The relatively chaotic management of the Muyan people also made them lurk successfully until they entered the battlefield of the small universe in heaven.

Although the two men lurked into the battlefield of the small universe in heaven, they never had a chance to enter the Western Tianmen City.
You know, they are blue star terrans, not celestial star officials. Celestial guards don’t recognize star officials. Blue star terrans.
If you break in, you will be blown to pieces at the first time.
I am worried about it, but Xu tui found that they were connected in parallel and secretly arranged.
Xu tui arranged for them to carry out the most crucial scene and successfully create chaos, which delayed the more than forty stars who attacked the western Tianmen city again.
The two men have been wandering in the Myan star field for more than a year, and their strength has already been star-rated Ji Guoliang’s five-guard star He Yunfeng’s four-guard star.
Key is two people together in He Yunfeng idea to make a shameful play.
He Yunfeng’s cultivation is a sword tactic, and Ji Guoliang’s cultivation is a sword tactic.
A group attack a single ignition.
Of course He Yunfeng swords tactic can also fire.
But when the two men fought separately, they made great achievements.
Then He Yunfeng sent him ten thousand swords to disguise that every sword light attack was not too strong, and then Ji Guoliang’s lethal force was amazing, and thousands of swords were mixed in it to kill the enemy
No one can think that more than a thousand ordinary sword lights will be mixed with a sharp sword!
This tactic has never been missed once, and the more smooth it is, the better it is.
It was this tactic that killed five white bishops in a row before.
He Yunfeng’s thousand-mile sword tactic distracted the enemy’s attention. Ji Guoliang’s thousand-mile sword disguised as a cute and brave enemy.
Say how obscene it is!
At this moment, the two are answering questions with a group of friends and alumni. Of course, they met their teacher Shang Long first.
But Xu retreat didn’t give them too much nostalgia.
Suddenly, he asked Lang, "Can you still fight?"
"Can fight!"
"Can fight!"
Domineering roar immediately sounded!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and ninety-five Post-war harvest war to keep the war.
Most of the elite Fangmu people in Tianmen City in the west are nervous about treating the wounded five kilometers away from Tianmen City in the west.
Transfer the wounded to the absolute safety zone in the shortest time.
There are also a few star-rated strong people who are good at speed, and they are breaking into a dangerous area four kilometers or even three kilometers away from Tianmen City in the west to save people.