Hesitated for a long time, but rushed out with the ball instead of leaving it in place.

Lu Chen’s virtual world and the inner world are trying to get the ball income through the tunnel, but it can be bound by the income shown by the law, and they will be suspended around them. Anyway, if they don’t touch it directly, there will be no danger and they will be weak.
A virtual place in the world is broken like a mirror, which causes Sumeru and Juechen to pay attention. The two taboos look at each other and know that Lu Chen is probably out.
"Make sure it’s Lu Chen’s words, then erase them all."
If it’s Lu Chen, they’ve found their target. When they catch fish, the bait will naturally disappear.
"It’s quite fast. Can the virtual world know what’s going on outside?"
Sumeru smiled and stared at the virtual broken place.
A brake vibrates violently, and the place where the mirror is broken is torn violently like a water wave, and the shape of the tear is distorted like someone rushing out after a curtain.
In the deafening roar, the curtain broke, accompanied by the crashing spread of poor debris, crimson blood and dark breath, and at the same time, it hit the inner world like a tsunami
Rushing out of the void is simply destroying the gods!
"It’s Lu Chen!"
Sumeru’s pupil shrinks.
"Lu Daxie!"
"Brother Lu!"
A series of shouts sounded with surprise, anxiety and excitement.
And that man who has extricated himself from prison is like a demon who has been imprisoned for hundreds of millions of years. He comes to people with poverty, hatred and anger and wants to burn the whole world.
Because he saw that his most valued relatives and friends had been suppressed, a taboo he had never seen before was mobilizing the power of law to kill them.
Another big collapse happened in the world because men reached the extreme speed of violence in an instant, and the knife was so fast that it was impossible to see the taboo, which made the dust frown slightly.
It was a moment when a dark figure flashed across the world, and then an arm flew up into the air.
Lu Chen’s long hair and mysterious blood boiling in the light of bathing power make him look like a mad god of war, and bloody magic lines are all over his face.
He cut off sumeru’s arm with one knife!
Two true spirits flew out of the palm of the arm link, and Wu Sheng and Hong Meng found an opportunity for the true spirits to get out of trouble and rebuild their true bodies.
"Brother Lu told me to wait!"
The cat warrior shouted "Together!"
However, Lu Chen didn’t reply, or the cat was scared to get out of trouble before his mouth. His body movement was contrary to common sense, and he transformed himself into a pear-shaped garment and others, and it made a crisp sound before and after.
A long nail appeared in Juechen’s hand, and it collided with a harsh spark. The friction of the sword body of Juechen flashed briefly, and Juechen and Liu Chen looked at each other across the spark. One side was surprised and the other was angry.
The earth collapsed at a moment, accompanied by a violent roar. Liu Chenfang exerted his strength and pushed his body ahead to sweep it with a knife.
Even taboo has to retreat.
Lu Chen’s teammates behind him also suffered from the violent impact of the wave. Fortunately, because Lu Chen’s assault has lifted the taboo, it is self-protective to suppress them and retreat.
Those who used to rely on Lu Chen recently felt the burning breath of Lu Chen’s body, which could almost burn a late ninth-order explorer.
Break the peak attribute of sinners by 34 points!
"There was the meaning of Lu Zhongzhou."
Sumeru’s body retreated and his arm instantly recovered. The signs of collapse in the world stopped making him really frown. It was not Lu Chen who cut off his arm, but Lu Chen who broke his defense too easily and he was too hurt.
His arm was cut off, but he felt that his source was seriously injured and it took him a little time to repair it.
Liu Chengen didn’t talk to these two taboos, and he didn’t ask each other where they came from. From the empty words in the cave, he had roughly understood the taboos in the world of Yang to surround himself.
He broke through what he saw, so anyone who wants to hurt his relatives and friends should be hacked to death!
Lu Chen spat out a hot miscellaneous gas and felt the peak strength of his body. It is not the first time that he has fought taboos, and he has become more and more skilled in fighting taboos.
"Xiao Xiong, protect this thing."
He threw the ball that he had obtained falsely to the secret warrior, which has the impact ability when it is inconvenient to fight. The conventional field can be widely used, suitable for breaking the virtual ground, but not good for dealing with taboos.
What did he feel he couldn’t say for letting the cat warrior protect his teammates? It was still a surprise that Lu Chen suddenly appeared in the team.
The cat warrior took over the ball, because he found that Lu Chen didn’t touch this thing, so he wouldn’t hold him directly. He was a cautious man.
Lu Chen didn’t say anything to comfort his teammates or sigh with emotion, but he said three words.
"array method"
One brake, Lu Chen once again cut out the knife light, forcing the dust from his side to retreat, and another punch blasted out and Sumeru force shocked the world in the shock wave.
And Lu Chen’s teammates are not wordy and directly respond to Lu Chen’s array method to initiate all in place.
When the array light flashes, different images appear.
Painted pear clothes around the clouds through the deep and remote blue screen, like a dream, like an illusion, like a soft water bank
Xia Mi is surrounded by the earth in the khaki glory, and the turbulent earth in the original shock wave is stable in an instant.
Chuhang’s whole body was ablaze with flames and hot breath, which made Red Meng take a step back.
Leng Yue’s face is holding a silver short blade, and the golden light shines with sharp edges.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-three That’s it? To hunt me, too?
The five elements and four elephants array function, and the people of the four-day sightseeing and adventure group won the effects of Xuantianshui, Pojun Gold, Wuyuanyan and Yintu Blessing respectively.
Painting pear clothes is the double effect of Xuan Tianshui releasing all auxiliary skills. At this time, her many auras bless Lu Chen, which makes Lu Chen even more powerful.
The representative of Leng Yue is Pojun Jin. When she releases the attacking and cutting skills at this time, she will add the effect of Pojun Gold to reduce the enemy’s resistance by 6%. After the formation of the array, she doesn’t need to stay in the same place all the time. Therefore, Leng Yue can make Pojun Gold’s ability without hurting taboos. It is necessary to make this ability take effect to increase Lu Chen’s output.
Of course, this ability makes it risky. If there is no good opportunity, Leng Yue will not. Otherwise, it will be a mess to face taboos.
Chu Hang represents fire extinction. At this time, when he releases all fire skills, he will have the effect of fire extinction. Burning the source will cause the enemy to pass by 1 ~ 1% every second. The specific effect depends on the strength of the releaser.