Once again, they are all over the streets, late than arrogant.

This is to induce Yang Xiu Yang Xiu to shake his head. No longer will Silver City be removed from the mysterious scene. The Silver City method will eliminate strangeness.
Really hateful is not weird but people!
After thinking about it, Yang Xiu took out his eldest brother’s promotion certificate for the night watchman.
I am now a prestige elite, that is, a gas refining period, but the combat position can be said to be a cultivation of immortals, not a night watchman.
If this is discovered, it is easy to go wrong.
Necessary promotion
It is not a problem for him that this advanced ceremony high school course has been taught.
Similar to changing jobs, you need to arrange an extra ceremony.
Yang Xiu bought materials in the black market. He deliberately avoided Xiao Yueer.
Then go to 13 Suzaku Street.
Grandpa, they’re all dead. The place with bones has become Yang Xiu’s secret base.
After that, decorate the ceremony according to what was taught in high school.
Obsidian salt talcum powder olive oil …
It’s easy to finish the ceremony. In fact, the key to advancement is the promotion certificate.
Take out the prestige certificate and hit the jade box. There is a golden symbol in it, which is about the size of a disc and has a character in it.
You can’t see the strokes clearly when you look at that character, but you know it’s a night character!
In fact, Yang Xiu had better change his job again, and it will be more effective to change his job with a night ghost and three night battles.
But Yang Xiu will never change his job, because he will think of Miss Gao.
Gao Yuanyuan has been good to Yang Xiu for three years. Although he has nothing to scold, he is really good to him.
But the blood feud friend hated the future and Yang Xiu had to kill her.
Xiu Yang decided never to change his job as a night ghost.
In addition, there is a kind of unconscious intuition. If you change your job, the night ghost will suffer a great disaster. It belongs to the curse of Gao Yuanyuan and blood night, and you must never change your job.
After the arrangement, Yang Xiu, a prestige, first practiced the "Nine Tailaojun Classics" to run the true qi.
It’s another time to practice "The Rhythm of Everything". This time, I will practice my body to the best state for a full hour.
Mind and body are in perfect control!
Then Yang Xiu didn’t hesitate to play the jade box to catch the night operator.
Ofuda flashed a black smoke into Yang Xiukou.
Moment Yang Xiu felt his body as if it were burning.
It turns out that the nightmare night god quietly changes and merges into another new force.
In this change, something similar to dirt appears.
It’s pollution, and all the certificates are from strangeness, which has its own strangeness pollution method.
However, it is not a problem for Yang Xiu, and the residue pollution is naturally discharged.
A lot of pollution is discharged
Smooth sailing is very relaxing
An essence source enters Yang Xiu’s body, which is the evolution of the advanced night watchman.
However, Yang Xiu is already practicing Qi, and the meaning of this evolution is to appear for a moment, that is, to disappear from the body, so that some evolution is insignificant.
This promotion is successful!
He became an elite night watchman!
The night watchman will watch me from now on until I die
Somehow, Yang Xiu felt that her nightmare ability and nightmare ability were unchanged.
On this basis, three abilities were born.
The vigil friend vigil destroys the vigil oath!
The vigil friends will appear a lot of shadow life in Yang Xiu’s dark area. Yang Xiu’s soldiers attack the enemy in Yang Xiu’s dark area.
The destruction of vigil is that Yang Xiuke erupts a kind of night energy that can be transformed into shock wave, shadow arrow can be transformed into night shield.
The vigil oath is the ultimate ability, which needs the night watchman to reach the seventh level to master.
However, it seems that Yang Xiu has lost this ultimate ability forever because of the curse of an external god.
Yang xiu thought about it and chose a vigil friend.
Quietly feel the understanding of "The Rhythm of Everything". Suddenly, the vigil friends can’t hold the advanced first order, second order, third order and fourth order!
When it comes to the fourth-order vigil, destruction is also awakening, the first order, the second order and the third order