother Gan sighed.
"Elder brother, you can rest assured that with your strength, your uncle and aunt will have endless blessings. Besides, this is not a younger brother. You are my brother, and your parents are my parents." Yang Feng sincerely encouraged.
"Come on, don’t persuade me. I’m worried that they won’t be able to enjoy happiness. I’m afraid I may implicate them later. Their reality is delicious and full of sleep, and they can worry about themselves. They are so ordinary and so precious. I’m afraid that one day I will accidentally break this peace." Brother Gan said to himself, staring at the road ahead.
Yang Feng no longer said anything because he knew what the elder brother had suffered in his heart and what he had experienced. Maybe he could not meet a lucky man in his own generation. It is a pale insult to comfort a weak person.
BMW pulled into Dawangzhuang and stopped at the door of Brother Gan’s house. Seeing this quiet and poor village, Yang Feng couldn’t believe that such an ordinary village could breed such a dragon and earth wall and wooden door as Brother Gan. Yang Feng seemed to have returned to the red shadow Reed scene in the sixties and seventies. When is it now? There are high-rise buildings everywhere. I didn’t expect that there would be such earth houses.
Seeing Brother Gan get into the car, Yang Feng also knocked on the door and took out the gift, then took out the two special cigarettes from the trunk. Finally, I didn’t forget to take out the bottle of red star spirit Erguotou from the car and the small restaurant.
Push the door and dry elder brother mother saw dry elder brother behind with a young man hurriedly called the old man to welcome guests.
"Uncle aunt, hello, I am a dry elder brother friend to see parents? ? ? ? ? ?” Yang fengxiao cried
"Oh, why do you come and buy so many things? Go inside quickly? ? ? ? ? ?” Dry elder brother mother hurriedly called.
"Ha ha mom, don’t be so polite. Don’t treat him like an outsider. He knows it himself." Brother Gan said to his mother with a smile.
"You little bastard, you are so ignorant. You are a guest. Don’t hurry into the house and pour water!" Mother stared at dry elder brother lesson way