However, Nan Rong Huan, a bone clan, came to blood shed during this period, and he was no longer the idiot who was engaged in official training in the fledgling domain. Besides, after meeting Bao Long, some memories were aroused, and naturally some of them were hidden or incapacitated due to amnesia.

Long Xiao has already jumped into the middle to throw Long Lin at the top of his head. When he suddenly opened his eyes, he tried his best to sprint to him. According to his absolute impossibility, Nanrong Magic suddenly changed its direction! In the air, like stepping on a layer of obstacles, I paused a little and jumped straight at Long Xiao!
"I depend!" Long Xiao is afraid of his leaping strength and short stay. At this moment, he is completely in a healthy time, but Nan Rong illusion is rushing!
The advantage of zhongnan ronghuan is too obvious, because longxiao zhongfa controls himself, while nanrong huanhuan has the ability to freely control all his body movements.
"die!" Nan Rong phantom shouted and kept accelerating. Both arms osteotome ran to Long Xiao’s chest.
So the two osteotome stabbed straight to the place where Long Xiao was falling and fled.
However, as for any living thing, it will always burst into amazing strength and desire for survival at the moment of death, and the story is no exception.
As soon as the osteotome is about to stab him for a moment, Long Xiao spelled a life. His arms screamed at the brotherhood of the Wolf, and he actually saved a lot of ability for a moment. His hands remitted a huge floodlight sphere to take the ball and show off several scales. The object went straight to crush it.
South glory magic a surprised quickly flicker hide to one side.
But before he turned his head after hiding, Long Xiao fell with one arm pointing to Nan Rong Magic and quickly hit two Long Lin chop!
I heard a noise behind me, and quickly turned around. Yi Long’s scale chop has reached the front. He struggled to fail. The Long Lin chop almost wiped the south glory illusion cheek and flew past.
But the second dragon scale chop has already flown to South Glory Magic without paying attention. I still have palpitations and just dodged that Long Lin chop. Suddenly I felt my shoulders sink and then a sharp pain came to South Glory Magic. I was surprised and my heart was white. I was caught!
Long Xiaozhong squinted and saw that Long Lin had hit Nanrong Magic. Suddenly, he smiled and turned around. The group churned 365.27 degrees and his feet fell to the ground steadily.
Not far from Long Xiaoli for half a second, Nan Rong’s illusion fell heavily to the ground. Although it was maintained with one knee and one hand, it was obvious that one side of the shoulder had been dyed red with blood. After landing, the body shook for a few times and barely supported without falling to the ground.
"Night attack! !” Baby long shouted a face of anxious steps to the south glory magic side leaned around him to check it up.
"Ha ha ha ha ha night didn’t you say you want to kill me? Come on! " Long Xiao puffed up at this time. After all, Nan Rong’s illusion was so badly hurt in front of him and was injured by Long Lin’s chop. Soon, Nan Rong’s illusion ability will evaporate, and then he will grow scales and be closed. He can’t move.
The baby looked at Nan Rong Phantom with eyes full of distress and suddenly turned to Long Xiao with sharp eyes and gnashed her teeth and said, "Long Xiao! See if I don’t kill you today! " Said has been holding the spiral thorn will get up and rushed over.
But at this time, the baby was pulled tightly by Nanrong Magic and leaned back to Nanrong Magic.
"Night attack brother, you …" The baby looked at Nan Rong with surprise.
"I said no, you and I will kill him!" Nanrong Phantom gasped and smiled at the baby with a slight frown because of pain and then glared at Long Xiao.
"You are hurt!" The baby screamed anxiously, "What are you strong at this time when you attack your brother at night!"
Nan Rong took a long look at the baby, and the uninjured arm stretched out and the osteotome supported the ground and stood up with one hand.
"I said I want to deal with him alone!" Looking at the baby, the eyes are firm and there is no doubt.
Baby Long has just hesitated, and Nan Rong Magic has raised his other arm and stretched it out. The osteotome bent back and directly stabbed his injured shoulder.
In an instant, a stream of blood gushed out and dyed Nanrong’s phantom feet red with a piece of green grass.
"Night attack brother! What are you doing? You are crazy! !” Baby long side nasty yelling anxious reached out to pull the south glory magic stab into his shoulder osteotome arm.
"Ha ha, you are still smart." Long Xiao was also ridiculed by Nan Rong’s magic move, which made him laugh in vain.
Nan Rong’s phantom eyes were cold and staring at Long Xiao’s shoulder. Although it was painful, his face did not show a trace of expression.
Of course, he is clever. He clearly remembers how the scorching sun helped him when he was hit by Long Xiao’s scale water crack on the city wall. Now it is the fastest, most effective and safest way to stab the osteotome into the wound and release the scale blood. Otherwise, I am afraid that the consequences will be unimaginable when Long Lin cuts the scale.
"But don’t you want me to kill you now?" Long Xiao looked at an arm that had been dyed red with blood, and Nan Rong laughed in high spirits. His smug face was confident that he must be the winner.
"That’s not necessarily true!" Nan Rong’s magic suddenly straightened up because of the bleeding and pain in the wound, but his eyes were shining with cold light, pointing to Long Xiao who was not injured, and his arm slowly crossed his chest with a osteotome.
"Looking for death!" Long Xiao Yin Yin gritted his teeth and yelled at his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and shook Yi Long scales with one hand. Once again, he shot straight to Nan Rong’s phantom chest with dark green light!
Nan Rong was shocked and tried to dodge, but the injured arm hurt, and at this moment Bao Long shouted "Danger!" " A stride straight in front of the south glory illusion!
"hide!" South glory magic roar loud a fierce bump hit the baby, and the Long Lin chop moment has already flown to your face to hide, and there is no way to hide.
Chapter two hundred and ninety "South glory phantom death"
The Long Lin chop near south glory illusion can already feel the whirling airflow driven by Long Lin chop fly throw has been previously scraped to the cheek.
It’s over!
This is an idea that flashed involuntarily in Nan Rong’s fantasy brain. He can already smell the bloody smell of the shoulder wound being scratched by the head-on attack.
When it was black at the moment, Long Lin cut and was about to hit himself. At the moment, Nan Rong’s illusion consciousness was raised and the uninjured arm extended out of the osteotome to make the final resistance.
"Ka" rang!
Long Lin chop actually hit the south glory magic bone knife beat south glory magic body fierce staggered back two steps reluctantly.
The whole arm was numb and almost unconscious, and the body shook violently and violently, which made the injured shoulder more painful.
At present, there are some dizzy ears buzzing, and you can vaguely hear the baby screaming and screaming. Nan Rong is gasping for breath, and his bone knife is slightly straightened across his chest.
At this time, South Rong Magic was secretly pleased. After all, he escaped a bullet and raised his osteotome consciousness. A move actually resisted the Long Lin chop. Once he was hit, the consequences were unimaginable.
However, the power of Long Lin’s chop was really great, and Nan Rong’s illusion was seriously injured, which shocked the insides by a fierce impact of this powerful force. At this time, it was more than just the injured arm, and even the arm that had just resisted Long Lin’s chop was slightly stung by bursts of limp and numb.
Mom! What should I do if I take it? Can this sample still beat Long Xiao? Do you want Bao Long to die?
After secretly pleased, Nan Rong Huan suddenly thought of this question and became annoyed.
Long Xiao see hurt like that south glory illusion can stop yourself Long Lin cut slightly surprised but immediately laughed and said "ha ha ha ha ha good good! Dying! " Talking with one hand and one wrist, Yi Long scale chop has suddenly flown out of the palm and headed for Nanrong Magic.
And Long Xiao laughed and talked loudly just to attract the attention of Nan Rong Magic. He could see that Nan Rong Magic was in a blur and was stunned by Long Lin.